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Meaning of the name

Zoya in translation from ancient Greek means "life".


As a child, Zoya is an obedient, friendly child. He believes in fairy tales and, growing up, gets very upset when he finds out that Santa Claus does not really exist.

She is sociable, not a brawler, she is mostly friends with girls, but she is somewhat afraid of boys. She often comes up with scary stories that she likes to tell her girlfriends, and she herself often begins to believe in them. A good mother's helper.

Zoya is easily taught the humanities, she loves animals, is fond of planting flowers. Sometimes these interests become her profession - a good botanist, zoologist can leave Zoe.

Frequent travel, a quick change of impressions, new people, a stormy active life tires Zoya. However, she treats any twists of fate as an inevitability, which can only be resigned to. Often Zoe believe in God, although they may not attend church. Faith brings them consolation in their personal lives, which do not always work out well.

She loves to receive guests, is devoted to her family, she loves children to madness. She is a gourmand, which sometimes leads to excessive fatness.

Zoe, born in winter, is persistent, stubborn, stubborn in achieving goals. Autumn, which are distinguished by their thrifty, practicality and economy, often make good doctors, pharmacists, and biochemists. Born in summer, Zoe is cheerful, generous, amorous and sexy.

Born in spring, she is distinguished by ambition, self-doubt, capriciousness. She prefers the profession of a teacher, a cutter, a flight attendant. Knowing the inner world of a person, Zoya can get carried away with solving dreams, predicting the future, so she often becomes a psychic, a fortuneteller, a soothsayer.


Calm and dreamy, Zoya easily finds a common language with most people. She almost never conflicts with her husband, more often than not, good relationships are established with work colleagues and neighbors.

Zoya intuitively feels good and bad people, for her the opinion of others about her chosen one, gossip and rumors about him mean almost nothing. The main thing for her when choosing a partner is her inner perception, feeling of a person. Zoya easily and quickly catches changes in a person's state of mind by voice, intonation, facial expressions.

Zoya is sentimental, romantic, she is very good at managing a man, luring even the most persistent into her networks. Easily supports any conversation with any man, even on the most intimate topic.

She is sweet, attractive, popular with men, but for some reason gives the impression of a single woman. She loves sex, showing attention to her partner, in bed she is playful and affectionate. But sense gratification in itself does not give her full satisfaction.

For sex to be really pleasant to her, a man must be able to surrender himself to the game of love with all passion and have a remarkable experience, both in the everyday and in the sexual sense. And be careful with compliments - Zoya will accept sincere admiration, but rude flattery will push her away and offend, although outwardly the woman will never show this.

Zoya is usually devoted to her family, selfless. However, her marriages are not always happy. She really needs affection, much more than just sex, since intimacy for her is, above all, love and tenderness. Winter-born Zoes are often deprived of masculine. They carry their experiences in themselves, not sharing with anyone.



A rock

Green marble.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Zoya gives the impression of something light, rough, courageous, strong, sonorous, cheerful, bright, joyful.



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