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Meaning of the name

Zinaida in translation from ancient Greek means "born by Zeus", "from the kind of Zeus".


Since childhood, arrogance and coldness are manifested in her character. This girl loves to be the first in everything, which gives rise to frequent quarrels with her friends. He tries to occupy a dominant position in the family, tyrannizes his parents, especially grandparents, will not tolerate refusals.

At school he tries to be the teacher's right hand, respects strength, sometimes curses up with his elders. Likes to gossip. She studies well, rejoices when she is led as an example to other students.

Adult Zinaida has good taste, is flirtatious, knows how to control herself. At this age, Zinaida is a frequenter of dance evenings and discos, where she knows how to appear in the best possible light.

Zinaids are good accountants and pharmacists. Zinaids-teachers stand out for their pickiness.


Outwardly, Zinaida is very attractive, but, even without being distinguished by her beauty, she knows how to present herself favorably and effectively. Charming, passionate nature, she never complains about the lack of attention from men.

Zinaida is smart and prudent. She reveals remarkable acting abilities, skillfully hiding innate leadership qualities and demonstrating submission to a man. But after a while, having entered into a legal marriage, she throws off the mask - the despot, hiding under the guise of a passion-bearer, breaks out.

The husband either must agree with this, otherwise the family will face protracted quarrels and constant scandals, or, on the contrary, immediately decisively insist on his own. In the family, Zinaida manages money, and knows best what to do to her husband and children, how they should act and what to say.

Zinaida is a bit stingy, but she will not regret money for a beautiful thing. She devotes a lot of time and effort to the improvement of the apartment, perfectly prepares various homemade alcoholic drinks (liqueurs, liqueurs and wines). She herself, on occasion, will not refuse to drink, sometimes she reveals an addiction to the use of strong drinks.

Zinaids born in summer are distinguished by a softer character.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.


The sound of the name Zinaida gives the impression of something rough, light, gentle, small, cheerful, bright.

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