Female Yiddish names

Female Yiddish names

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Alte - old, old woman

Baile - weak, old, problematic
Basha is the daughter of God
Bashe - the daughter of God
Baila - weak, old, problematic
Beila - weak, old, problematic
Beilke - weak, old, problematic
Byne - bee
Binke - a bee
Bloom - flower
Bloome - flower
Braindel is a brunette
Brina - brown

Velvela - wolf

Gitel is good
Gitele is good
Gittel is good
Glucke is lucky
Glukel - lucky
Golda - gold
Gold - gold
Goldie - golden

Dine - court
Dvoir - a bee

Zelda - happiness, joy
Zelda - happiness, joy
Zisel - sweet
Zisse - sweet
Sissel - sweet
Zlata - golden
Zlate - golden
Zofia - guard, scout
Zusa - sweet

Ita is the little housekeeper

Yenta - aristocrat, noble, kind, good
Yente - aristocrat, noble, kind, good
Yentel - aristocrat, noble, kind, good
Yentl - aristocrat, noble, kind, good
Yidel - Jewish, vaunted
Yitta - the little housekeeper

Kayla - Heaven
Kayle - Heaven
Kreindel - crown
Crane - crown
Kayla - laurel, crown
Kyle - laurel, crown

Leeba - love
Liba - love
Libe - love

Mirele - stubborn, rebellious, rebellious

Nesshume - soul

Pearl - pearl

Raina is pure
Rheine - pure
Rice - rose
Raisel - small rose
Reina - pure
Reine - pure
Rachelle - Sheep

Herring - happiness, joy
Sisel - sweet

Toyba - dove
Toybe - dove

Faiga - rice
Faigel - bird
Feiga - rice
Feige - rice
Feigel - bird
Feigl - bird
Freida - joy, fun
Freide - joy, fun
Freud - joy, fun
Freud - joy, fun
Fruma - pious
Fruma - pious

Hand - benefit, grace
Hyundai - benefit, grace
Hendel - benefit, grace
Hene - benefit, grace
Heneh - benefit, grace
Henna - benefit, grace
Hode - myrtle tree
Hodekh - myrtle tree
Hodel - myrtle tree
Hude - myrtle tree
Hedel - myrtle tree
Khudes - Jewess, vaunted

Zeitl - noble lady, princess
Tsofia - guard, scout

Charna - dark
Charnett - dark

Shayna is beautiful
Scheindel is beautiful
Shana is beautiful
Shainakh - beautiful
Shaine is beautiful
Shayna is lovely
Sheindel is beautiful
Sheine is beautiful
Syringe - hope
Syringe - hope
Sprintzel - hope

Eidel - polite, delicate, gentle
Elki - the acquisition of God, the jealousy of God

Yutke - Jewess, vaunted

Yahna - the mercy of God
Yahne - the mercy of God

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