The scariest computer games

The scariest computer games

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Computer games can not only entertain, but even scare. And the main thing here is not the schedule.

Gamers are attracted by the spirit of danger, scary sounds, unexpected appearance of creatures. Where else can you meet face to face with zombies or vampires?

Among the many really scary games, there is a classic list. Playing them, you can really feel a chill running down your back.

Resident Evil. Platform - PC, PlayStation-2. This game was released for the PlayStation in 1996. She received great reviews from critics and the love of the players. The result is an overwhelming commercial success. Many updates were released, based on the game, several films were shot with Mila Jovovich in the title role. The publisher, Capcom, has become a well-known brand in the gaming world thanks to this creation. "Resident Evil" is full of original zombies, the player was able to break windows here, and the passage itself was rather difficult. The scariest moment in the game was the opening of the open doors. After all, another monster could lurk behind them. The effects of opening doors into the unknown created a real atmosphere of horror. The dark interior and the creak from the doors also give rise to bad thoughts.

Silent Hill, PlayStation. This game was developed by the Japanese team Team Silent, it was released in 1999. The action takes place in a fictional American town. The main character is looking for his daughter who disappeared here. The game immediately stood out from all the horror and scarecrows. After all, it turned out that you can do without zombies in whipping up terror. It uses the psychological aspects of the impact on the player. He finds himself in a half-empty city where fog is everywhere. It is not clear where the danger is hidden and what it is. Often, only a flashlight illuminates the player's path. It is curious that the creators provided for five different endings at once, including one comic one. The sequel turned out to be no less interesting. And based on the game, a film was also shot in 2006.

Fatal Frame 2 - Crimson Butterfly, PlayStation 2, Xbox. This game has a very unusual storyline. The twin sisters Miyo and Maya Amakura are visited by a purple butterfly during their game of mothers and daughters. Girls are different in character. One is active and physically stronger. The other is weak and emotional, susceptible to hypnosis. One of the girls follows the guests deep into the forest, and the other follows her sister. Their road runs to a village hidden in the fog. The girls understand that the souls of the dead have lured them here. The player does not have any weapons, nor are there any unexpected zombie attacks. The girls have only a camera in their hands. With its help, you can expel spirits. The sisters must piece together a picture of what is happening and unravel the mystery of the village. There are many houses, bridges and dark corridors here. This game will appeal to fans of Japanese horror movies. But Asians know a lot about fear. Ghosts will appear from nowhere, wanting to grab the throat and kill. The first part was released in 2002 by the Japanese company Tecmo. Although it was not officially advertised, the gamer and horror fans appreciated the adventures of the girls. But the second part, released in 2003, turned out to be even more interesting.

Doom-3, PC, Xbox. Doom has become a shooter classic at one time. The sequels have become more successful. Doom-3 was released in August 2004. The game has sold over 3.5 million copies. This became the most successful project of ID Software. Although the game moved away from the classic storyline, it only benefited her. The environment has become much more detailed, monsters and demons have been made based on quality models. The sound effects only added to the realism of the game. The hero wanders the dimly lit corridors of the research center on Mars, where unexpected danger can lie in wait for him around every corner. The script for the game was created with the help of a professional science fiction writer, which adds to the interest in it. The most important thing in Doom-3 was the atmosphere. To make the player feel helpless and scared, almost all levels are dark here. The developers decided that it was impossible to use a weapon and a flashlight at the same time. We often have to shoot blindly. Almost the entire game takes place in closed rooms, so it is easy for enemies to attack suddenly. In addition, the light can suddenly go out. Not everyone will decide to play Doom-3 in the dark.

F.E.A.R, PC. The abbreviation of this game stands for First Contact Assault Unit. But the word "fear" itself is translated as "fear". The player is immediately given to understand what awaits him. The first person shooter was released in the fall of 2005. Later the game was ported to other platforms - Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. In 2009 and 2011, two sequels to "Fear" were released. The main character is a rookie employee whose unit is fighting the paranormal. The game is full of action, there is a lot of blood and skeletons. Soldiers die unnaturally. In "Fear" a system of corridors has been created, but there are practically no open spaces. But the game offers an interesting function - time dilation, as in "The Matrix" or "Max Payne". The hero is constantly haunted by ghosts, hallucinations, scraps of memories. Scary atmosphere borrowed from Japanese horror films. Here also appears the traditional little girl for them, whose face is hidden by black hair. Even the sounds here are of oriental origin.

Clive Barker. Immortality, PC. The game was released in 2001. It was developed by DreamWorks Interactive. The game begins in 1923. Irish Patrick Gellaway, an expert in the occult sciences and a fighter against otherworldly evil spirits, is called home. At one time he was expelled from there on false accusations. Patrick's friend, Jeremiah Covenant, asks to help him get rid of the family spell. The ghosts of the dead and demons constantly appear in his house. It is with them that the player will have to meet in order to solve the riddle of this terrible house. The gamer will present to visit parallel worlds, plunge into the past, fight with the revived dead, demons and creatures.

Convicted: The Origins of Crime, PC. There is no doubt that the developers of this game were inspired by such cult films as "Seven" and "Silence of the Lambs". The game first appeared for Sega consoles in April 2006. The hero is FBI detective Ethan Thomas, who will have to investigate terrible and incomprehensible cases. The game uses original intimidation tactics. There are no zombies and scary rooms here. But there is blood everywhere - traces of splashes, puddles. Thomas fell into a trap set up for him by bandits while hunting a serial killer. The investigation was complicated by the fact that some incomprehensible phenomenon turns all local residents into insane and cruel killers. The game created a mysterious atmosphere constantly pressing on the consciousness. It is necessary to find the serial killer as quickly as possible with the help of forensic methods and tools. In this case, one must hurry, because the investigator is constantly fighting off other maniacs. The characters act thoughtfully and logically, the monsters are just like living ones. The player will not be allowed to relax by constant rustling, knocking and ringing. And the writers did a great job creating an exciting and interesting story.

Systemic shock-2, PC. This game was released by Electronic Arts in July 1999. Interestingly, the game was not a commercial success. But later it was recognized that she had a significant impact on some genres at once. The plot of the game is rather difficult to describe. After all, the main character suffers from amnesia. As a result, there is a lot of reversion to what happened earlier. The very same action will quickly drive an unprepared gamer into horror. At first it may seem that the passage of the game is quite simple, but in the end you will have to sweat over it. Mutant opponents are so disgusting that you want to kill them with any available weapon. The player is opposed by cyborgs, spiders, monkeys, robots, worms, hybrids. And it all looks very unkind. In the game, you can not only replenish stocks of ammunition, but also pick up body parts from killed opponents, modifying your body. Adds to the success of the game and a sound that is dubbed "furiously disturbing".

Alone in the dark, almost all game platforms. This game is one of the oldest in the horror genre. After all, the first part was released back in 1989. The action takes place in 1924. Something was always going on around the Derseto mansion. No one was surprised by the fact that his master committed suicide. The player will have to investigate what happened in the strange house. You can play as a private detective Carnby, and for the niece of the former owner. As soon as the player crosses the threshold of the house, strange things begin to happen. Something is constantly knocking on the windows, floorboards creak, and ghosts appear at night. The hero has no other choice but to go through terrible trials. The alternative is hell. Zombies, huge rat-like creatures, will stand in the way of the player. The creators make it clear with all their might - what it feels like to be alone in the Dark. Although "Alone in the dark" invites you to go through a rather long series of tests, it is difficult to refuse this exciting path. It's so interesting to find out the secret of the abandoned house. And the scariest moment of the game is at the very beginning - the player is completely unarmed and he has to kill monsters with his bare hands! The game had several sequels with the same main characters, and in 2005 a feature film was shot based on it.

Silent Hill-2, PlayStation-2, PC, Xbox. Both parts of this game deserve to be considered classics in the horror genre. The game was released in 2001. The main character receives a letter from his wife, but she died 3 years ago! To deal with this mystery, he again travels to the mysterious city. And again the player will have to touch the world of psychedelic horrors. There are 4 different endings in the game, but Alan Parker himself can envy each of them. After finishing the game, you can start it again, with an already increased level of difficulty, danger and horror. Any player will be interested in discovering hidden caches in the city. In one of them there will be a chainsaw, which can be used to cut enemies in half. The creators of the game described the monsters themselves as psychosexual. Although the game is considered slightly weaker than the first part, it inspires enough fear to be considered a classic of this genre.

Alien vs. Predator 3, PC, Xbox, PlayStation. In this game you can play not only as an Alien or Predator, but also as a paratrooper. This is the worst thing. A person has to hide from pursuers. The character breathes heavily with fear, and sometimes even the best weapon will not help to escape from alien monsters. Meetings with strangers become short and very scary. The game was released in 2010. It was created by Sega together with the Russian 1C. It is not recommended to play the battle of Aliens and Predators for persons under 18 years of age.

Dead Space, Xbox, PlayStation, PC. This game was released in 2008 by Electronic Arts. The plot takes the player to one of the spaceships in 2507. The player is forced to confront the necromorphs, an alien life form. She revives corpses. There is only one way out - to shoot or cut off their limbs. The station's crew turned into mutants who are ready to kill a brave player with teeth, claws and stings. The creators of the game did not stint, creating a sufficient number of original monsters with certain skills. Each of them requires special destruction tactics. Although the game cannot boast of the depth of the plot, the main thing here is not this, but the atmosphere of horror. Currently, work is underway to create a film based on the game.

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