The most unusual wedding dresses

The most unusual wedding dresses

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Many people think of a wedding dress as something traditional. As a result, stereotypes simply explode, and wedding dresses from the most unusual materials are born.

In them, the girl can really feel unique. Each such dress adds originality and a non-standard approach to wedding fashion.

However, the bride, in pursuit of creativity, should not forget about the main thing - about convenience. Indeed, on such an important day, you need to feel light and free.

Let the listed unusual wedding dresses remain for the most part only projects. But they amaze and force to come up with more and more new varieties of this festive outfit.

Balloon wedding dress. This outfit will be truly airy. This is not surprising, because it was created from balloons. At the same time, exclusively this material is used when creating a dress. The balls are tied together with tails on the inside of the outfit so that these places are hidden. The balls used themselves are quite durable, while they also stretch easily. As a result, in such a dress it is not difficult to sit where you want, it can be easily put on over your head. And the main advantage of this outfit is its light weight.

Wedding dress made of bills and coins. Unlike the previous sample, this dress is not cheap in any way. And it looks, on the contrary, rich. The skirt is made of banknotes and the corset is made of coins. This wedding dress is both original and unusual. What is not a way to please your dear half? But there is no need to talk about beauty and even more so about the convenience of such an outfit. But it was possible to use all this money not to create an impractical dress, but to acquire the dress of your own dreams.

Condom wedding dress. This dress became a "contribution" of designers to the common fight against AIDS. But are there just a lot of such brides who would like to wear such a dress for their wedding? Yes, it is original, but the material itself ... Other rubber products can serve as another basis for wedding dresses. The designers used rubber fingertips or rubber gloves turned inside out.

Wedding dress made of car radiators. This dress is not airy in any way. It’s strange what could have prompted the designers to combine the clean look of the bride with the automotive industry. However, craftsmen from New Zealand took such a step. The dress they created weighs about 10 kilograms. It took about 200 hours to sew the car parts together. The model was able to stand in the created dress for only about an hour. The girl later admitted that it was very difficult for her. Needless to say, you can't show off in such a dress at a wedding. But it was noted at competitions, bringing recognition to the creators.

Wedding dress made of cakes. Those who consider their chosen one the sweetest will like this dress. A wedding outfit made of food generally looks delicious. Only now the confectionery outfit will hardly last long. It's so hard to resist the temptation to try a piece of your own dress.

A wedding dress made from recycled plastic bottles. Today the society is in fashion for ecology. Fighters for the purity of the planet will love this dress. After all, it was created from hard-to-recycle waste. It took more than ten thousand bottles to create this dress, and the masters worked on it for more than one month. And when the outfit was "woven", it took a lot of time to polish all its details. Only then did the dress acquire its finished and sparkling look. But the weight of the whole outfit is 22 kilograms. For a fragile and graceful girl, wearing such a dress will simply be beyond her power, and will a fragile lady cope with it?

Toilet paper wedding dress. Even such a fragile and not entirely public material like toilet paper can become the material for a bold bride's wedding dress. You won't be able to walk in this outfit for a long time, and it will be uncomfortable to sit in it. But in the desire to achieve the title of the most unusual bride, you can appear in this dress at least at the wedding ceremony. Such an unusual material is so popular that every year a competition is held for the most beautiful dress made of it. Another variation of this outfit is a dress made from paper napkins.

Wedding dress made of paper bags. For those fashionistas who are still a fan of shopping, this bright and extravagant dress will suit. It is made from paper bags given out by shops for shopping. In his creation, the designer gave free rein to imagination. Having straightened the bags, the outfit becomes very lush and noticeable. Yes, and it is light, unlike many. But again, there is no need to talk about convenience - sitting down on such a dress, it makes no sense to call the iron for help.

Wedding dress with flashing lights. Any girl wants to shine at her wedding. This dress allows this dream to come true in the most literal sense. After all, the outfit is equipped with real flashlights. As a result, the bride will be visible even in pitch darkness. This outfit was created by designers from Philips, who decided to emphasize the feelings of the bride in this way. The dress consists of two layers, it can analyze body temperature and the amount of sweat produced. Based on these parameters, a conclusion is made about how the person feels. And the dress lights up with the appropriate light. In its rays, the bride will be truly sensual.

Wedding dress made of cellophane bags. If paper bags are good for the dress, why not try cellophane bags as well? In this outfit, the bride will feel really extraordinary. Together with cellophane, paper also acts as a material. The dignity of the dress is in its lightness and convenience, but there is no need to talk about elegance. A wedding in such outfits will make you think that its main characters are people without a fixed abode. Nevertheless, there are fans of such a dress.

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