The most famous casino players

The most famous casino players

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The casino is a place where anyone can try their luck. But there are even more stories about those who blew all their fortune into the casino. Players dream of winning streaks that will allow them to get rich overnight, comes up with complex combinations.

But the excitement prevents us from considering a simple fact - the interests of any gambling establishment are protected by an impartial mathematical probability. It is she who always leaves the casino winning.

All the more valuable are the stories about those players who were able to become famous for their large winnings. These are the heroes who, with their game, were able to enter the history of gambling.

Archie Karas. This man is considered a legend in Las Vegas. It is interesting that, according to him, he is not interested in money. Archie's biography contains a lot of myths. He was born in 1950 and spent his entire childhood in poverty. Then he became addicted to gambling. At 15, Archie left home and got a job as a waiter on a ship, which gave him the opportunity to see the whole world. But swimming quickly bored him, at the age of 19, Archie settled in Los Angeles, where he became addicted to poker. Over time, Karas became a millionaire. But in the club he got bored, and he began to go to the casino. By 1990, the player already had $ 2 million. But in a couple of years, he left his entire fortune in the casino, left with 50 dollars. Surprisingly, Archie considered this a temporary difficulty. In 1992, he borrowed $ 10,000 from one of his friends and went to Las Vegas, to the Horseshoe Casino. The rest went down in the history of the game as "Race". After a couple of hours, Archie increased his capital to 30 thousand. Then Caracas went in search of profit to the pool table. It turned out that a certain businessman was looking for a strong rival there. Karas became it. The billiards game marathon lasted 2.5 months, interrupting only for sleep and business meetings of a businessman. The price for a batch reached 40 thousand dollars - the desire to win back was so great. That pool session enriched Karas by 1.1 million. Archie invited the businessman to play poker, winning another 6 million in 3 weeks. The next rivals of Karas were the legendary Stu Ungar and Chip Reese, who lost 1.2 and 2 million respectively to the Greek. For six months, Karas fought with the strongest players of that time, earning $ 17 million. Having lost interest in this game, Archie went to the Horseshoe Casino, where he began to play dice. Three times he won over a million there in the evening. One evening, Archie had absolutely all the most expensive chips of the establishment. Poor Archie began to have trouble carrying such amounts of money. But then problems began - first, the player lost 11 million in the dice, then lost another 17 million in baccarat. In 1995, Archie lost the rest of his money at the casino. In total, during the "Race" the player managed to win and then lose about 40 million. Now Karas lives in Vegas and does not regret anything, he just decided never to play for large sums and devote himself only to poker.

Stanley Fujiteik. There is even a plaque in honor of this man in the center of Las Vegas. She marks an unusual player record. Fujiteik, a native of Honolulu, went down in gambling history as the "Man with a Golden Hand." A guest of the California Hotel in Las Vegas on May 28, 1989, managed to hit an incredible jackpot by playing dice. It took him 3 hours 6 minutes to win 118 streaks in a row. Those players who were fortunately next to him, enriched themselves by thousands. The hotel, together with its casino, has lost about millions during this time. Interestingly, Stanley dropped sixes, eights, fives, tens, but never a seven. During the game, the audience began to shout out encouragement for such a lucky player. The day after that game, the casino administration burned down such an unfortunate table. Fujiteik died in 2000 at the age of 66, but in his life he had a couple of memorable successful visits to the casino, each time fortune smiled at him for about an hour.

Kerry Parker. For billionaires, losing a few million is not as fatal as it is for ordinary people. But Australian businessman and tycoon Kerry Parker made history not only with his losses, but also with his winnings. A family legend says that Kerry's grandfather once found a 10 shillings coin in London and put it on the races. The win allowed him to purchase a ticket to Australia. There he became a journalist and founded his own media business. His work was continued by his son, and then by his grandson. The gambling Carrie Parker has always played at the highest rates in the casino. This allowed him in 1997 to bankrupt MGM casinos for $ 30 million, and other English establishments for another 10 million. The rich man, delighted with his winnings, immediately began to waste money. Just to tip, he left his waitress and head waiter about a million dollars. On the other hand, Parker somehow lost as much as 20 million in one fashionable casino in London overnight. This was a record loss in the history of the country. The billionaire died in 2005, owning by that time the Australian casino "Crown". Parker's favorite games were blackjack and baccarat.

Barefoot Joe. What should a person who is kicked out of the house by his wife for problems with personal hygiene do? Go and play at the casino, of course! In 1995, the unkempt old man cashed out his monthly allowance of $ 400 and was barefoot and came to the Treasure Island casino. He was an 80-year-old man, hunched over, with a cane, a sharp chin, and terrible teeth. The administration expected him to quickly lose his funds and leave the institution. But Barefoot Joe stayed at the casino for a week, depriving one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas one and a half million dollars. It is interesting that the player basically ignored the basic blackjack strategies. Dealers remember him as the worst player they've ever met, but also as the luckiest one. At the same time, the player poured obscenities when he got a bad card. The old man ate right at the table, ordering Jack Daniels whiskey and cola, as well as thick cigars and pork chop. The casino encouraged the old man by giving the newly minted millionaire a bodyguard, a limousine, and free drinks. However, special people made sure that Joe continued to play only in "Treasure Island". The player even managed to sell the rights to film the story of his winnings for $ 10,000. The rich player immediately had fans. But they quickly disappeared when the bad-smelling old man quickly lost everything. As a result, the crying Barefoot Joe was forced to leave the gambling hall. He sank into obscurity - where he came from.

William Bergstrom. To win a lot, you have to bet a lot. William Bergstrom understood this. He himself was from Texas, where he had made a good fortune over the years of trading horses. One day Bergstrom heard that the Horseshoe casino has a rule that a customer can place the first bet of any size. The Texan turned to the casino owners, wanting to bet a million on a round of craps. Get permission, Bergstrom returned with two suitcases with $ 770,000 in cash. The first run was successful - the player won in a one-to-one ratio. William decided to put a million, but was greedy and just left with the money. And then everything was quite expected. Feeling that he was lucky, Bergstrom decided to return. Now he made a bet for 590 thousand dollars and won again. Luck smiled at him twice more - at rates of 190 thousand and 90 thousand. And in 1984, the businessman still matured to the historic rate of a million dollars. But then he lost. And although in the end the winnings amounted to more than 600 thousand dollars, a month later Bergstrom for some reason shot himself. But he entered the history of Las Vegas under the name "The Man with the Suitcase".

Joseph Jaggers. They say that it only takes luck to win at a casino. But Jaggers proved that sometimes the brain will be useful. True, the imperfection of the casino equipment helped him, which was common in those years. Joseph Jaggers was an ordinary engineer, observant in nature. Watching the roulette wheel in a casino, he thought that the ball bounces differently in different establishments. And this was easily explained by the differences in the appearance of the wheel itself. Jaggers began to gradually study the roulette mechanism and the movement of the ball. To do this, he hired six workers to secretly write down the numbers on the wheels. Jaggers analyzed the collected information and found a certain pattern. He was able to compile a list of those numbers that came up most often on a particular wheel. Thanks to his discovery, Jaggers was able to win as much as 325 thousand dollars at the Monte Carlo casino, which was a very impressive amount for 1873. And although the administration of the institution figured out the secret of winning, it managed to win back only part of the money.

Charles Wells. Any gambler dreams of hitting such a jackpot in order to bankrupt an entire casino. The famous player Charles Wells, who also went down in history as a clever thief and fraudster, succeeded in this. He always dreamed of fame and fortune, spending all his money on roulette. That story happened again with the Monte Carlo casino, 20 years after the Jaggers story. This time everything turned out to be much more serious. First, Wells was able to convince one of the banks to lend him 4,000 pounds for his "invention". In 1890, a gambler sat at the roulette wheel for 11 hours, breaking the pot 12 times. The casino just ran out of chips! Charles won a million francs. In 1891, Wells continued to methodically win at the establishment, playing only roulette. Then the rules were not yet so developed, so that evidence of Charles's fraud was never found. He continued to use his tactics, betting to the maximum and winning considerable sums. Wells managed to win a million francs in three days, and also won five times in a row, betting on the five! Charles himself later admitted that he was just lucky. They even composed a song about that unprecedented win, and then made a film and wrote a book. Wells himself visited Monte Carlo again in 1892, first broke the bank, and then lost everything. The player began to borrow money for his new inventions, but was eventually convicted of financial scams. Wells died in poverty in 1926.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. This success story is inextricably linked to human talent. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo was a Spanish producer and mathematician. He did not gain much success in the professional field, but he devoted all his free time to roulette and the strategy of playing on it. In 1990, the Spaniard began to study the mathematics of this game - he did not believe in pure chance. In his opinion, the wheel cannot be completely perfect, therefore, the chances of winning can always be increased. The player began to observe which numbers the wheel shows more often. After collecting the necessary information, it was analyzed on a computer. First, the mathematician went to the Casino de Madrid, where he managed to win 600 euros overnight. That success inspired Garcia-Pelayo and he was able to win a total of up to a million euros in this institution. His theory did not disappoint, the player was able to increase his chances of winning by 15%. The casino immediately filed a lawsuit against its client, trying to prove the fact of his deception. But the right was on the side of the player. They could not even forbid him to play in this institution. Since then, Spanish casinos have been suspicious of Garcia Pelayo. But he is not particularly worried, because the amount earned with the help of his mind is enough to no longer visit the casino.

Ashley Revel. This amazing story rocked the entire gaming world. The feat of this Spaniard spawned many imitators, but no one was able to repeat his success. This story happened in 2004. Englishman Ashley Revel decided to play for big and go all-in! On the line he put everything that he had. The Englishman sold all his property - a car, a house, things. The collected amount was 135 thousand dollars. It was with her that Revel went to Las Vegas. At first, no one knew about his intentions, but when the local media found out about the venture, it was decided to make a reality show out of this. As a result, Revel went to play with his relatives, friends, and also with the film crew. At the casino, the Englishman's game bank was $ 136,300. Before placing the main bet, Revel “warmed up” in poker, losing a thousand there. The player decided to put everything on one color - red or black. So you could either double the amount, or lose everything. This is exactly what the reality was called "All or Nothing". The attention of the entire casino was riveted to the table with Ashley. He himself first decided to bet on black, but at the last moment changed his mind, choosing red. The ball fell on the number "7", the winning color. So Revel won 270 thousand dollars. Today he became a celebrity and opened his own online casino. And to explain what prompted him to such a reckless step, the lucky one still cannot.

Terrence Watanabi. This American multimillionaire is arguably the most unlucky player in history. He owns the following anti-records - losing 5 million in one run, 127 million in a year and 200 million in total. He headed the Watanabi family business at age 20. He turned a small company into a huge business empire, which in the early 2000s turned over hundreds of millions. At the peak of profitability, the company was sold, and Watanabi himself received a lot of money. At first he decided to devote himself to charity, took up restaurant activities, but nothing brought him satisfaction. Then the American became addicted to gambling. He quickly became a VIP customer at the casino. True, in 2006, the Wynn Las Vegas establishment refused to serve the millionaire, considering him a gambling addict and alcoholic. Then Watanabi began to appear at Rio Casino and Caesars Casino. There he began to sit for days, making increased rates especially for him. The millionaire loved roulette, blackjack and video slots. At the same time, he did not adhere to the strategy and did not think about his dependence. Yes, and the casino management did not think about ethics, besides, the client was giving out generous tips with might and main. This was the perfect visitor who just wanted to keep his adrenaline levels high. They began to openly solder Terrence, make expensive gifts and never dissuade him from playing. As a result, in just a year, the businessman lost 112 million, remaining owed another 15. As a result, the casino sued Watanabi, the same one filed a counterclaim. He accused the gambling establishments that he was deliberately drunk and made a gambler. As a result, the parties agreed and withdrew their claims.

Robert Maxwell. This person also went down in the history of gambling. He set the world record for the speed of losing money at roulette. During World War II, Maxwell managed to fight in the foreign French legion. After retirement, Robert joined the UK Information Service, which helped him get to know many important people. Over time, Maxwell became the owner of a large publication and made a huge fortune. The media tycoon became a member of Parliament and often visited the USSR. However, after his death it turned out that the respected businessman fraudulently appropriated millions from subsidiaries and pension funds.And Maxwell got into the history of the gambling business, having managed to lose two million dollars in just three minutes. This event took place in the London institution "Ambassador". The businessman was not an avid gambler, but it was clearly not the first time in the casino. The millionaire thought the roulette bets were too low, so he decided to take three tables at once. Maxwell's game lasted only three minutes, every second he was losing eight thousand pounds! The businessman did not linger in the casino, and did not come to recoup. And soon the truth about his affairs became known, but by that time Maxwell himself had mysteriously died on his own yacht.

Faud al-Zayyat. This player was a real dream for London casinos. He came there often, played at the highest stakes and ended up losing a lot. The croupier even gave the millionaire the nickname "Fat Man", either for his solid size, or for a voluminous wallet. Al Zayat's favorite casino was Aspinall's. It was there that his biggest failure took place, it happened on the very first visit to this institution. Having bought half a million chips at the box office, the millionaire suddenly found after 15 minutes of playing roulette that he was left without funds. I had to go to exchange the same amount, which was also not enough for a long time. That night, the casino was enriched by £ 2.5 million from a wealthy client. Despite such a setback, the player came here again and again in search of luck. In total, the businessman lost tens of millions of dollars. Only the beloved Aspinall's got 23 million pounds, another 10 Foud left in the Ritz. And it all ended trite - after the casino's debt of several million, the administration filed a lawsuit. As a result, the rich man's assets were frozen, he even lost his personal Boeing and Rolls-Royce. In this case, lawyers accused the casino of connivance, which pity the court. Interestingly, even during the trial, Al-Zayyat still came to play his favorite Aspinall’s.

Phil Ivey. This American has been considered the best and most successful gamblers in the world for several years. Not so long ago, he confirmed this status, earning $ 11 million on mini-baccarat in one of the casinos in England. And Ivy gained fame in the World Series of Poker, earning an impressive nine bracelets there. The pro gambler visited Crockfords Casino in England and deposited £ 1 million on his initial deposit. Such a famous person was immediately taken to a separate VIP-hall, where Phil spent several evenings playing. Served by his personal dealer and manager. In total, Ivey spent seven hours playing cards, having managed to increase his deposit by 7 times! At the same time, on the first evening, the player went into the negative by almost 500 thousand, but then received permission to increase the betting limit and went up sharply. Ivy stopped when he made $ 11.5 million. The casino at first refused to pay him this amount, deciding to carefully check all the circumstances. Quince was promised to pay the money within two days. The cameras showed that no fraud had been registered. And the dealer said that the player himself did not touch the cards, they were dealt exclusively by the employee of the institution. Until Ivy got his deposit back, the casino will have to fork out or his reputation will suffer. Ivy also plays quite often in Las Vegas, at the Bellagio casino. In February 2006, he played heads-up against a gambling millionaire and was able to win $ 16 million.

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