The most unusual wedding traditions

The most unusual wedding traditions

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The wedding day is almost always a memorable event, which are few in life. Today, ordinary feasts are no longer in vogue, and photo sessions against the backdrop of local monuments.

But folk traditions are still of interest. We will tell below about the strangest, and sometimes shocking, customs, rituals and traditions associated with marriage.

Scottish villages still have an unusual wedding tradition. There, before the wedding, the bride is poured with mud, doing it in the literal sense. Of course, this does not happen on the day of the ceremony itself, but in any of the previous ones, when the future celebration has already been announced. At the same time, it is not enough for the Scots to simply pour dirty water on the girl. They prepare a special mix! It contains a large number of sticky and unpleasant substances - sauces, eggs, butter, pasta, sour milk. Nasty liquids are welcome! The poor bride is doused from head to toe with this terrible mixture. But even here the participants in the ritual are in no hurry to let her go home. The girl is taken all over the city, starting up drinking establishments throughout. After all, everyone should see that the ritual has been successfully completed. What is its meaning in general? According to one of the local beliefs, after such humiliation, all subsequent antics of the husband will seem to the wife no longer significant.

There are interesting traditions related to weddings in India. In some of its states, it is believed that if a girl was born immediately with a milk tooth in the upper gum, that evil spirits are opposed to her. Such a mark guarantees death from the paws of a tiger or other accident. But there is a way out - you have to marry a dog! And don't look for logic here. Fortunately, such a marriage does not require both sides to fulfill their marital duties. Such a rite allows you to ward off evil spirits, as a result of which, after a few years, the girl, like her friends, can get married in the usual way. If a girl has not married a dog, then this still does not guarantee anything. After all, under certain conditions she can marry ... a tree! The fact is that in local astrology there is the concept of Kuja Dosha. These are the moments when Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house. The one who was born on such a day is called "mangalik". According to legends, such a woman's husband will certainly die prematurely. You can only avoid this by marrying a tree. However, the bride even has the right to choose - you can become the wife of a banana, or you can become a pipal ficus. After the end of the wedding ceremony, the “husband” is ritually destroyed, and the woman can marry a man with a clear conscience. And such customs are far from uncommon - the famous actress Aishwarya Rai had to go through this. And men in India have their own reasons for marrying a tree. So, in Madras, the younger brother was forbidden to marry while the elder is still single. But if the wedding was inevitable, then the elder brother officially married the tree, which was immediately destroyed. Thus, through the simulated death of the "daughter-in-law", the younger brother could play his wedding.

For a long time there was an unusual tradition in Ireland, which is still observed in small villages today. According to the rite, during wedding dances, the bride was not supposed to take her legs off the ground so that she would not be kidnapped by the fairies. After all, these little creatures, according to legends, adore all the most beautiful. Is there anything more beautiful at a wedding than a bride? Also in Ireland, the bride at the wedding was presented with a ring or bracelet made of human hair. Such a souvenir was supposed to help tie lovers together for life.

Any bride strives to lose weight for a wedding, but there are countries where completely different standards of beauty are in fashion. For example, in Mauritania, a thin girl is considered ugly. Is it any wonder that from 5-9 years old girls begin to intensively prepare for the wedding - to feed? There are special establishments where parents give their daughters. There, cruel supervisors force the unfortunate to eat through force. In this case, it is supposed to swallow a large amount of food. So, only one millet porridge should be eaten 2 kilograms per day, and camel milk should be drunk about 20 liters. This tradition provides for the final feeding just before the wedding. For the preceding several months, the bride has been sitting motionless in a special room, eating hearty meals. There is no need to talk about health here. This sad tradition practically disappeared in the country, but was revived after the military coup in 2008. And in Nigeria, Mali and northern Cameroon, magnificent brides are also held in high esteem.

Traditionally, weddings are considered to be the happiest day for young people, followed immediately by a happy honeymoon. But on the island of Borneo, the Tidong tribe lives, in which the opposite is true. Here the honeymoon is a cruel test. First of all, the newlyweds are not allowed to go to the toilet for three days after the wedding. It is impossible to avoid such a ban - all this time, relatives are watching them relentlessly, trying to limit the amount of food and drinks. Only if the newlyweds were able to pass this test, they will have a happy cohabitation. But those who could not bear it or chose deception are waiting for grief, quarrels and early death of their first child in marriage.

On the Nicobar Islands, the honeymoon, if it comes, is only for the bride. The groom, for six months, voluntarily becomes a slave in his wife's house, doing all the hard work. But then all this falls on the shoulders of his wife. It is believed that the husband should appreciate her work from his own experience. But in Finland, the bride, on the contrary, moves into the house of her future spouse even before the wedding, though only for a week. After all, you need to get acquainted with the future economy.

If in most countries the wedding night is the final chord of the wedding, then in Uzbekistan it is customary for the groom to be alone with the young wife only on the second day of the celebration. Immediately on the night of the wedding, her closest relatives - mother, grandmother, aunt will spend the night with the bride. After the end of the wedding night, the husband must not leave his wife in the dark for 40 days. Ideally, it is believed that throughout this period, the newlyweds should not part, but today this tradition of honeymooning is practically not observed.

The Tujia peoples who live in China have their own unusual wedding traditions. There, the bride must cry for a month before the wedding at nightfall ... 10 days after the start of the "marathon of tears" the mother joins the girl, another 10 days later - other relatives, and right on the eve of the wedding - friends. According to the ritual, such an abundance of tears before the wedding guarantees the bride a happy and long married life. That is why the art of crying and singing at the same time, special songs in the tribe are taught from early childhood. After all, if a girl could not learn to cry well, then she will have an unsuccessful marriage.

To have a wedding in Bali, both the bride and the groom must first saw off their fangs and incisors. This ritual is very important for local residents, because it symbolizes their entry into adulthood. On the island, it is believed that human canines are related to animal canines. As a result, uncut teeth can become a source of animal instincts. In order to curb them, a total of 6 teeth are processed, this number corresponds to 6 banished vices - envy, greed, anger, stupidity, lust and gluttony. A person's teeth are filed, even after his death, just before cremation. After all, if this is not done, then the Gods can take the deceased for an animal. It is believed that after filing a girl's canines, she leaves the custody of her father. If the ceremony takes place before the wedding, then the girl comes under the responsibility of her husband. But with young men, the situation is completely different - the father does not lose his duties. He must provide financially for his son getting married, paying for the entire wedding celebration.

In the Chechen Republic, it is believed that a wife should be modest and self-possessed. Traditionally for this people, during the festival, the bride is placed in a corner, away from the eyes of guests. Traditions force her to spend the whole day on her feet, you cannot talk to her husband's relatives until they turn to her themselves. The bride's restraint is even tested. Each of the relatives in turn asks the girl to bring a glass of water, and when she does this, they try to make her talk. There are several proven ways to do this: you can make fun of the bride's appearance, praise, or you can discuss the groom. If the girl does not stand up and responds to the barb, then this will indicate her intemperance and stupidity. All that she is allowed to say: "Drink to your health!". Another traditional feature of marriage among Chechens is that it is forbidden for a newlywed to call her husband's relatives by the name of her husband. Instead, common words should be used such as "dear", "respected", "respectable".

In Libya, the wedding is celebrated on a maximum scale and lasts about 8 days. On the sixth day, a rather interesting ritual takes place. The groom gives his beloved a basket of gifts, guffu. This usually includes perfumes, incense and textiles. The bride should not only accept the gift and consider it, but also try some of it. For this, one of the girl's relatives is invited, for example, a sister, who must get the presented incense and rub it on the bride's heel. According to popular beliefs, this will enable the latter to keep her husband under her thumb for the rest of her life. And the wedding celebrations themselves in this country are worthy of special mention. If the groom lives in his own house, then the feast takes place in the garden. If the young people do not yet have housing, their relatives set up a huge tent, hemu, right on the street. At the same time, it can even interfere with the movement of pedestrians and vehicles, but people here treat this with understanding - a wedding is being played.

In the Baltics, everyone is waiting for the groom to cry out in pain during the dance. After all, this is evidence that the bride has observed a long tradition. The girl just steps on her husband's foot with all her might to make sure that there is no devil with hooves in front of her.

In England, there is a long beautiful tradition - the bride must wear something new on her wedding day, something old, something borrowed, and certainly something sky blue. An old item usually turns out to be a brooch or a necklace - they symbolize a connection with ancestors. A new thing means a happy future, a thing borrowed from a happy friend serves as a talisman. Blue, on the other hand, symbolizes modesty and loyalty, and diversifies the color scheme of the outfit.

In Kenya, the bride's hands and nails are decorated with black and red patterns to ward off evil spirits from her. There are generally strange traditions here. So, a young spouse must wear women's clothes for the entire first month after the wedding. This will make him understand the female position, as well as drive away temptations in the form of young coquettes.

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