The most famous sports scandals

The most famous sports scandals

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There are many kinds in sports, and not all of them are popular all over the world. Some of them just went down in history.

Fishing. People also compete in this direction. The famous scandal happened in 2005. Then the fisherman from Missouri Paul Tormanen won the perch fishing competition. Athletes were given a certain time, during which they had to catch a set amount of fish. Tormanen did it before anyone else, long before the limit expired. His career had to go up. However, the hapless champion was soon arrested on charges of fraud. Tormanen won this competition, like several previous ones, with the help of stealth. But he also received an award of 50 thousand dollars. It turned out that the athlete on the eve of the competition had previously caught fish in the reservoir where the championship will take place. Then he tied the catch with a thin line to snags or branches at the bottom. When the competition started, he deftly fished out the required amount of fish. This allowed Tormanen to always remain among the best fishermen. A loud scandal erupted. Tormanen was permanently disqualified from the sport and received a suspended prison sentence and a 120 hour community service fine.

Another way is the marathon. In 1980, the marathon was won by a little-known athlete from Cuba, Rosie Ruiz. At the same time, he also set a world record - 2 hours 31 minutes 56 seconds. However, when the judges took a closer look at this high result, it turned out that the winner was a fraud. At the start of the race, none of the rivals saw her, and her record was half an hour faster than the time that she showed six months earlier in New York. But such progress is simply impossible! It turned out that Ruiz did not run the entire distance. As the investigation later showed, in New York, during the race, one of the photographers saw her on the subway. Such a resourceful act then allowed the girl to show excellent results. Thanks to him, Ruiz was invited to the prestigious Boston Marathon. But there she cheated again. Ruiz sat down on a bench in one of the squares, after which she burst into the marathon and won with a record time. The scandalous judges revealed the deceiver, who, moreover, did not orientate herself in her "victorious" route.

Forbidden sport. At one time, Jai Alai was very popular in the Philippines. The players wore long and curved clubs on their hands, with which they tried to throw a small but weighty ball. This sport was quite fast. About 30 years ago, the country hosted the Jai Alai competition, and it was very popular. Unsurprisingly, many crooks also showed interest in the game. It's so easy to make money on people's love. For a long time, the government fought against swindlers until it decided to resolve the problem radically. In 1988, this sport was banned in the country, and no competitions were held in it. As soon as cash prizes left the game, it ceased to be interesting to scammers. It was only in 2001 that Jai Alai was again authorized by the authorities.

Dangerous badminton. It has long been known that badminton is the peaceful favorite game of schoolchildren and picnickers. But recently, this sport has even been included in the program of the Olympic Games. But in Asia, badminton competitions have been held for a long time. During one of them, on July 28, 1988, Syed Modi was killed by unknown persons in India. He was a multiple champion in this type of competition. These events caused a great public outcry. It was said that the main suspect was a friend of the athlete, who could be the lover of Sayed's wife. Others said that the move was done by the secret services to divert attention from politicians. There were suspects, arrests were made. However, no one was punished for that murder.

Equestrian racketeering. Horse racing was not so long ago still quite a popular entertainment. The jockey could sit directly on a horse, or in a two-wheeled cart pulled by an animal. It would seem that there could be illegal? The scandal erupted when Thomas Lewis, the union leader, was killed. The investigation revealed high-profile facts. It turned out that Lewis ran all the popular equestrian competitions in the country. The hippodromes hired bandits and former prisoners. At the same time, the management was forbidden to delve into the biographies of new employees. Under the leadership of Lewis himself, there was a group of four of the most desperate thugs. During the competition, these bandits kept order, pacifying especially dissatisfied ones. The main flow of funds was made up of bets on the victory of the participants; entrance tickets also brought a lot of money. When all these facts were revealed, the races were completely stopped by the governor. It wasn't until all 1,200 employees were fingerprinted and the criminals were removed from the team that the races reopened.

School for young rugby players. This game itself is traumatic and dangerous. South African national team coach Rudolph Straueli somehow came up with the best way to prepare his team for the 2003 world championship. African athletes were sent to the police training camp. And he was on the prairie. The whole event was called "Camp Behind Barbed Wire". Here the players were not up to the theory and strategic nuances of rugby. The trainings took place in the most combat conditions. The players had to go through several difficult challenges. So, they played on the ice of the lake at the point of their coach's pistol. The players climbed into holes, doused themselves with icy water, sang the national anthem, tore off the heads of chickens and crawled naked on their bellies. The rugby players had a very unusual preparation for the competition. When the press found out about this, a terrible scandal erupted. The coach was instantly fired, and the fans went berserk. The team was almost disqualified, and it also lost almost all games of the season. Probably, I should have let Strauely finish the workout. You can imagine what players trained in this way would be capable of.

Tug of war. Despite all the excitement of this sport, everyone considers it peaceful. By the way, tug-of-war was part of the program of the Olympic Games until 1908. In those years, there was even a loud scandal related to the unscrupulous game. A team of the most powerful police officers from Liverpool entered into a duel with the Americans. The British won that match easily. But their opponents made a scandal, drawing the attention of the judges to the fact that the policemen had metal heels on their shoes. This allowed for a better grip on the ground. The British began to make excuses that these are ordinary police shoes, and they do not contribute to the achievement of the result. The offended Americans left the competition. And the British eventually won it. Although they offered their overseas opponents to hold a rematch without any shoes at all, this fight did not take place. We must pay tribute to the ingenious British, and touchy Americans themselves gave up the chance to get even.

Drugs on the races. Connoisseurs of the history of the rally "Nascar" can tell a lot about the fact that the roots of this competition are directly related to moonshine and illegal sale of alcohol. But these are mere trifles compared to what was revealed at the competitions in 1975-1986. It turned out that the race car crews received money from their sponsors. All I had to do was take part in drug trafficking. As a result, in 8 years, the racers very quickly transported about 300 tons of marijuana. As a result of the investigation, some athletes ended up in prison, and there were chases with shooting. Jokers translated the name of the IMSA GT championship as "International Marijuana Smuggling Association".

Restless chess. Serious scandals sometimes break out around the quiet mental struggle of grandmasters. A couple of them are associated with Anatoly Karpov. In 1978 he played for the title of World Champion with Viktor Korchnoi. This fight was very important. After all, Korchnoi was a refugee from the country and the Soviet authorities could not allow Karpov's defeat. The Soviet athlete's team consisted of about 80 people, including employees of the special department of the KGB. Clairvoyants, psychics, parapsychologists collaborated with them. Korchnoi saw that in the fourth row a strange man was watching him intently. He gazed unblinkingly at the defector grandmaster. This greatly distracted Korchnoi. As a result, that match was marred by a string of scandals. Korchnoi said that psychological pressure was being exerted on him. In addition, an anecdotal protest was filed that Karpov was drinking kefir. In turn, Korchnoi called on the yogis for help and began to recite ancient spells. But in the battle of non-chess forces, Karpov won. Another major scandal erupted in 1986, when Karpov fought against Kasparov for the title of the strongest. When the latter lost three games in a row at once, he immediately came up with an explanation for such events. Kasparov decided that his assistants and seconds had betrayed him. The enraged chess player immediately fired some of them. Perhaps it was this measure that allowed Kasparov to win that match.

Dirty football. Everyone knows that there are match-fixing in football. But fighting this is quite difficult. In addition, the parties to the transaction are extremely reluctant to talk about their participation in it even after many years. In 2006, Italy became the world champion. But literally a few days after the final fight, a scandal erupted in the country, which darkened the joy of victory. It turned out that 4 grand clubs of the country - "Juventus", "Fiorentina", "Lazio" and "Milan" were involved in fixing matches. Many said that the judges simply would not dare to punish influential clubs. Nevertheless, justice turned out to be impartial - all the guilty clubs should be exiled to Serie B, and Juventus also lost two won championships. In addition, the teams also received a point penalty. One title went to Inter, and the other was not awarded at all. The scandal was called "calciopoli". A series of appeals followed, after which all clubs, except Juventus, were able to return to the top flight. The club from Turin started playing in Serie B. And the penalty was reduced from 20 to 9 points. “Juventus” managed to overcome this penalty and returned back in just a year.

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