What do men really want?

What do men really want?

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Nine Letter Instruction

Women should often use two nine-letter constructs: "never," and "end it," but not together.

So what do these men really want?

Men don't want virgins alone. They want a woman to be witty, brilliant, funny, touching, helpful, sensual, wonderful hostess and cook, and also a virgin.

Key criteria

Virtuous women bore men. Sexually aggressive women scare them.

The attentive listening trick

The more you listen to him, the more witty you seem to him.

Beauty award

It is better to have good looks than good brains, because the average man is endowed with a much greater ability to see than think.

Believes is not harmful

1. You can increase the size of your bust if you send an order for special exercise equipment, which advertisements invariably flaunt on the back cover of romantic ladies' magazines "about love".

2. As soon as your bust is enlarged, you will immediately find popularity and happiness.

Fashion designer doctrine

The important thing is not whether you win or lose; the main thing is how you look during the game.

The "dress to kill on the spot" doctrine

You can't afford to take this with you. But you can put it on yourself and present yourself to others in a favorable light while it is on you.

Growth Fables

It doesn't matter if you are shorter or taller than him. There is a place where your height is the same - in bed.

The dieter's dilemma

To be or not to be on a diet is the question:

1. If you are not on a diet, then you are a "fat lazy".

2. If you are on a diet, he will not find you "spicy places".

The dilemma when hands are always in the dishwashing bowl

It's not easy being a chef, dishwasher and still sexy.

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