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Meaning of the name

Vladislava in translation from Old Slavonic means "owning glory".


Vladislav has masculine traits to a large extent. Strong, strong-willed, active, if she doesn't play a game called "her boyfriend", she quickly learns to control the crowd. They usually make good leaders.

In relationships with people, she does not cause fire on herself, because her innate authority will always manifest and recognized by others.

Can work as a doctor, teacher, accountant, nurse, music teacher, architect, fashion designer, engineer, salesman.

The one born in winter is more energetic and determined.

Vladislava is very ambitious and emotional, as a rule, she has a quick mind and a vivid imagination, and, if necessary, knows how to show the necessary firmness. She really has a lot of chances to succeed and make her life pretty normal, especially since her desire for leadership does not imply authority.

One gets the impression that the hint of power contained in Vladislav's name already satisfies ambition and does not need confirmation by practice, so that Vlada does not need to subordinate anyone to her will, it is much better to simply remain independent and independent among the same independent people.

In most cases, Vlada is characterized by optimism and a cheerful outlook on life. She is quite witty, and emotional mobility gives her a great curiosity.

On the other hand, this same quality often provokes conflict situations in communication with neighbors, especially if we take into account her dislike for any kind of submission, as well as her desire to be the first.

To avoid this, Vlada does not interfere with being a little more tolerant and restrained, having learned to respect not only her own, but also other people's desires and aspirations. Also, patience will not hurt her in relation to her household duties, for which, to put it mildly, she rarely feels ardent love.

Vladislava is a person of mood, which can be correctly predicted no more often than a forecaster can accurately guess the weather. Sometimes she will react to a major event with a joke, but it also happens that some little thing will unexpectedly infuriate her. On the other hand, you will not get bored with her. In general, she is quite greedy for praise, and in conversation she usually prefers humor.


Love for her is unthinkable without an intimate relationship. Being in the arms of a man, she is always tuned in to mutual sexual satisfaction and, if she does not receive her share of pleasure, experiences an acute sense of trampled dignity, even humiliation. She, like no other woman, suffers from a lack of male attention.

In personal relationships with men, she is somewhat notorious. She would like to lead the role of the first violin, always to be the leader, but the female body and female upbringing do not allow her to do as she wants.

Therefore, in the first approximation, it may seem too cold. But this is not entirely correct. It is like a huge heavy flywheel - it is difficult to spin, but as soon as it picks up speed, then it is almost impossible to stop it.

She does not represent love without close intimate communication. And if she does not receive satisfaction in the sexual intercourse, which includes everything, including her and his pleasure, then she believes that she was insulted in the most subtle feelings.

If a man fails to excite Vadislava with the sight of his naked body or with one touch, then you can advise to find out everything in the conversation. Vladislava does not make a secret out of this and will herself tell what and how she needs.

It is difficult for Vladislava to find a suitable partner, she is far from being able to experience an orgasm with everyone, her sex life is often devoid of joy.

Vlada, born in winter, is more fortunate in this sense, she always has a wide choice of fans, she loves sex and knows how to get what she wants from a man.

Vladislava, born in the spring, starts to have sexual intercourse late, she is less active and does not seem to feel too much desire to have sexual intercourse.

Vladislava, born in the summer, is not indifferent to sex, but she does not make a cult out of it either. She identifies intimate relationships with love and receives from them both sensual pleasures and strong emotional experiences.

Vladislava does not deny affection to her partner and she herself expects a rich erotic program from him. Vlada is able to directly tell her partner about her desires, and expects the same openness in return.

A woman born in the fall is demanding in sex, seeks to lead in the sexual process, but sometimes does not know how to do it. She is very jealous and suspicious, considers the slightest coldness of her husband as a sign that he has another woman.

She loves sexually active men, but she needs quite a lot of preliminary training. Vladislava is not at all one of those women who ignite from one touch of a man's hand.


Light green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Vladislav gives the impression of something light, safe, gentle.

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