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Meaning of the name

Vitaly translated from Latin means "vital".


In childhood - an affectionate and obedient boy - "mama's son": he never leaves his mother. Most often, he is the youngest in the family and has an older brother, whom he is a little afraid of. This is a diligent boy who knows how to adapt to the situation.

Vitaly is shy; if he is friends with the girl, then so that they would not know about it at home. When visiting, he feels more confident in the company of kids, willingly takes on the role of Gulliver. And it looks like he is interested in them.

Shows an interest in music, plays chess, if possible, he will play cards with pleasure, although not recklessly. Often gets a thoroughbred dog, takes it to exhibitions. Purposeful, stubborn.

Vitaly has a flexible mind, he is a little cunning, but this does not cause hostility from others. If Vitaly has a car, then it will be the center of the universe for him. He drives a car beautifully, with inspiration, disassembles and assembles it with pleasure.

Vitaly has an ability for engineering and design work, for pursuing science, but in the technical, not in the humanitarian direction. Can be a physics or geometry teacher. Well versed in business.

He chooses a woman as his wife, who would be both a mother and a faithful friend to him. Vitaly is able to change any trait of his character, get rid of any habit - if he tries very hard, and most importantly, he really wants to.

A great womanizer, but, like all men whose names begin with Vic ... and Vit ... is powerless before the power of an intelligent, strong wife (especially if he is in love with her). She can turn Vitaly into a completely different person, or rather, aggravate all his unpleasant features (vindictiveness, pettiness, stubbornness) so that he will lose his loyal friends, popularity, ruin his life's work.

Love, passionate confessions, female beauty, charm and intelligence do not occupy the main place in Vitaly's value system. He is even with his wife, does not show her signs of marital disposition in public, keeps himself too dry, although in fact he is temperamental.

Vitaly is faithful in marriage, is afraid of losing his wife's love, and reacts with great anxiety to the slightest changes in his sexual orientation.

He is sociable and does not pay attention to trifles. He is cheerful and trusting, and these qualities are not the result of analysis, not a deliberate line of behavior, but a property of nature.


Vitaly often has strong sexual attraction; indulging in passion, capable of deep, vivid feelings. This is a very amorous person, but in love he always wants to feel free, independent.

Vitaly does not tolerate the sexual domination of his partner, he is rather poisoned with the type of woman - "daughter". There is a certain masculine strength in him that attracts the sympathies of the weaker sex.

Love failures almost never lead him to despair, but only cause a surge of new emotions and energy. He attaches great importance to external factors, especially his partner's good figure excites him, and her delicate body is a source of his constant delight. It is important for him how his beloved is dressed, with what perfume she is perfumed.

He does not hide his feelings, pouring them out during love foreplay and in the process of sexual intercourse itself in hot and tender words, describing to his partner what feelings she causes him. He is squeamish and not inclined to change women often.

Vitaly will diversify sexual positions, giving the woman the opportunity to fully reveal herself. For him, the main thing is to satisfy the emotional needs of his partner, to maintain an exciting relationship.

Vitaly seeks to prolong the preparatory period as long as possible, indulging in love games and giving his partner complete freedom of action - she helps him, and he gives her the opportunity to experience the whole gamut of the strongest erotic sensations.

Having married, he behaves in the same way with his wife, lovingly preparing her for the final phase of coitus. This process gives him great pleasure and is no less, if not more important for him than intercourse itself, as a way to give the partner the highest pleasure and bring her to orgasm.

Vitaly is a sexy man, but outwardly he will never show it, he is hidden in feelings. Only his partners know what a gentle, tireless lover he is. In sex, he does not know fatigue and can spend many hours in a row at this activity.

He carefully chooses his partner, because not every woman can withstand his temperament. In the intervals between sexual intercourse, not too long, he likes to listen to light music, drink wine. Often changes positions, monotony in sex does not satisfy him.

In marriage, he is compliant and accommodating. A good husband, a wonderful father. Finds relaxation and stimulation in sex to maintain vitality. Children of different sexes are born.


Light blue.

A rock

Noble black opal.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Vitaly gives the impression of something safe, gentle.

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