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Meaning of the name

Willy in translation from the ancient German means "will".


Willie is a lot sick in childhood, he is irritable, does not eat well, which gives his parents a lot of trouble. In everything he looks like his mother. At school, Willie studies averagely, without much zeal. Sociable, he has many friends. Willie is eager to study music, likes to read books about adventures, science fiction.

Willie is choleric by the type of temperament, he really likes to argue, especially with teachers. He really likes communication with adults.

Due to his assertive nature and flexibility of mind, Willie achieves success in his career and life in general. Charming, kind, moderately open and honest with others, inspires confidence in others.

Willy, born in winter, has a complex character, somewhat conflicted, too stubborn.

Born in the fall, prudent, usually thinks through every step and every word, intuition is well developed.

Willie can work as an actor, singer, engineer, doctor, teacher, artist, director. He is hospitable, loved by friends and relatives. Willie is talented, but talent is revealed quite late, it is not always possible to realize it.

Willie is kind and affectionate, he is very kind to his parents.


Willie in a relationship with a woman loves comfort and a certain atmosphere of lightness. He prefers a woman not only affectionate and gentle, but also capable of understanding his desires.

Willie is sensitive, his caresses are refined, he tries not to reduce the sexual capabilities of his partner. The highest pleasure for Willie is to bring a woman to a state of ecstasy. He himself experiences this feeling only if he has deep love for his partner.

Willie is not afraid to take risks, he does not accept compromises, his rich inner world is full of experiences. His sensuality cannot but ignite the chosen one, who is usually attached to him with all her soul and, even after parting, retains pleasant memories of him for a long time.

Willie is fickle in his addictions. But it happens that he makes a long pause, remaining alone, as if putting his feelings in order.

Willie is capable of getting aroused even from one kind of half-naked woman. He takes pleasure in helping his girlfriend to undress, to touch her body.

Willie experiences love pleasure much more intensely and many men, his sexual process lasts longer and brighter. After completing intimacy, he never turns away from his partner and does not fall asleep first.

Willie is able to give his partner maximum pleasure, but any of her attempts to penetrate his inner world invariably fail.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Taurus.


The sound of Willie's name gives the impression of something hot, small, mobile, fast, joyful.

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