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Meaning of the name

Vladimir in translation from Old Slavic means "owning the world".


Since childhood, Volodya is distinguished by curiosity and the ability to apply his knowledge to everything, he has a tendency to take risks and an adventurous character. Plus, he's always in charge. While he is small, he listens to the advice of his parents, when he grows up, he will also listen, but he will act in his own way. Can become an avid gambler.

At school and institute, he usually masters technical sciences well, but prefers active social activities to persistent study. He never openly conflicts with anyone, diligently avoids sharp corners.

By nature, he is a leader and loves to rush into all sorts of new beginnings - however, he carefully thinks out and calculates everything, but from the outside it seems that everything was done on one enthusiasm or under the influence of an impulse. Vladimir is active, diplomatic, has a quick reaction. He is selfish, cannot hide pleasure when he is praised, attaches great importance to the opinion of others.

He is amorous, and his attention, as a rule, is attracted by extraordinary women. In relations with men, Vladimir is proud, but an affectionate woman can easily cope with him. If he is subdued sensually, then he remains devoted to his love all his life.

Endowed with reason. Teaching others, he learns himself. Closed by nature, although outwardly open. Waiting and hoping. In friendship, he is constant, but easily vulnerable. Determined. Even if his actions can most likely lead to failure, he is inclined to interfere in the course of events, hoping more for luck and a favorable coincidence of circumstances.

Vladimirs value comfort, love expensive beautiful furniture and feel more comfortable in a room with a lot of carpets. Cleaners, perhaps, therefore, are protesting against having pets in the house.

A flexible mind and good intuition bring Vladimir success at work. He is very proud and vain, It is impossible to convince him. It is not safe to hurt Vladimir's pride, he is cunning and knows how to skillfully lie.

Respect in people for strength and intelligence. They are quite active, diplomatic, and have a quick reaction. Self-loving, cannot restrain satisfaction when they are praised, attach great importance to the opinion of others.

Among Vladimirov, there are often creatively gifted individuals. They are very enterprising, sociable, often achieve a high position in society, it is difficult to forgive offenses.

In the field of view of Vladimirov, most often extraordinary women come across, whom they tend to idealize. For them, a woman's ability to play music is more important than her ability to prepare a festive table. They are loving, if they remain faithful in marriage, it is mainly because of their eternal employment and unwillingness to complicate their life.

They do not really like to raise children, shifting this work onto the shoulders of the wife, but they will be happy to help their son solve a difficult problem. They don't tell anyone about their grievances. They will not refuse to drink, but they do not show any addiction to alcohol.


In sex, Vladimir is balanced, intimacy is a necessary source of emotional satisfaction for him. Strives for excellence. In life, he loves variety and change, so a constant connection can get bored with him, unless, of course, the partner does not care about new opportunities in sex.

Vladimir is a wide person. Respects a woman and demands respect in return. Do not mind talking about serious topics, including psychology; loves a solemn atmosphere and universal abundance.

Vladimirov is characterized by increased disgust, self-doubt, predisposition to stress, which often leads to disharmony and dramatic experiences. Vladimir had better have an experienced partner.

Vladimir loves to have drunk sex: alcohol helps him relieve tension and shyness. Vladimir does not marry for a long time, does not immediately find a partner who can replace his mother, is poorly adapted to life.

Believes that love can last for many years or even a whole life, does not like changing partners. Vladimir does not believe in any predictions, having an analytical mindset. He loves to travel and have romances, sometimes sex becomes fun for him.

He is not inclined to change his friends a hundred, but he will never miss the opportunity to get closer to a woman if she herself wants it. He chooses a woman who meets all his requirements as a permanent partner, is too picky.

Vladimir likes tall, slender blondes with a good figure, big bosom, long legs. In sex, he takes the role of a leader and will never give up her partner. She can find an approach to any woman, she knows how to satisfy.

He is not so much looking for salvation from loneliness and insecurity in love, as he is playing out a love drama of his own composition in life. He likes love games, he is very affectionate, his high sensitivity, sophistication inspire his partner. He asserts himself in the world through love, being afraid to admit it to himself. He is very confident in himself, in his abilities.

Vladimir is inventive in changing poses, he really likes it, and he tries to make his partner understand him perfectly, does not like unnecessary difficulties. Vladimir likes fat, but not fat women.

Some Vladimirs prefer sex in nature. Vladimir does not like to tell anyone, even friends, about his intimate relationships.


Navy blue.

A rock

Green jasper.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Vladimir gives the impression of something broad, kind, joyful, bright.

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