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Meaning of the name

Victor translated from Latin means "winner".


You can teach Vitya to play the violin, piano, but you will not be able to make a little Mozart out of him. He will invariably be attracted to books about spies and films about scouts. He is not a dreamer. He prefers something concrete, tangible.

This is a gullible boy who unconditionally believes everything that they say, but upon learning about the deception, he is very upset. Fortunately, these boys are unforgiving and quickly forget about it, once again imbued with trust in people.

Victor, it seems, is being born, already firmly knowing what he needs. This is not to say that he makes decisions too quickly, but this is because he must certainly study the problem from all sides before accepting it as his own and fighting for it in every possible way.

Victor is fair, patient and punctual. He is a typical workaholic. As a rule, workmates take advantage of this and sit on his neck.

Adult Victor will feel great where there is no place for dreams and long reflections. They make good electricians, among them there are many football players, and the profession of a football coach suits them. If they have the talent of an artist, then it is best realized in graphics.

They are fond of playing tennis, they love to drive a car. They seek justice in everything, and if they witness the unseemly actions of those close to them, they will exhort them for a long time, appealing to conscience and prudence.

Family interests are sacred to Victor. An intelligent, strong character woman can twist ropes from him. These men have many things that can make a marriage with them strong and happy.

They are solid, unhurried, willingly engaged in painstaking work, and have great patience. Victor takes care of the material well-being of the family; not stingy. His wife’s command tone is condescending, without making it a problem.

However, with his unloved wife, Victor does not miss a single skirt. Like any other person, Victor may have a "breaking point" - in this state he is especially unbearable. However, his directness, decency and overwhelming charm involuntarily make him forgive everything. The exception is Viktor, born in winter: they have a stubborn and tough character.

Due to a sense of duty, understood by him very strictly, he can live with an unloved person for a long time. If he divorces and remarries, then all his life he suffers from remorse.

He brings up children in severity: he can draw up a "daily routine" for them, schedule it by the clock and demand strict implementation. His pedantry often annoys home, and children, growing up, tend to live away from their father.

Alcohol can bring trouble to the family - Victor loves to drink. And if the "summer" Viktors can be quite successfully cured of this addiction, then the "winter" ones are very difficult to treat.

Active, with a halo of glory. Able to concentrate at the right moment. Hard, however, can suddenly relax and "break wood". Loves his home and is attached to it. He has a high opinion of himself, is proud and often goes ahead to the set goals.

An amazing property of his character is unsinkability. After a seemingly crushing blow of fate, he regains his strength and goes forward again.


Victor is a romantic, he creates fantastic images in his imagination and lives with illusions. As a rule, he does not experience violent passions. Any phase of sexual play can satisfy him, after which he quickly and soundly falls asleep.

Victor is modest, withdrawn, hardly opens his soul to strangers, cannot allow them to penetrate into his inner world. For intimate communication, he selects a woman older than himself, calm, with sexual experience.

Victor is jealous, on this basis he can divorce his wife and after that not marry for a long time. To a spouse who does not show the proper interest in intimate life, he becomes indifferent sexually, looking for a way out of his sexual energy on the side.

Victor is sensitive, dreams of great love, burning passion. He quickly becomes attached to his chosen one and expects from her loyalty, devotion, self-sacrifice. For him, it is important not only physical, but also spiritual merging with his beloved.

Victor values ​​her understanding, closeness, and similarity of intellectual interests. It happens to be truly happy only after achieving complete sexual harmony. Victor is capable of insanity in sex, asks his partner about her erotic sensations, likes to laugh together.

Rarely cheats on his wife, often monogamous. He is looking for support, support and salvation from loneliness in marriage. Victor seeks to expand his knowledge of sex, reads erotic literature with interest and can "implement" its recommendations into the practice of his intimate relationships with his wife.

However, this does not prevent Victor from trying to apply his newly acquired knowledge on the side. However, Victor is not inclined to change partners often.

Marries early, but the first marriage is unsuccessful. In the second marriage, he also does not find family happiness, but the material interest that he pursued during marriage does not allow him to leave his second family.

From the first marriage, daughters remain, in the second there are rarely children, he brings up the children of the second wife. Sexual dissatisfaction with his wife makes him look for connections on the side, and only cowardice can keep him from cheating.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Victor gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, small, funny.

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