Male Vietnamese names

Male Vietnamese names

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Aizik - laughing
Alter - old, elder
Anshel - happy
Arke - bringing light
Avrom - father of many children
Avrum is a father of many children
Aizik - laughing

Beneshan - world
An Dung is a hero

Ba - three, third
Bao - protection
Binh - the world

Van - cloud, cloud
Vienne - completion
Vinh - bay, bay

Give - great
Dan - famous, famous, prestigious
Ding - meeting
Duch is a pleasure
Dung - brave, heroic
Duong - alive
Duc - desire

Ka - senior, first
Kwan - soldier, warrior
Kwang - clean, clear
Kien - warrior, fighter
Xuan - spring
Kui - precious

Lan - Peaceful

Min is smart

Ngai - herb
Nyung - soft, velvety

Sang - noble

Thanh - smart, intelligent
Tao - polite
Thinh - prosperous
Tuan - tamed
Tri - oyster
Trang - proud, honorable
Trong - respected
Truk - bamboo
Trung - loyal, helpful
Tu - star
Tuan - intelligent

Phong - the wind
Fook - luck, blessing
Fock - good luck, blessing

Ha - river, ocean
High - two, second
Hao is good
Hyen - quiet, gentle
Hieu - respectful towards parents
Hyung - Heroic
Huu - a lot
Huynh - Big Brother

Chin is correct, righteous

Tsong - skillful, hardworking
Tsuong - blooming, healthy

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