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Meaning of the name

Varvara translated from ancient Greek means "savage", "barbarian", "foreigner".


Girl Varya is a kind, smiling child. Most of all, she resembles her father and inherits in many ways not only his appearance, but also character traits. She is humble, hardworking.

He always strives to restore order in everything, whether it is necessary or not. Knows how to feel their shortcomings. She is quite balanced in public, but in the depths of her soul, a whole fire of passions is raging.

A barbarian may feel the benefits of secrecy, however, if she overcomes her isolation, it will be difficult to find a more sincere person.

Winter-born Barbarians are often fond of sports. Reasonable and withdrawn. Having started some business, they slowly bring it to the end.

Barbarians born in summer know how to present themselves in a favorable light, dress tastefully. Touchy and demanding.

Barbara is in love, but somewhat indecisive, and therefore, in relations with men, she shows excessive timidity and indecision. The first marriage is not always successful. Not a bad hostess, she knows how to create a comfortable environment at home.

She likes to spend time with her family and is reluctant to take part in parties with unfamiliar people. Modern Vara is suitable for working with a computer, medicine, pedagogy, trade.

Magnificent, immediately attracts attention. Overly impressionable. She has an innate sense of beauty. Inclined to laziness, slow. Like her orchid flower, it needs sun and warmth.

Varvara is modest, docile, hardworking, but somewhat indecisive. However, having taken up some business, especially if she is sincerely carried away by it, she will not stop. Reasonable and withdrawn. He keeps his grievances to himself. Fears, defending himself, of offending another.

Barbara is a perfect being, "the pride of the kingdom" ... However, this little girl should not be allowed to play the role of a princess in the family. This is a "barbarian", going to justice, to good - although one of those who softly lay down and hard to sleep.

She feels good only in her own fictional world, where she dreams of jewelry, palaces and magnificent receptions, which involuntarily forces her to constantly lie.

Intuition serves the life plans of Barbara, although she is a little ntrigan. Synthetic type of thinking. Grabs onto the whole and does not bother with particulars. Curious like a cat, talkative. Has good visual crumbs.

Health is poor. Nervous ailments. Weak organs - pancreas, kidneys, intestines, spine. It is recommended to spend more time outdoors.


It would be surprising if such a nature would not have made some compromises with their conscience.

This is a woman-girl, a woman-flower who excites, captures, drives her fans to despair, until she meets a man-father on her way, who will not be scared away by her antics.

Her energy is frank, loyal and materially profound. Varvara is self-possessed, but it is difficult for her. Born in the summer, Varvara knows how to present herself in a favorable light, dresses tastefully. She is touchy and demanding.

Barbara is in love, but in relationships with men she shows excessive timidity. The betrothed is meticulously chosen. However, the first marriage is not always successful. Receiving sexual satisfaction, she is transformed, flourishes, surrounds her friend with tenderness, care.


Brownish green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Varvara gives the impression of something terrible, simple, majestic, rude, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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