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Meaning of the name

Victoria in Latin means "victory".


Victoria often looks like her father. Lazy and somewhat slow. In games with children, he is rarely a ringleader - he is content with a passive role. For a long time she does not want to learn to read, asks her parents to read aloud to her.

At the same time, Victoria is calm, balanced, rather a silent person than a talker, can sometimes withdraw into herself for no apparent reason for those around her.

In her youth, Victoria revives, begins to take care of herself. But inner insecurity, shyness remain to live in her, and often attempts to assert herself are manifested in a bizarre form: either young Victoria amazes others with some extravagant smell of perfume, then she puts on a very short skirt, or she behaves defiantly at a party.

This demonstrativeness, assertiveness, expressed more than the situation requires, will characterize Victoria in the future. At work, she shows efficiency, with her superiors she even tries to force events, teach others, but, receiving a rebuff, she instantly loses her fighting spirit and becomes the same as always.

Victoria chooses a profession where communication with people is not required and where the result depends only on herself. She can become a fashion model, a fashion model.

Among colleagues, when the authorities appear, she can be active and efficient, but, having received a rebuff, she quickly loses her fighting spirit and becomes the same as usual.

She chooses her husband especially carefully. This is due to the very high requirements for a future husband. In addition, Victoria is indecisive when it comes to some important step in her life.

Even after getting married, she continues to doubt whether she did the right thing. Self-confidence will help her find a husband, after which Victoria will be transformed beyond recognition. She will become trusting, frank, will love deeply and will be ready for any sacrifices for the sake of her husband.

Usually Vika is not very romantic and excessively poetical; rather, she is a purely earthly person and will be able to understand you much better if you build your communication with her from these positions.

Victoria is hardly capable of sharing and approving your ambitious plans if they are devoid of material underpinnings, or if the latter is pushed too far into the future.


A demonstrative personality, likes to attract attention, to be in the center of events. In addition, Vesta is an incorrigible romantic who creates various male images in his imagination, makes plans, the common feature of which is absolute unreality.

Victoria likes to love and fall in love, she cannot imagine life for herself without a feeling of love. Love for her is a kind of drama, a unique situation, a sexual attraction shrouded in romance.

Victoria can be difficult for a male partner, because she does not have the ability to quickly adapt sexually and is reluctant to compromise.

At times Victoria brilliantly plays, sometimes not without benefit for herself, a weak creature, a "little girl" in need of the protection of a strong and experienced man. In fact, she perfectly knows how to protect herself and knows what she wants from life.

Victoria does not like mundane sex, sex that brings only sensual pleasures. She strives to make it romantically colored, poetic.

Victoria's life could have been stress-free if not for her excessive love interest, which creates some difficulties for her. Victoria needs sex as a form of asserting herself in the erotic sphere.

Among these women, there are many frigid women who simply brilliantly portray passion and indomitable sexual attraction, doing it with the talent of a professional actress.

Victoria is prone to sudden mood swings, she can go from increased arousal to depression and a complete refusal of sex. She is jealous, although she tries to suppress this feeling, she does not forgive a man's infidelity.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus.


The sound of the name Victoria gives the impression of something strong, light, active, bright, joyful.

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