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Meaning of the name

This Orthodox Russian name hardly needs any additional explanation. Similar to the word "faith".


Faith in childhood is a balanced girl, has a logical mindset. She loves a variety of trinkets, and all the unnecessary things in the house, in the end, end up among her toys. Avoids noisy companies, whims are not found behind her. Studying diligently, willingly caring for a younger brother or sister. Vera has few close friends. Not in a hurry to get married early.

Vera has a well-organized, practical mind. She is able to soberly assess the situation and is quick-witted in specific matters. Vera has musical abilities. She is able to learn how to play some musical instrument well.

Has specific goals in life and tries to achieve them. Efficiency and purposefulness prevail in her over the emotional and sentimental beginning. Vera will not agree to heaven with a sweetheart in a hut. He gives preference to real things on earth.

It has a strange combination of recklessness and logic, poetic outbursts and routine; because it is not the power of inspiration, intuition or even temperament that drives her in life, but virtue and consistency.

But Vera is sometimes unexpected not only for others, but also for herself. She suddenly breaks calculations, traditions, decency. But he will never act dishonestly, honesty is generally the first commandment of Faith.

There is nothing hidden or unsaid in the thoughts and actions of Vera. However, this clarity makes the face of Vera somewhat elementary. Not differing in particular eccentricity, she is still headstrong and wayward.

Vera often doubts the correctness of her decisions, so she always has a fallback. In everything, material calculation prevails in her. Loves to travel. Endowed with musical abilities. She is very attached to animals, in her house there is always a cat or dog.

She chooses her husband among older men. Most often has one child, but gives him all of himself. Raises in severity, does not allow liberties. Relations with the mother-in-law are normal, because Vera believes that they cannot be different.

At the same time, Vera does not lose her dignity and satisfies all the claims of her mother-in-law. Over time, Vera wins the favor of all her husband's relatives. She cooks deliciously, takes care of her husband.


Vera manages to achieve success both in love and in sex, she is sentimental, sensitive, dreams of mad love, from which "into the pool with her head." If she experienced this exciting feeling in her youth, she will remember her first love all her life.

Vera loves physically strong men, it gives her a special pleasure to command them in bed, she is happy only if she controls her partner. She is frank in sex, she is characterized by strong emotions, violent hobbies.

If she has setbacks, she experiences them unusually sharply, falling into depression. Vera is freedom-loving and independent, she builds her personal life as she sees fit, regardless of generally accepted norms.

Faith has an increased sexual temperament, is able to bring a man to a state of ecstasy. Vera is keenly interested in erotic literature, loves to talk with men about sex, but relies more on her experience.

Faith is a person of mood, and that says it all. If she is not disposed to intimacy, it is useless for a man to seek her, Vera cannot be forced to do anything against her will. A person who loves her should always be able to feel her.

Faith itself needs to feel the need for physical intimacy and experience a slight sexual hunger. It is difficult for her to adapt to her partner, so she tries to deal with one man for a long time and breaks ties with him only if serious circumstances force it to do so.

Having got married, she doesn't particularly care about being faithful to her husband all her life, but she cheats very carefully, without losing her head. He attaches great importance to intimate relationships in marriage.

If her husband does not live up to her sexual expectations, she withdraws into herself, becomes angry, irritable and sees no sin in looking for satisfaction on the side.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Vera gives the impression of something simple, majestic, bright, joyful.

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