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Meaning of the name

Ustin translated from Latin means "fair".


In childhood, Ustin is characterized by weak immunity, and often suffers from colds. However, growing up, Ustin gets stronger, becomes a healthy, athletic guy. Ustin is generous, open, kind, but secretive.

Ustin is a good student at school, he has many friends. Ustin is not conflicted, does not tolerate fights, an excellent diplomat. Ustin reads a lot, not only fiction, but also popular science literature.

Adult Ustin does not give in to other people's influence, everything has his own point of view. Ustin is strong by will and physically. Ustin is hardworking, energetic, always achieving his goal.

Ustin is successfully building a career. He enjoys authority among colleagues. Ustin becomes a good leader. Ustin always finds a non-standard solution to a problem. New original ideas are constantly being born in his head. Ustin implements them with the help of friends and colleagues.

Ustin is getting married successfully. He has an excellent relationship of trust with his wife, children, and relatives of his wife.


Ustin is a gentle, attentive and passionate lover. First of all, he cares about the satisfaction of his partner, and only then, about his pleasure.

For Ustin, the main thing is to feel like a real man who knows how to give a woman true pleasure. Ustin subsequently simply befriends many of his partners.

Ustin loves his wife and respects her feelings. Therefore, even if he really wants to, he does not go "to the left". For Ustin, the family is sacred.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Cancer.


The sound of the name Ustin gives the impression of something beautiful, kind, courageous, brave, powerful, bright, joyful.



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