The most unusual water parks

The most unusual water parks

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Many people love to relax in water parks. Meanwhile, they appeared quite recently - in the late 1940s. The first such establishments were located on warm coasts. The climate was suitable there and the water was warm. In the 80s, water parks realized that it was not necessary to become attached to the expanses of water, having moved to land in closed rooms. With the help of new technologies, water parks can now be built anywhere, so now a piece of a tropical resort is also present in the northern territories.

A couple of decades ago, this type of family vacation was questioned. However, there are some parks that are quite different from the rest.

Fortaleza Beach Park. This water park is located in the Brazilian Fortaleza. He became famous for the fact that it is here that the highest water slide is. An adult day ticket costs about 45 euros, and a child ticket costs 40. The local water park was the first to be built in South America. It originated in the suburbs of Fortaleza, originally it was just a beach on which there were three slides. Now the complex has grown significantly. Its area is already 180 thousand square meters; in addition to a huge water park, there are parks, hotels, museums, restaurants and a conference hall. The main local attraction is the Insano slide, included in the Guinness Book of Records. It is considered the tallest in the world. There is hardly any other way to accelerate without technical means in some swimming trunks up to 105 km / h. The Calafrio slide also looks frighteningly extreme - it is almost sheer 11 meters high. For the feeling when the eyes close themselves from fear and stress, and fists are clenched to white knuckles, there is the phrase "white knuckle ride". But even this expression cannot be applied to "Insano" and "Calafrio" - it does not express the full range of emotions. Those who like a more relaxing holiday can ride 9 other slides. There is also a pool with waterfalls and geysers, a pirate ship firing water cannons, and an artificial river. In a local children's park, 1,800 liters of water are periodically poured over the heads of children from a large bucket. The local complex "Ramubrinka" is also famous - there are as many as seven winding hills up to 24 meters high. To enjoy the whole water park, it would be best to stay at a local hotel, as the city of Fortaleza itself is one of the most criminal in the country. Nevertheless, on the territory of the complex itself, complete safety is observed. It is also worth considering that non-English-speaking staff work in the park during off-season. The largest influx of guests here is from December 20 to early March, as well as in July.

Aquaventure. The world's most expensive water park is located on the Bahamas Paradise Island. Here an adult day ticket costs about 80 euros, and a child's - 57. This water park is part of the luxury tourist complex Atlantis Paradise Island. The resort itself is quite famous, it is no coincidence that several films and music videos were filmed here, many American pop stars performed here. This ultimately formed the image of the resort as a place of luxury relaxation. In the water park itself, the theme of the Mayan and Atlantis tribes stands out. Thus, several slides descending into the bay with sharks are called "Temple of the Maya". The path lies in special tunnels and direct contact with predators is excluded. The park is mainly designed for a relaxing family vacation; fans of extreme sports will have nowhere to roam here. Even the Leap of Faith, an 18-meter steep slide, flies by in just two seconds. But Aquaventure doesn't just offer slides. Here you can ride along the river with one and a half meter waves and strong currents. The 1.5-kilometer route passes through jungle, caves and rapids. For those guests who prefer passive relaxation, there are 11 swimming pools to choose from. And beyond the boundaries of the water park, there are many interesting things - swimming with dolphins, spa treatments, casinos and races in radio-controlled cars, assembled modularly on the spot. The Atlantis Paradise Island resort complex was once invested about $ 2 billion. It is here that one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world is located - The Bridge Suite. The pleasure of spending the night in it will cost 25 thousand dollars. But a regular double room can be found for $ 190, while the entrance to the water park will be free.

NordPoolen Aqua Park. The northernmost water park is located in the Swedish Buden. A day spent here will cost an adult 10 euros, and a child at 7. Even the name of the water park itself is translated as "northern pool". The outdoor pool itself is really here - it smokes in the open air, literally in the middle of the snowdrifts. The main area of ​​the park is given over to several other pools, and water slides run in tunnels outside the buildings, as if they could not contain all the fun rampage in themselves. It is believed that rest here is relaxing and calm. The water park has several types of saunas, a jacuzzi and its own massage rooms. It would seem that the choice of entertainment in NordPoolen is very limited, but nevertheless there is a lot of fun here. That there are only weekly competitions for the fastest downhill! The winner gets a nice prize, like having lunch at a local restaurant.

Sandcastle Water Park. In the English city of Blackpool, there is a water park, which has several records at once. To get here, adults will have to pay 17 euros, and children - 15. English Sandcastle park (and there is also an American one with the same name) boasts several records at once. First of all, attention is drawn to the longest slide in the world, "Master Blaster". Its length is 250 meters. The slide is so long that it does not fit completely in the building, partly passing from the outside, as in the above-mentioned "Nordpulen". The slide became the first of its kind, where the visitor not only descends, but also periodically climbs up. The first indoor sidewinder is also located in this water park. It is a U-shaped high gutter from the side of which you can fall down. At the same time, it seems to beginners that they are about to stick their feet into the bottom. But the park is famous not only for these popular attractions. There is a traditional water-shooting pirate ship, a children's park with its own small fortress. There is a lot of fun for children, armed with water pistols, to play war. There is a wave pool and somewhat more modest sized slides. There are water parks and saunas, and for those who like contrasts, there is an ice room next to them. You can have a snack without leaving the territory of the water park - there is a restaurant here. If the guest has forgotten or lost some swimming accessories, then they can be purchased in a special store without leaving the perimeter. Sandcastle Park is perfect for people with disabilities. The owners consider it important to give the opportunity to rest here for any person, regardless of his physical disabilities. It is here that you can get a hearing aid or a special chair on which you can immerse yourself in the water. And this concern has been recognized by numerous awards for quality service.

"Riviera". This water park is the largest in Russia, and it is located in Kazan. For adults, a day's stay will cost 660 rubles, and for children - 420 rubles. The water park is part of the whole hotel and entertainment complex "Kazan Riviera". It opened quite recently, remaining since then the largest institution of this kind in the country. The design and construction of the facility was carried out by the British company WhiteWater Leisure. This allowed local attractions to be made in accordance with European standards. The longest slide here is 211-meter Niagara, the fastest is "Kamikaze", the most extreme is "Tornado", and down the "Black Hole" the descent is carried out in pitch darkness. In addition, the water park has many slides for children, an artificial river, a spa area, many bars, cafes and other entertainment venues. The water park is famous for its two special attractions. This is a rather rare attraction Flow Rider, which simulates a wave for surfing, and a slide with the telling name "Loop". Discos are held here at night, and not far away, in an entertainment complex, you can play bowling and slot machines. There is also a go-kart circuit and a cinema. For a weekend trip such an abundance of entertainment can even be a lot.

Aquapark named after Zelimkhan Kadyrov. A trip to this water park can be a very unpredictable event. It is located in the dysfunctional Gudermes in Chechnya. The ticket price here starts from 200 rubles. When Action Park, America's Vernon, closed in 1996, many, mostly doctors at local hospitals, breathed a sigh of relief. This legendary park has worked for 18 years, during which time it has received many notable nicknames from "Gypsum Park" to "Death Park". For New Jersey residents, the memories of going to this water park are still like memories of some kind of war, and not of a vacation. There is hardly a lucky one who managed to get out of there without an abrasion or bruise. Some were even less fortunate. For the time being, it was the most unpredictable water park. But in the summer of 2009, a complex named after the elder brother of the president of the republic was opened in Gudermes, Chechnya. The water park, in accordance with the norms of Islam, is divided into parts for men and women, there are 20 attractions with areas for children, as well as three swimming pools and a cafe. It was planned to open a winter building, but few tourists testify that this has not happened yet. Does not add interest to this water park and a small amount of information about it. In fact, there was only two news about the entertainment complex - about the opening and about the prevention of a terrorist attack on the opening day.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. This water park is famous for being the most visited in the world. The USA is the country with the most water parks. Such entertainment is so popular here that the owners go out of their way to lure jaded visitors to their place. Pride of America is located in Lake Buena Vista, adults can get here for 45 dollars, and children for 39. The water park has been the most successful in terms of visitors for several years. It is part of the Disney Park network, and annually up to 2 million tourists come here. The water park is located in a small town in Florida. Officially, only 15 people live in it, the rest of the population is the workers of the resort itself and tourists. Typhoon Lagoon houses one of the world's largest wave pools, which can create waves up to 2 meters high. For whole families, there is the Gangplank Falls attraction, which can accommodate 4 people at once. For thrill-seekers there is a real roller coaster - Crush 'n' Gusher. Fauna lovers will find it interesting to visit the Shark Reef. This diving attraction offers a view of tropical fish and real sharks. A personal water park has been built for children, where access to adults is prohibited - they are invited to sunbathe on a nearby beach. Typhoon Lagoon Park usually closes for several months every fall and winter for renewal and maintenance.

Tropical Islands. The largest indoor water park is located in the German Krausnik. A children's day ticket here costs 19.5 euros, and an adult - 25 euros. This place was originally a Luftwaffe airfield, and after the war, Soviet troops began to use it for their own needs. But the zealous Germans made good use of the property inherited from the military. In 1998, CargoLifter AG built a huge hangar here. It can accommodate either the full-length Statue of Liberty along with its pedestal, or the Eiffel Tower, laid on its side. It was planned to build a huge 160 ton cargo plane here, but due to a lack of funds, the project was never completed. It took only 5 years, and for a fifth of its cost, the structure was sold to Malaysian businessman Colin Au. He had a grand plan - to arrange a tropical paradise right in the middle of Europe. This is how the largest indoor water park in the world came about. Today, on an area of ​​66 thousand square meters, a whole selva of 50 thousand trees has been created. There are many flowers and shrubs, birds, fish and insects in it, there are even carnivorous plants. But the main thing here is a large wave pool with a sandy beach. The furnishings completely imitate the sea. There is also a separate warm lagoon with its powerful currents and waterfalls. A park has been created for children with appropriate entertainment. Usually they come to the water park for a few days, settling in a specially created village. Here, guests are allocated a tropical hut, but you can spend the night right on the beach - because here the temperature is maintained at 26 degrees all year round. The Germans use the volumes of the room with maximum benefit. There is also the country's largest water slide, 27 meters high, there is a balloon station, where for 12 euros for an adult and for 7 euros for a child, they will be raised 60 meters above the ground in order to better view the entire scale of a tropical paradise from a height. True. There is no escape from the walls of the hangar, while the scenery depicts the sky with clouds. It only adds to the feeling of artificiality, as if in the movie "The Truman Show." So, if you want to relax in the real tropics and get a natural tan, it is better to choose another resort.

World Water Park. This water park is famous for having the largest pool. The complex is located in Edmonton, Canada. An entrance ticket for an adult costs 33 dollars, and for children - 26. It should be noted that the creators of the water park understand a lot about recreation. There are so many entertainments here that they simply dazzle. The complex includes not only a water park, but also attractions, an oceanarium, its own artificial lake with an exact copy of Columbus's caravel "Santa Maria". Guests can take two mini golf courses, go skateboarding and go-karting, shoot a shooting range, play bowling and billiards. There is a casino and a night club for adults. Well, what is a water park without an ice rink? The slogan “The Greatest Entertainment Center on Earth” reigns everywhere here, which seems to be true indeed. The local water park really has a number of records. This is the first indoor complex of its kind, and has the largest swimming pool with an area of ​​two hectares. In addition, it is wave and with an artificial tide. And the area for bungee jumping is the highest here for enclosed spaces. In total, World Water Park houses 13 slides of varying difficulty - there are both children's and very extreme ones. Guests can soak up the hot jacuzzi while the kids jump on the trampolines. You can have a snack in local cafes. One listing of all the services provided takes a lot of time, what can we say about visiting all of them! It is recommended to come here for at least a week - for this, right on the territory of the complex there are two hotels and a camping nearby.

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