The most unusual cinemas

The most unusual cinemas

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Today cinemas have become noticeably different. Cinemas offer various opportunities to relax in comfort, some even have their own chefs.

This setting allows for better movie watching. There are films that are great for the top floor of a car dealership with a beer in hand.

As a result, the most profitable cinemas do not target the crazy movie fanatics, but the most ordinary people. The most famous cinemas in the world allow you to do this to the fullest.

Odeon (Florence, Italy). The entrance ticket here costs 5.5 euros, and on weekends the price increases to 7.5. Today in Italy, small cinemas are gradually closing. But this crisis for Odeon turned out to be a trifle. However, this is not surprising, knowing the owners of the cinema. It is owned by the RTI Mediaset media group, part of the Silvio Berlusconi concern, and the 21 Partners holding. One of its shareholders is Alessandro Benetton himself. The cinema itself is located in an old stone building. Palazzo dello Strozzino was built in the 15th century and was owned by the Strozzi family. Then it was the richest and most influential family in Florence.

When the First World War died down, 121 rooms in the former palace were demolished. Architect Marcello Piacentini supervised the creation of a unified space. So a round hall with a stage and a movie screen appeared. At the same time, the reconstruction practically did not affect the interior decor. The hall still has crystal chandeliers, tapestries, marble columns and sculptures from the Renaissance era. The cinema is also different in that the show is interrupted every 45 minutes. This is done specifically so that talkative Italians can discuss the plot, and also enjoy the interior of an unusual cinema in the light.

Korsoеr Biograf Teater, (Korsor, Denmark). A ticket to this establishment costs about $ 9.5. The cinema itself opened on January 30, 1907. For him, the Korsor hotel has allocated its red hall. And today this place remains the center of entertainment. It not only shows films, but also concerts and performances. You can also see the fashionable stand-up comedy performances here. Recently, the owners of the establishment visited the Polish establishment Pioneer in the city of Szczecin. Indeed, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest cinema in the world is located there.

But it turned out that the Dane is three years older than his Polish counterpart. While there are impressive red upholstery and vintage interiors, the fact remains. The Danes immediately decided to restore justice. All documents were submitted to the Guinness Book of Records, as a result, the cinema in Korsor was recognized as the oldest in the world. And so that competitors were not so offended, links to both the Polish Pioneer and the Pisa Lumiere appeared on the site of this institution.

Shankweiler’sTheater (Orfield, USA). To get into this American cinema, you have to pay $ 9. This establishment is one of the oldest of its kind in America. The theater has appeared in The Shining with Jack Nicholson and The Tornado with Helen Hunt. In both films, the action takes place in provincial American towns. Therefore, this car cinema is the best fit for the uncomplicated lifestyle of Americans in the outback.

Indeed, in the outback, such institutions continue to work. Shankweiler's Theater has a traditional classic eatery where viewers can buy popcorn, pretzels, donuts and sodas. The sound of films is broadcast at 90.7 FM. If the car does not have a radio, then a stereo receiver is issued at the entrance to the cinema. In the summer, the cinema plays here daily, and in April, May and September the institution is open only on weekends.

Fashion Island (Newport Beach, USA). This trendy cinema costs $ 13.5 to enter. But what makes it so? First of all - the novelty of the institution itself, because it opened quite recently. In addition, there are many Italian-style boutiques nearby. Indeed, of all European countries for America, it is Italy that connects fashion and luxury. The cinema has large leather chairs with wide armrests. They flow smoothly into the tables. This allows the visitor to put ice cream, a glass of champagne and other food there. "Fashion Island" opened in December 2011.

The institution was given the last floor of the shopping center of the same name in California. There are also Gucci and Valentino shops. The cinema can accommodate 115 people, films are shown on 7 screens. For hungry spectators, a bar is open, where you can taste not only coffee, but also salads with pizza. When working out a bold decision to introduce a restaurant into a movie theater, marketers studied which is better - waiter service or self-service? It turned out that the global trend is to abandon waiters, it has become fashionable. Moreover, such a measure is very democratic. And the whisper of a stranger will not distract. The viewer himself chooses when to go to the bar for his order.

The AMC Pacific Place Cinema (Hong Kong). This cinema is widely called the most technological in Asia. The entrance here costs about 6.5 dollars. The institution has six cinema halls. Among other technical innovations, the most advanced SRD-EX audio system to date stands out in them. It will not be possible to buy tickets at ordinary ticket offices, for this there are high stands, similar to the check-in in the "Fifth Element" tape. You can book a place you like in advance using the Internet. The arches are made with luminescent, the walls are streamlined, the lighting is made with LEDs.

This, along with the aerodynamic floor and metal ceiling, shows which interiors will be popular in cinemas in the next 20 years. The distance between the leather seats is 120 centimeters. This allows viewers to feel as comfortable as possible by stretching their legs forward. The restaurant's menu states that the products here are not simple, but imported. Here you can buy donuts, olives, cheeses, muffins, mineral water and wine. At the same time, it is reported that all products were brought from ten different countries.

O'Farrel (San Francisco, USA). A trip to this cinema is quite expensive - a ticket here costs from $ 20 to $ 50. It all started in the 1960s. Then the enterprising brothers Michella opened a cinema for adults. For this, the site of the former auto show in San Francisco was chosen. The first floor was devoted to showing pornographic films, on the second the producers talked to the actresses, and the shooting took place there. After 10 years, this institution acquired its own fans. A real club has grown on this place.

Now, they did not just show films here, they sold alcoholic drinks in the cinema, showed striptease and erotic performances. In the 80s, the institution had a golden age. After all, then an old friend of the owners, gonzo-journalist Hunter Thomson, described the seething life in the cinema in his bestsellers "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "The Rum Diary". It is believed that it was O'Farrel who gave the world such a kind of striptease as lap dance. This is where VIP rooms became very popular. The owners of the club appear in two hundred criminal cases, nevertheless, the doors of the legendary establishment are always open for those who are 21 years old.

RooftopCinema (Melbourne, Australia). This open-air cinema is located right on the roof of the six-story Curtin House building. This art noir house is located in Melbourne. The entrance ticket costs about $ 16. Film shows start at 21-30. By the time it gets dark, visitors have time to order a drink at the bar, watch the views of the ocean and the sunset.

Ciné de Chef (Seoul, South Korea). The name of this institution is literally translated from French as "cinema with chefs". A ticket here costs from $ 5 to $ 9. It is assumed that here you can not only watch a new film, but also have a delicious dinner. In the very first room, there are cool electronic chairs, Hi-Fi audio system and three-dimensional sound. The second is equipped with leather sofas for couples in love, red armchairs with the ability to unfold, as well as tables for drinks.

The restaurant's menu contains spicy pickled vegetables, kimchi, traditional for Korea, and there is also meat in bulgogi soy sauce. Lovers of traditional European cuisine are offered Italian and French dishes. However, the cost of some snacks is included in the ticket price. A separate amount will have to be paid for dessert, alcohol and other dishes. In the cinema, the main part of the repertoire is new, but sometimes good old melodramas are also shown.

Electric Cinema (London, UK). Tickets to this establishment cost between 8 and 15 pounds. The cinema is quite old, it opened back in 1911. A century passed and two world wars, hippies hung out here in the 1970s, the building at one time wanted to turn into a Bingo Hall. Legends and interesting stories have always circulated around this institution. They say that in the early 80s the cinema was almost closed, but Audrey Hepburn stood up for it. Chilling stories are also connected with him. So in the 40s, the Electric Cinema projector was controlled by the famous maniac killer John Reginald Holliday Christie. Today, the cinema is rightfully considered one of the most popular entertainment places in London.

When watching a movie, any viewer can call the waiter and order him a glass of the best absinthe in the city with olives. Also popular is coffee made with handmade chocolate. In addition to the traditional halls, there are also those where you can watch movies on your own order. Londoners traditionally have good taste, so Electric Cinema is very sensitive to its repertoire. You can't see vulgar comedies and hackneyed blockbusters here, but historical films and the best European cinema are always held in high esteem.

La Cinematheque Francaise (Paris, France). A ticket to this cultural institution costs 6.5 euros. The cinema can be considered cult. After all, François Truffaut himself spoke about him in his "Stolen Kisses". Jean-Luc Godard also spent his youth here. But then the "Cinematheque" was located in another place - on the Trocadero square in the Chaillot palace. Bertolucci's "Dreamers" trinity ran there at one time. Since then, the cinema has changed markedly. She moved to a modern, unusual building that was once the cultural center of the United States.

The building was designed by Frank Gehry. True, not everyone liked this move. After all, the building has an American aesthetic, which does not fit well with the French taste of cinema. But in the new premises of "Cinematics" there were 4 halls. It has its own media library and a museum, the entrance to which costs 10 euros. But a visit to it is worth it, because here you can see old posters and decorations, in particular, for the films "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang and "Cabinet of Dr. Kalinari" by Robert Wienet.

Chinese Cinema Theater (Los Angeles, USA). They say that going to Los Angeles and not going to this cinema is like visiting China and not seeing the Great Wall. A ticket to this establishment costs from 13 to 17 dollars. The cinema was built in 1927 by the famous American showman Sid Grauman. At the premiere screening was the tape "King of Kings". This is the world's first full-length film about Jesus Christ. To build such a building and decorate it, the country's authorities even asked the Chinese government for permission to import bells from Buddhist temples and pagodas, there are also stone dragons and lions.

All these artifacts were removed legally. It was with their help that a huge theater with 1162 seats arose. He proved once again that America is the main cinematic country in the world. The Walk of Fame also brought fame to the Chinese Theater. Near the cinema, on the sidewalk, there were prints of the hands and feet of Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson and other Hollywood stars. The institution at one time demonstrated for the first time some of the episodes of "Star Wars", there were several times the ceremony of awarding "Oscars".

Sun Pictures (Broome, Australia). This cinema is the oldest open-air cinema in the world. It was built in 1916, which received a nomination in the Guinness Book of Records. It costs 13 dollars to enter the establishment. Until 1970, floods were his main problem! It also happened that the audience took fishing rods with them directly to the session, combining watching a movie and fishing in the ocean. When the protective structures were erected, the situation changed.

Now the cinema has gained fame as the most fashionable cinema in the country for movie fans. Tourists and locals come here every evening. The noise of low-flying aircraft does not stop fans of new films, because the airport is located nearby. In front of the screen, there are simple wooden chairs and iron benches. In total, it can accommodate up to 500 spectators.

The Raj Mandir (Jaipur, India). A ticket to this establishment costs $ 3. For Bollywood, cinema is the same as "Chinese Theater" for Hollywood. The most magnificent premieres are held here, showing the best films of India. The building itself is pink, decorated with stars and zigzag inserts on the facade. In the evenings it is illuminated by colorful lanterns. Girls wear the most expensive sarees, while men choose brighter shirts. Otherwise, you simply cannot come to the premiere of a new Bollywood film! It is better to buy tickets to the cinema in advance - usually there is a full house here.

Interestingly, there are two queues at the checkout. One is for men and the other is for women. For some reason, it is two times shorter than the one where the stronger floor stands. Europeans complain that the seats are small and hard. And the distance between the rows is small. As a result, you have to sit with your knees raised. Nevertheless, visiting this cinema is a must-see cultural program in India. True, films are shown here in the national language. But the actors' play is traditionally very emotional, so you can figure out even the most intricate stories.

Colosseum Kino (Oslo, Norway). This Norwegian cinema makes blockbusters stand out in its repertoire. The entrance costs about $ 15. This choice of films is logical and justified. After all, the cinema is the largest in Scandinavia - it can seat 2,100 people. And low-budget tapes would barely pay for the maintenance of a huge institution, because few connoisseurs go to them. The Coliseum Cinema was built back in 1921. It has since gone through a major refurbishment in 1995.

Interestingly, the cinema was built on the same principle as the Catholic cathedral. It has a round shape and a high dome. But this shape of the building simply did not allow showing modern blockbusters here - after all, the building had excellent acoustics. As a result, the sounds of explosions and fights strongly affected the ears of the audience. And after the conversion to the cinema, you can already watch three-dimensional films, while the speakers can safely produce any sounds.

A circular panorama at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (Moscow, Russia). In fact, the idea of ​​creating such a unique cinema does not belong to Russians at all. When Nikita Khrushchev visited America, under the impression of one of the attractions of Disney, he ordered to create something similar in the capital of the USSR by the June 1959 plenum of the CPSU Central Committee. Three months later, the order of the leader was carried out. A cinema for 300 people was built at VDNKh.The unique complex has become a must-see for foreign tourists. Inside the screen is a vicious circle, which is formed by 11 screens. The cinema showed mostly small 20-minute patriotic films.

In the 1960s, people were literally on duty at night at the ticket offices to buy the coveted ticket. Today, only a few spectators go to the sessions. But the ticket costs no more than $ 2. The idea was ahead of both 3D and the future of 4D. After all, you can be right inside the movie, spin around and see what is behind your back. It remains to find those who can make the cinema popular and commercially viable.

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