The meaning of letters in the name

The meaning of letters in the name

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There are many theories about the influence of a person's name on his character. Some specialists, psychologists and esotericists, go further: they argue that you can learn a lot of important things about each of us by the first letters of the name, patronymic and surname.

AND - strength, power, comfort.

B - the ability to feel great, constancy, punching ability.

IN - inconstancy, lack of systematicity, unity with nature.

D - mystery, attention to detail, conscientiousness.

D - sociability, friendliness, capriciousness, ability for extrasensory perception.

E - vitality, discernment, talkativeness.

Yo - passion, vigor of self-expression, emotionality.

F - uncertainty, meaningful, but hidden inner world.

3 - material dissatisfaction, high intuition.

AND - subtle spirituality, impressionability, peacefulness.

TO - endurance, nervousness, insight.

L - artistry, pettiness, logic, great ingenuity.

M - caring, shyness, hard work, pedantry.

H - creative ambitions, interest in health, sharp mind.

ABOUT - great emotionality, mysterious excitement.

P - modesty, loneliness, wealth of ideas, caring for appearance.

R - self-confidence, constant tension, dogmatism.

FROM - common sense, oppression, imperiousness, capriciousness.

T - search for the ideal, sensitive creative personality.

Have - vulnerability, fearfulness, generous empathy, intuition.

F - tenderness, ability to adapt, originality of ideas, ability to lie.

X - sexual problems, law-abidingness, inconstancy of feelings.

C - claims to leadership, arrogance.

H - loyalty, striving for truth, impressionability, peacefulness.

Sh - jealousy, developed sense of humor, uncompromising attitude.

U - generosity, striving forward, intelligence.

B - softness, the ability to smooth out the acute moments of the relationship.

S - a sense of belonging, practicality, groundedness of spirit.

B - the ability to classify, unfolding.

E - search for psychological balance, sneakiness, good command of speech, curiosity, sometimes excessive.

YU - great ambitions, striving for truth, lack of systematicity, self-sacrifice, cruelty.

I AM - self-esteem, intelligence, creativity.

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