The most unusual schools

The most unusual schools

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We all went through schools. After graduating from such a school, you will definitely not forget it.

Underground school. The Terraset Elementary School PTA is located in Reston, Virginia. Children studying at Terraset are the real children of the dungeon. The school was built a quarter of a century ago, when America was shaken by an energy crisis. Then everywhere they tried to save money, including on school heating. When a new educational institution, Terraset, was being built in the city of Reston, they decided to simply level the hill, erect a building here, and then fill it back with earth from above. According to the plans, such a cover will allow you to save heat inside, and therefore save on heating. But the designers faced another uncommon task. After all, the premises had to be not only heated, but also sometimes cooled. Which again led to the issue of electricity consumption. This problem has been successfully solved with solar collectors. As a result, Terraset School is today one of the most energy efficient schools in America. Tourists love to visit here. Although the school itself is very unusual in its structure, teaching here is not much different from the traditional one. Terraset is a typical elementary school that teaches standard subjects. Sometimes the institution organizes original activities for students and their parents - a jog with the whole family along the city streets or evening bingo.

School without rules. Toronto, Canada, has an Alpha Alternative School. It has existed since 1972. It is not clear how the disciples still haven’t smashed it in parts, because a real holiday of disobedience is taking place here. There is no grades at school, there is no rigid schedule, and nothing is given at home. For minor pranks, like cursing on the blackboard, no one will scold, and no one will force you to study either. Students here decide for themselves how to shape their school day and which lessons to attend. In the classroom, children are matched not by age, but by interest. In addition to the traditional writing and math lessons, there are classes in cooking, modeling and even in the basics of philosophy. Teachers do their best not to interfere with the absorption of knowledge by children. Of course, there are also conflicts. A special commission is called upon to resolve them, which includes both children and adults. Both parties have the right to vote in reporting their views on what happened. The committee then proposes solutions to the conflict. The most important thing in this business is to find a compromise that would suit everyone. Alpha School has a good tradition - meetings are held here, at which the students themselves help form the grid of the subjects studied and decide on the management of their institution. Thirty years of experience of the school shows that the principle is not so bad.

Wandering school. The Russian school Kenalakan does not have an exact address. It is only known that it is located in the Oleneksky Evenk national region, Yakutia. Earlier, the children of nomads were generally deprived of the opportunity to receive a fundamental education. Often parents were forced to send them to boarding schools, where they did not see their families for months. Nomad schools were called to solve this problem. There are more and more of them in the country, in Yakutia alone there are already more than 10 such nomadic establishments. "Kenelaken" is one of them. Formally, it is part of the Kharyyalakh secondary school of the Olenek Evenk national region. Now nomads also have a tent for a school at each new camp. Let there be only a few students here, but then they will in no way be inferior to their peers who go to ordinary schools. There is a special schedule for children. Homework assignments and new tests are available online. After all, reindeer herders gained access to the World Wide Web thanks to the national program and satellite equipment. After completing the assignment, the students send it back in the same way pending assessment.

Common language search school. There is an International Foreign School in Busan, South Korea. Children from other countries study here. Usually these are immigrants or those whose parents came here for a long time for work. Those who entered the Korean exchange school also study here. After all, it is here that it is easiest to adapt to a new country. The school has a rather intensive mode of study, which helps to best adapt to the surrounding conditions. And in the future it will be possible to successfully enroll in any of the local universities. The reason for creating such a school is simple. After all, it is very difficult for young foreign children to find a common language with close-knit classmates in an ordinary class. As a result, ignorance of local habits and traditions becomes a reason for ridicule, which is fraught with psychological trauma for the student. And in the Busan school for foreigners, many teachers also have a psychological education. As a result, adults help children find a common language. And even if many of them have never heard of the country where their friend was born. Almost all children here study three languages, in addition to Korean, these are Spanish and English. The program includes thematic classes in which the student introduces others to the culture of his country. This will help the rapprochement and prevent the child from forgetting their roots. I must say that there are multicultural schools in many countries. In Moscow, this is school # 1650, where children of different nationalities are specially recruited. After all, this will help them to cultivate a respectful attitude from those who are slightly different from them. And such communication is the best way to quickly learn about new countries, cultures and peoples.

School of pleasant communication with the world. American Mountain Mahogany Community School is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Getting here is possible only as a result of winning the lottery. To do this, you need to download the form from the official website of the school, fill it out and send it by fax. Then comes the agonizing expectation of the results of the rally. If the child is among the lucky ones, then this school will accept him. Not only admission is original here, but also the learning process itself. The institution's policy is based on three principles - safety, pleasure and emotional development. Educators have looked at the latest neurological research that says that good learning requires a pleasant school environment and active child involvement. This is what formed the basis of the school curriculum. It teaches basic general education subjects, but focuses on how growing people should interact with the world around them. Children are also taught practical skills - to sew, take care of the garden, and cook. Teachers jokingly call their pupils "little gardeners". And there is a reasonable explanation for this - hundreds of trees have already been planted on the school grounds, which the children take care of. And as a reward for them - organic fruits, which they themselves have grown.

School of cognition of the world through music. The Harlem Choir Academy is located in New York. By giving their child there, parents not only give him the opportunity to plunge into the world of cultural values ​​and develop a voice, but also get a basic education. Naturally, his bias is humanitarian. Teachers here are called upon to reveal all the talents of the child. The main training program contains several subjects at once, aimed at the manifestation of performance. Dei learn to sing, dance and play musical instruments. To enter school, everyone undergoes an interview, where it is ascertained whether the child has a sense of rhythm, concentration of attention and orientation in time. But the most important thing is the child's love for music. Even if the student's parents cannot afford to purchase the necessary musical instrument, the school can provide it for rent. Nothing should interfere with the introduction to music. But physical development is also given due attention. The academy has its own football and baseball team, and a support group has been created.

School for illegal immigrants and refugees. There is a Bialik-Rogozin school in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was she who became the central character of the documentary short film "There are no strangers here." For her in 2011, Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon received Oscars. The 40-minute tape tells about a unique school attended by children of illegal immigrants and refugees. They come to Israel from different parts of the planet, everyone has their own origin and religion. One thing they have in common is the numerous ordeals that befell such children. Some lost their parents early, and some are quite severely exhausted, emotionally and physically. There are children at school who have never studied anywhere before. It is important that "Bialik-Rogozin" gives children not only basic knowledge. They are also fed, watered and dressed here. Teachers in every possible way strive to surround their wards with care and attention. After all, these children are no longer strangers, they have become Israelis. Consequently, the school has become a new and warm home for them.

School on the water. This establishment is located in the Cambodian village of Kompong Luong, on Lake Tolesap. Not far from this reservoir is the famous Angkor Wat temple complex. The lake has long been the largest freshwater body of all Indochina. For this he was even nicknamed "the inner sea". And the village of Kompong Luong is not on the shore of the lake, but on the lake itself. This is a floating island in which, in addition to houses, there are also cafes, shops and even a school. It literally became the second home for the students - after all, most of the children in it are orphans. Children live right at school. Their parents usually died while fishing. This is not surprising for these places - the water level rises noticeably during the rainy season, the lake becomes very restless. Students owe their provision to tourists. After all, each new group of the traveler practically sweeps away all local souvenirs from the shelves. And unfortunate children receive gifts of sweets, toys and school supplies in abundance.

A school with the principles of Open Space. In Danish Copenhagen there is the Orestad Gymnasium. At one time, it was designed by 3XN. When the building was built, it became a real monument of modern architecture - both inside and outside. That is why in 2007 the school was named the best building in all of Scandinavia. It should be noted that a nationwide educational reform has begun in Denmark, and Orestad Gymnasium became the first to be opened within the framework of this program. High school students who will work in the media in the future study here. The word "communication" is very popular at school. The division of classrooms in the usual sense simply does not exist. Everyone is engaged in one huge room. The modern building is also equipped with modern technologies - wireless Internet is available everywhere in the school. Therefore, high school students have the opportunity to communicate not only in the real world, but also in the virtual one. During breaks, children can lie on bright pillows, looking at the canvas lit by small lamps. This creates the effect of a starry sky. All four floors of the school are connected by a beautiful spiral staircase. It is she who, according to the students, is the real heart of their school.

Adventure school. There is a Watershed school in Colorado, which is famous for its non-standard program. The US government was concerned that the country was experiencing a real decline in farming. This thought haunts school teachers as well. This is why Watershed has a Farm to Table program. In it, students must visit one of six local farms and learn to work there. As a result, all training turns into a colorful journey lasting several years. Naturally, children also study traditional subjects, mathematics and English. But this is just a prelude to the main thing - study trips. They are considered the most useful teaching method in school. As a result, architecture is not studied in the classroom using old books, but right on the streets of the city. Biology and geography have been replaced by hiking in the forest and kayaking down the river. Together with teachers, students write their own songs, create musical groups, come up with scenarios for computer games and even assemble robots. The school pays a lot of attention to sports, and not only traditional ones. Someone is engaged in regular football, and someone - yoga, mountain biking or mastering frisbee.

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