The most unusual robberies

The most unusual robberies

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Robbery is a crime for which criminals face a prison sentence. It would seem, what could be interesting in such a common crime? However, some robberies turn out to be so amazing that the media write about them - they are so bright and unusual.

And such stories fit well into the plot of films, remember, at least Bonnie and Clyde. We will tell below about the most unusual crimes of this kind.

Stealing penguin Dirk. Carbon black parties in the company of young and cheerful already young men can lead to unpredictable consequences. Launching this robbery did not become loud, but it certainly is among the unusual ones. Three young guys in 2012 vacationed on the Gold Coast in Australia.

When they drank a lot, they, of course, were drawn to exploits. The SeaWorld park was chosen as a place to demonstrate their skills. The men climbed over a high fence and then swam in an aquarium with dolphins. It's good that there were no sharks in the reservoir, otherwise the story could take on a dramatic hue. Then the drunks for some reason took one of the birds with them to the room.

When they woke up in the morning, they didn't remember much of what was happening. But the penguin in the room eloquently testified to the adventures of the night. Naturally, the men did not want to mess with the stolen bird. They considered it unnecessary to return it, threw it in the room and simply ran away from the hotel. Soon the attendants found an uninvited feathered guest in the room.

The penguin was safely returned to SeaWorld. Only during the theft the bird was crippled, and it needed treatment. The criminals were quickly found. They were punished with a large fine and forced to make a public apology to the park.

English Treasury. This crime took place several centuries ago. But it was based exclusively on good intentions. In 1303, King Edward I ruled in England. Times were difficult, the state imposed a heavy tax burden on the local Jewish community. As a result, one peasant who sells wool decided to commit a crime.

To replenish his wallet, he robbed a little bit of the cash vault of Westminster Abbey, which received tax funds from all over the country. Richard Publicott was able to find out the plan of this building and enlist the support of prominent priests. The merchant promised them substantial monetary rewards.

Throughout the winter of 1303, Richard collected all the tools and materials he needed for his daring event. When spring came, the peasant sowed the fields near the abbey with hemp. Plants were supposed to act as a camouflage. They were actually hiding a hole in the concrete wall. The bold plan succeeded and Publicott was able to get to the vault.

For several days he worked in the building until he collected what he thought was enough treasure. The peasant filled the chests and baskets with gold coins, florins and precious stones and took them out of the treasury. Historians estimate the amount stolen at £ 100,000. But this was more than the country collected taxes for a year!

At the time of the theft, the King of England was at war in Scotland. He found out about the daring crime when officials unexpectedly discovered gold Florentine coins in one of the pawnshops in London. And in the first months after the robbery, fishermen on the Thames caught priceless artifacts from the abbey's vault in their nets. Over the next few years, hundreds of British citizens from various parts of London were interrogated and arrested on suspicion of robbery. Among them was Richard Publikott.

In an effort to save other people, he confessed to theft and testified that he acted alone. In 1305, the impudent merchant was executed - he was hanged, and his body was flayed and hung on the doors of Westminster Abbey, as a warning to other robbers. Now everyone who encroaches on the treasures of the crown will have to think about an unenviable fate.

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. In 1969, there was a routine attempted robbery of an armored vehicle. At the same time, the 61-year-old guard was mortally wounded, and a criminal named Roberto Solis was sent to prison for 17 years. There he behaved approximately and even wrote poetry under the name Pancho Angila. In fact, the bandit was contemplating a new, more successful robbery. Solis was released on parole for excellent behavior.

At that moment, he already had a detailed plan to rob the casino in his head. First, the culprit seduced twenty-year-old Heather Tallchief, convincing her of the need for robbery and the possibility of a successful implementation of the plan. To work out the plan in more detail, the couple moved to Mexico. According to him, Heather got a job in a company that carried out transportation from the Cirucus hotel to a Las Vegas casino.

On October 1, 1993, the robbery took place as planned. The couple had $ 2.5 million in their hands. Heather had only 2 minutes to steal a car left by her colleagues. A few kilometers from this place, Solis was already waiting for her in a rented warehouse in another car. On the same day, the robbers under the guise of an elderly couple flew to Denver, and from there to Miami, where they hid the loot. For many years the couple lived together, they even had a son.

But one morning, Heather discovered that her husband had abandoned her with the child, leaving her only one thousand dollars of all the money. In 2005, a woman came to surrender to the police and was sent to prison. And Solis is still wanted by the authorities. Telling investigators about the motives for the crime, Heather blames her partner for everything. Allegedly, he managed to hypnotize her with a murderous look and worked with his sex magic.

Brian Wells and the bank robbery. The unremarkable pizza delivery boy Brian Wells was filling his usual order in 2003. He rang the doorbell and within a few minutes he was held hostage by two bandits. They put a pistol to Brian's head, placing a time bomb around his neck. Then the hostage was given instructions on how to rob a bank, threatening that in case of failure, the bomb would explode. Fear of death made Brian decide to commit a crime. Investigators later found out that the bomb should have detonated anyway. The conspirators did not want to leave an unwanted witness to cooperate with the police.

So, with a bomb around his neck, Wells went to the address indicated to him. There he, threatening the bank employees with the hand-made weapons handed to him, demanded from them 250 thousand pounds sterling. But at that time there were only 10 thousand in the box office. Brian took the money with him, but was soon arrested by the police. The guy immediately called for help, wishing the sappers to arrive. But for some reason the cops were in no hurry to do this.

The sapper team was called only after half an hour, it took them only 3 minutes to arrive at the site. However, it was already too late - the bomb exploded, unfortunate Brian died without waiting for help. As a result, the poor pizza delivery man simply ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his death took place in front of many viewers watching the live broadcast.

The conspirators were still found. In 2007 they were sentenced to terms of 30 and 45 years. At the hearing, Kenneth Barnes and Marjorie Dale-Armstrong argued that they did not attack Wells. According to them, the pizza delivery guy was a conspiracy from the very beginning, and the bomb must be fake. The police found out that the bandits needed the money to pay for the services of a hitman who was supposed to kill Dale-Armstrong's rich father. Thus, friends would have access to a solid inheritance.

Stealing royal insignia. The English Colonel Thomas Blood had a bad reputation. The surrounding people noted his volatile behavior and cunning. During the famous War of the Three Kingdoms, Blood behaved so radically that many regarded his actions as a betrayal. In 1671, the colonel decided to embark on the biggest, most risky and bad adventure of his life - the theft of the royal regalia.

To steal the scepter of Charles II and his crown, the colonel disguised himself as a priest, another of his comrades played the role of the monk's wife. The couple visited the Tower several times to scout out their surroundings. The "spouses" even managed to become friends with the family of the guardian of royal values, Edward Talbot. The conspirators regularly visited them.

Blood managed to persuade the caretaker to show him privately the treasures of the crown. Talbot had no idea that he was leading into the vault of criminals. The same ones had pistols and swords hidden under their robes. When the caretaker brought the criminals to the treasure, they quickly hit the poor Talbot on the head, tied him up and placed a gag in his mouth. With the tools prepared, the scepter was divided into two parts. And the millet crown was crumpled so that it could be easier to hide later.

The robbers' happiness did not last long, at the exit from the store they were detained by the guards, who heard the cries of the caretaker. The colonel, along with his accomplices, appeared before the king's court. The criminals were accused of high treason, but the monarch, to everyone's surprise, decided to pardon them. Blood even received a gift of land in Ireland. Perhaps the king was afraid of a military revolt if their commander was executed. As a result, the crown was restored, but it was impossible to restore or repair the wand.

Since then, Thomas Blood has lived quietly in his domain, without encroaching on the royal regalia. But the colonel's reputation remained bad. Even after Blood's death, his body was pulled out of the grave in order to be sure of death. And it was rumored that the colonel faked his death in order to evade paying taxes.

Robbery of John Voitovich and Salvatore Naturile. Some famous thieves go down in history thanks to their rich booty, these criminals have managed to become famous because of their lack of assembly and poor organization of the whole case. On August 22, 1972, 18-year-old Salvatore Naturile and 27-year-old John Voitovich decided to seize one of the branches of the bank in Brooklyn. Together with him there was another friend who, in the end, could not stand the nervous tension and simply ran home.

Two gay guys armed themselves with rifles, but never came up with a robbery plan. As a result, they spent 20 minutes in the bank, collecting money at the cash desks. This was enough for the police to arrive at the scene of the robbery and surround the building. Not only did the thieves simply lack professionalism, but they were also slow. In addition, the bandits worked without gloves and masks, left a bunch of prints and called each other by name. And all this in front of many witnesses.

When they realized that the building was surrounded, they demanded the opportunity to leave without hindrance, promising in return not to touch the hostages. For 17 hours, the police continued to communicate with would-be terrorists. As a result, Naturile and Voitovich went outside. During the arrest, the younger criminal did not want to surrender and was shot dead. And his older partner and lover surrendered and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The police found out that the young people planned the robbery, so Voitovich wanted to change the sex of his friend. The investigation also revealed that the robbery plan was to take from the movie "The Godfather". The irony of fate was that a few years later, Al Pacino played the role of John Voytovich in the film "Dog Afternoon".

Jules Rimet Trophy. At the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England, the winning team was to receive the Jules Rimet Goddess Cup as a prize. At the very beginning of the year, the prize was displayed in the central hall of Westminster for the public to see. At the same time, it was planned to guard the trophy around the clock. To ensure even greater safety of the cup, it was insured for 30 thousand pounds.

When the exhibition opened, quite a lot of visitors gathered in the hall, many of whom came to admire the famous trophy. At the same time, were there both guards in uniform and employees in civilian clothes in the room? Everything went smoothly until it was time to change the guard. In a short period of time, the attackers were able to break into the shop window, open an emergency exit and hide with the cup in an unknown direction.

When a new shift came, she discovered the loss and sounded the alarm. But it was not possible to quickly arrest the criminals. They seemed to vanish into thin air. In addition, many people crowded around the Westminster building that day, it is not clear which of them was an accomplice in the loud theft.

The next day, the chairman of the Football Association received a call directly to his office. An unknown male voice demanded 15 thousand pounds for the return of the trophy intact. If an appeal to the police follows, the attacker threatened to melt the cup. Nevertheless, the chairman decided to take the risk and contacted law enforcement agencies. The police found out about the call and quickly detained the caller. The perpetrator turned out to be in fact a "little bipod" hardly related to the robbery. And the cup itself was not found.

A week after the theft, when no one was counting on a miracle, a goblet in the shape of a goddess was found under the bushes by a casual passer-by walking his dog. The prize was wrapped in newspaper and wrapped in a bag. Englishman David Corbett took the find to the police station, for which he later received an award of 6 thousand pounds and the right to lunch with the national team at the end of the competition.

The British Football Association admitted its mistake, since then it is not the championship trophy itself that has been exhibited to the public, but its copy. And the dog that found the legendary cup became so popular that it managed to appear on television, in advertising, and in films.

Scream. Employees of the Munch Museum in Oslo have survived a series of robberies. Twice the thieves attempted to assassinate the works of the famous artist, both times while leaving the crime scene without hindrance. Also, after one of the thefts, an ironic note was left in the museum hall: "Thank you very much for such a low level of security."

In the first burglary, one of three versions of The Scream was stolen from the wall on the second floor. All of them were written by Edvard Munch. Obviously, the museum staff was concerned about the abundance of tourists associated with the Olympic Games in Lillehammer and decided to remove the valuable creation out of the eyes of the crowd. The thieves seized the moment and took possession of the valuable painting. True, they soon tried to sell it back to the museum, and were caught by the police. So "Scream" returned safe and sound to the exhibition hall.

But 10 years later, there was a second case of theft. This time, the thieves' attention was drawn to another version of the "Scream". The theft was now much bolder and more dangerous than before. Thieves broke into the museum right in the middle of a working day. They were armed with pistols and had masks on their faces. The bandits took the paintings they needed and fled in a car.

Only now a random witness from afar managed to photograph the car at the moment of her departure from the museum. Although this photo was at the disposal of the police, it was not possible to find the villains for two years. There were even rumors that the criminals simply burned the paintings to destroy the evidence.

In 2006, the loss was found, and the paintings were returned to the museum. As a result of the investigation, six people were convicted and sent to prison.These robberies forced the administration of the Munch Museum to overhaul the halls and tighten security measures. Now, as it is believed, nothing threatens the artist's expensive creations.

Santa Claus the robber. This story took place in 1927, when the Great Depression reigned in America. At the time, Marshal Ratliff was known in Texas as an active bank robber. After a conditional sentence for a long time, the man was left unemployed and without a livelihood. Where can I get cash? Of course, at the bank! This institution Marshal decided to rob, because this, in his opinion, was the only option to provide accommodation. Ratliff's victim was a local bank branch. But in his hometown of Cisco, Marshal could easily be recognized, so he went to work in a suit and a mask of Santa Claus.

It took place on December 23, on Christmas Eve. Therefore, the appearance of the robber did not surprise anyone and did not attract attention. On the way to the case, Ratliff even talked to the children and stroked them on the head. Santa turned out to be so kind that some of the children even followed him to the institution. At the bank, Marshal and three of his friends took out pistols and began to demand that they provide them with $ 150,000 in cash and securities.

And the thieves put the booty in the sack of Santa Claus. The bandits were unlucky - the mother of one of the girls, who went for the kind Santa, saw what was happening at the bank. The woman started screaming. The thieves did not count on such a turn of events. Policemen immediately appeared nearby and surrounded the building. The criminals tried to leave him, a shootout began. In the course of it, one bandit and two police officers were killed.

The escaped robbers were put on the wanted list, and the operation was very serious and large-scale. As a result, the bandits were found, and when they were caught, it was not without shooting again. All three remaining criminals were injured, only Ratliff was hit six times. But still the bandits survived and managed to stand trial. His decision turned out to be tough and disappointing. The leader of the gang, Marshal, along with the chief assistant, was sentenced to death. The third robber received a life sentence.

Ratliff tried to avoid fate, he appealed the decision of the judges, and then tried to demonstrate mental inadequacy. But upon learning of this, the angry residents of Eastland County broke into the prison and executed the criminal themselves. Begging for forgiveness and mercy did not save him from a plight. Already in our time, in 2009, a similar crime was registered. A man in a Santa suit also decided to rob a bank. The imitator told the witnesses that he needed the money to pay his elves.

Shergar. This loud kidnapping is enveloped in a veil of mystery. The people who committed it were never found. Neither the police tricks nor any techniques helped. The object of the theft was also not found - the famous Irish horses Shergar. That story caused a great resonance in the press, for several years the newspapers recalled this theft.

It took place on a foggy evening in 1983, when a mysterious car with a trailer was near the stables, where the famous horses were kept. James Fitzgerald, one of the owners of the horses, when locking them up at night, was hit on the head with a club. A whole group of six people at least locked him with his relatives in a room.

There the hostages remained under the supervision of armed people. Then the bandits took Fitzgerald to the stables, where they were ordered to show him the most expensive horses. After that, the horses were loaded into a car and taken away in an unknown direction. Since then, no one else has seen elite horses.

The police even used unusual methods to search. Even clairvoyants were involved, but this did not give success. The investigators had only the code names of the criminals in their hands, which they used to communicate with each other during the robbery, as well as the testimony of the owners of the house. The thieves planned the crime so carefully that they left no prints or traces of themselves.

After that, the gang contacted the owners of other stables several times, offering them the stolen horses. However, no one dared to get involved with thieves, because this could be an excellent reason for further such thefts. As a result, the villains were never able to sell their valuable cargo, and soon they stopped hearing about them. Police believe the horses were killed to cover up evidence.

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