The most unusual academic disciplines

The most unusual academic disciplines

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Anyone must go through school. There you can get a specialty, which will then become the main one in later life.

However, some educational institutions offer rather unusual disciplines. Our story will be about the most unusual educational disciplines.

Sex school. Austria has a real International Sex School. Young people are very interested in this topic, but they often have to learn the basics with the help of unreliable sources or peers. So special courses were created in Vienna. They are designed to improve sex education and provide their listeners with detailed instructions. The principal, Ilva Maria Thompson, believes her school will help people love each other better. After all, we spend quite a lot of money to pump up our muscles in fitness, but the skills of having sex remain undeveloped. This is exactly what the Austrian sex school is going to fix. It pays attention not only to the theoretical part, but also to the practical one. Students will be able to learn about the history of sex and contemporary sexual theory. The course of study consists of five semesters and three special intensive courses. The price for one semester of study is 1400 euros. The school's website says that classes are held in an Austrian mansion XVIII, which is half an hour's drive from the capital. In accordance with the needs of the school, the building was renovated and equipped with high-tech equipment. Only those who are eager to enter AISOS should take into account that teaching is conducted in German. However, the language of sex is quite universal.

School of magic. You can learn magic tricks at the Gray School of Wizardry in California. The director looks like a real wizard. He is somewhat similar to Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter saga. Oberon Zell-Ravenhart is 68 years old. He devoted almost his entire life to the study of the dark arts. Nowadays, the wizard does not part with his costume and wand. He even goes shopping with them. Arts. Oberon himself became famous back in the 80s, when he declared that he had created a unicorn. However, it turned out that the magical creature was just a goat, with which minor operations were performed. The wizard's wife, 63-year-old Morning Glory, considers herself a witch. It was Oberon who opened the world's only registered magic academy. He wants to make the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter a reality. Another success for Oberon is that his school was officially recognized as an academic institution. As in Hogwarts, 16 unusual subjects are taught here. These include alchemy, talking with animals, spells, and working with a wand. Students attending this academy are divided into four ancient houses - Winds, Mermaids, Gnomes and Salamanders. As with Harry Potter, there is a special Defense Against the Dark Arts course. Today, the School of Wizardry has 735 students, of which 100 are under 18. The school is an online college. Muggles have to study here for 7 years to get an apprentice degree in magic. Oberon plans to buy out a castle in Montana to conduct face-to-face classes. In the meantime, apart from the Internet, students can meet in summer camps for young masters. You only have to pay $ 25 for the right to enter school. Interest in this academy has grown many times after the release of the books and films about Harry Potter.

Growing medical marijuana. The state of Michigan has a special college dedicated to this noble cause. In most educational institutions, marijuana is something forbidden, which does not belong within the walls of the school. But in this college, this drug plant is the main subject of study. They study the history of marijuana, gardening issues, and legal aspects related to medical use. Nick Tennant, 24, the school's founder, says he is helping to solve the job problem in his state. His program can employ hundreds of people and bring in millions of dollars to the budget. Courses come in suburban Detroit in several rented rooms. Tuition costs $ 485. The medical marijuana growing course is closely related to agricultural programs. Here they study the entire life cycle of a plant, how to provide it with the best possible nutrients and light. Students explore when is the best time to harvest and share their own experiences.

School of The Beatles and Popular Music in Society. Such a course can be taken at the University of Liverpool. Although the 21st century is outside, the Beatlemania is still alive. The fact that it is receiving attention in scientific circles may only seem unexpected. The first graduate of this discipline was 53-year-old Mary-Lou Zahalan-Kennedy, a former finalist of the Miss Canada pageant. She became a Master of Science in The Beatles and Popular Music in Society. The woman says she is very proud of her achievement. After all, the Beatles still influence many aspects of modern life. The program currently enrolls 12 full-time students. The course aims to analyze the influence of the Liverpool Four on Western culture. It examines how the Beatles influenced the formation of individuals, ethnicity, industry and urban culture. The course was launched in 2009.

Bagpipes Basics. Usually boys dream of being pirates. However, when Nick Hudson watched the movie "Kidnapped" based on the books by Robert Louis Stevenson, his attention was attracted not by the brave sailors, but by the duel on the bagpipes. Time passed, and Nick received not only a degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, but also took a special course in bagpipes. The specialty was established in 1990, students were even awarded a scholarship for completing such a program. Carnegie's Scottish roots are clear. Kilts are worn in the orchestra, and the Scottish Terrier is the symbol of the school. Hudson became only the third student to complete the entire course. Although now there are two more fans of the Scottish musical instrument. The program not only teaches the basic principles of bagpipes, but also explains the history and cultural significance of this musical instrument. Only because of the loud sounds of bagpipes, you have to rehearse in a separate building with good sound insulation.

Professional nanny. Sullivan University offers an extraordinary online degree. Educators believe that there is a current need for certified nannies. These are the ones that this school produces. The university, which graduates only nannies, was established back in 1989. Graduates are qualified and educated professionals ready to join any family and take on childcare. Experience and knowledge have been gained through numerous publications and television programs on this issue. By the way, a professional nanny can earn very good money if you can find a stable job in a wealthy family. And a professional nanny diploma can be an advantage in the competition for a job. Only now, such a diploma will hardly help when trying to change your occupation.

The art of packaging. Such a course is offered by the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Typically, students learn to think outside the box for several years. But in this institution, students gain the skills to properly pack boxes. In this area you can get a whole degree here. The university will tell you how to create the most aesthetic, ecological and cost-effective packaging and use it for your daily needs. The point is that each product must be packed. This market is worth billions of dollars. More and more people are involved in this packaging, and the demand for specialists is only growing. University graduates find jobs easily. Companies such as Snap-on Tools, Frito-Lay, Kohler and even FedEx are happy to welcome them into their ranks. Research has shown that in 2009, 95% of the graduates of this program were employed. At the same time, for 90% of young specialists, work is directly related to their unusual specialization. Their average salary was 51 thousand dollars a year.

Scientific poultry science. This course is offered by the University of Alborne in Alabama. The essence of the subject is pretty simple. Students learn how to improve and manage the health of chickens, ducks and turkeys. After all, these birds serve as a source of eggs and meat in the future. In order to fully immerse themselves in this area of ​​knowledge, students have to study the basic principles of chemistry and biology. The program is divided into 8 courses. The first of them are introductory and tell, for example, about the nutrition of birds, their breeding, the assessment of their eggs. Then the deeper ones touch on the issues of virology, microbiology, poultry processing, food safety. Poultry science is very important, it is not surprising that the course has been taught since 1929.

Slicing meat. This is what you can learn at Eastern Oklahoma State College. And the executioners are not taught there. Anyone who loves butchery meat will find himself within the walls of this educational institution. He also has a relative, Hinds Community College in Raymond, Mississippi. The program lasts a full five semesters and two years. Students study all aspects of meat. The students will learn how the sausage is made. The classes here are small, allowing students to concentrate as much as possible on working with meat products. Most of the participants in the program receive scholarships from the meat processing industry.

Lawn management. Michigan State University is one of the few universities in the country that can teach lawn handling. The program is being studied at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Students in this course learn to design emerald golf courses, sports parks, and courses. The program includes lectures such as “Weed Science”, “Lawn Pest Management Strategy”. Techniques are being explored to help keep lawns healthy and protect streams and lakes. The site even has videos on lawn care and advice from experts in the field. Graduates of this direction received several fairly prominent positions related to the arrangement of grass fields. In particular, there are a couple of former students who currently work in the World Series of Baseball. One serves the Texas Rangers field, and the other serves the San Francisco Giants.

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