The most unusual soups

The most unusual soups

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In many countries, the first course is liquid food - soup. This food is both nutritious and healthy.

In the preparation of soups, every nation shows its imagination by adding local products. There are some soups that are able to surprise and even shock with their composition, they mostly belong to Asian cuisine.

Menudo (Spain). For most of us, the ingredients in this soup are not unusual. But let's be honest, not everyone is ready to try a beef stomach. Menudo is a traditional Mexican dish popular in this country. So soup is usually prepared on special occasions, it is also known as an excellent hangover remedy. A dish is prepared from the stomachs of a cow, with the addition of corn, chili, oregano, onions and cilantro. In total, the soup is cooked for 7-10 hours, this is how much is needed for the stomach to become tender and soft. Not everyone believes that this organ can be tasty. The secret is in the selection of accompanying ingredients and in boiling on low steam for several hours. As a result, the stomach becomes so soft and tender that it literally melts in the mouth. The soup is traditionally served with corn tortillas. They can be dipped into a hot dish for a delicious meal. It is not known for certain how the recipe for such a dish appeared. Most likely, in Mexico, after the killing of the goby, they tried to use all parts of the carcass, including the stomachs, for food purposes. Today, Menudo soup can be tasted in many Mexican restaurants.

Kiburu (Tanzania). This is the easiest soup on our list. It is cooked by the Chagga tribe living in eastern Africa at the very foot of Kilimanjaro. Aboriginal people live off agriculture, with particular attention to the cultivation of bananas and coffee. These Africans lead a simple lifestyle, so their food is very simple. To make kiburu soup, take sweet bananas, legumes and add a little mud. All this mixture is diluted with water - this is how the local soup is made. Twigs of trees are sometimes added here. The mud makes the dish salty and tastes earthy.

Soup (Tanzania). This first dish is somewhat reminiscent of the Mexican Menudo - here also the recipe includes different parts of the animals. As you might easily guess, the name of the dish is translated simply - "soup". In Tanzania, it is customary to serve this soup for breakfast; this option is the most unusual. The recipe includes the liver, heart, lungs and head of a goat, as well as a cow's stomach. Sometimes tongue and viscera are added to them. It happens that the base of the soup is hooves, then the food is called "supu ya makongoro". In addition to the breakfast function, such a dish is an excellent anti-hangover remedy.

Cock egg soup. This soup is very similar to our usual noodle soup. But the basis is not chicken meat, but rooster testicles. Cook them together with vegetables until tender. The testicles themselves have a creamy texture, inside they are very soft, resembling tofu. Only the skin of the testicles is hard, like a sausage. They are said to end up resembling regular boiled eggs with a custard flavor. The testicles are also quite healthy, with unexpected properties. Thanks to them, women's skin improves and male potency increases.

Bird's nest soup (China). This soup is not only unusual, but also quite expensive. The Chinese prepare it from swiftlet nests. The taco dish is considered a rare delicacy; in some restaurants, its portion is estimated at $ 30-100. At the same time, a kilogram of the main ingredient, bird's nests, costs about two thousand dollars. The basis of the soup is sticky bird saliva, thanks to which the nests are formed. The nest itself dissolves in hot water, as a result, the consistency of the soup resembles a jelly. Such a dish has been prepared in China for quite some time; nests are usually used in soups. Swiftlet birds build their nests in caves, and this is done exclusively by males. It takes the birds about 35 days to build one nest. Birds prepare threads from their saliva, forming a bowl with their help. The soup itself is not only exotic, but also very healthy. Such a dish helps to defeat asthma, strengthens the immune system and increases libido.

Deer placenta soup (China). In Chinese Shanghai, you can also taste other unusual soup. It is prepared from the placenta of a deer. It is believed that such a dish can also be beneficial for health - it will increase sexual strength, improve the color and condition of the skin, cleanse the kidneys, and normalize vitality. In addition to the main ingredient, the soup contains chicken, mushrooms and flowers. The placenta itself is elastic, you have to chew it for a long time. This organ of the female body is like a bag. During pregnancy, the embryo in most mammals is attached to the uterus. Through the placenta, the embryo receives nutrients and oxygen from its mother, this organ also removes harmful products. And with the birth of a child, the placenta leaves the mother's body, becoming unnecessary.

Cod milk soup (Japan). In Japan this dish is very popular, there it is called shirako. Soup is prepared from milk of cod fish. These are essentially sacs containing the semen of sea creatures. Boil the milk in water until a thick creamy broth is formed. The very name of the dish translates as "white children". This soup is usually prepared in the cold season. It is believed that if they are eaten quite often, then the potency can improve. Some oriental restaurants try to surprise their customers with such a dish.

Bat soup (Palau Islands). This soup would not seem so unusual and scary if its main ingredient, bats, were at least cleared of their myth. There must be a food problem in the Pacific islands of Palau, since the aborigines began to eat bats. Several species of them live on the islands - some feed on insects, while others - on fruits. It is the latter that are cooked with ginger and spices in coconut milk, which lasts for several hours. Some restaurants even offer the client to choose who is - a male or a female, after which the unfortunate mouse is thrown into boiling water. Those gourmets who nevertheless decided to taste such an unusual soup, nevertheless, claim an unusually pleasant taste. You just need to ignore the hairy head sticking out of the plate.

Tiger penis soup (China). The penises of various animals are often used for food, and soups are also prepared from them. The rarest and most expensive of these is the one made from the tiger's penis. This is understandable, because a large cat has to be killed, which is prohibited in China on pain of death. For centuries, tiger penis soup has been considered a specialty of Asian cuisine. Maybe that's why there are so few tigers left there today? A large feline is considered the most dangerous and strongest, and its penis has unique and even magical properties that are worse than any Viagra. The tiger's penis is soaked in liquid for a whole week, after which it is boiled for a day over low heat with spices and medicines. Sometimes tiger bones are also added to the soup. As a result, one serving of this unusual soup will cost the gourmet $ 400. Although the authorities try to protect these regal animals, body parts regularly appear on the market. True, most of what is sold as tiger penises are usually bull or deer tendons.

Blood soup (Vietnam). Such a dish is so strange that it is rather difficult to call it a soup. The recipe is considered traditional in Vietnamese cuisine. The soup is made from raw goose blood, poultry offal, peanuts and various herbs. The mixture is frozen to thicken the blood. The dish is eaten chilled while the blood is still jelly-like. It is believed that the soup gives strength not only to the eater, but also to the chef involved in the preparation. Only after the wave of bird flu in Asia, this dish has dramatically lost its popularity. But even today there are gourmets who are ready to try a traditional and unusual dish.

Soup number five. This soup is also considered unusual. It is prepared in some regions of Southeast Asia. The famous dish contains onions, carrots, broth, testicles and bull's penis. It's not hard to guess that the soup is also considered an aphrodisiac, which led to its popularity.

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