The most unusual alcoholic drinks

The most unusual alcoholic drinks

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Water was and remains the main drink on the planet. Our story will go about them.

Ayahuasca. In the Quechua language, the name of this drink is translated as "liana of spirits" or "liana of the dead". Its glory is that it causes hallucinations. This drink is made by the indigenous people of the Amazon from the melon vine, which is called the vine of spirits. The Indians believe that with the help of ayahuasca, you can connect the invisible worlds of the dead and the living for a short time. And there is especially nothing to be surprised at - the drink has a powerful psychoactive effect, which, together with beliefs in the existence of an afterlife and spirits, will direct hallucinations in the right direction. As a result, people can actually see their deceased ancestors. This drink, which is charming in the literal and figurative sense of the word, is prepared like this. First, for 12 hours they boil pruning vines of spirits and a bunch of leaves of other plants acting as spices. They say that ayahuasca has a rather interesting effect on the body - instant cleansing of the parasites living inside.

Goldenroth. This is the name of the Swiss strong (53.5% alcohol here) schnapps with cinnamon. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the composition of the drink includes the finest, but nevertheless visible flakes of real gold. A liter of goldenroth contains about 15 mg of gold. Especially for such schnapps, sieves with the smallest holes are produced, which can retain the largest gold flakes. But most snobs who afford a $ 300 bottle of gold drink prefer not to strain it. Small metal particles can easily damage the stomach lining. There were even cases when gold remained in the stomach for several months. As a result, the gourmet began to experience nausea, burning sensation and discomfort. Even the release of gold from the body can become a problem - the precious metal can get stuck in the rectum, damage it and cause suppuration.

Gilpin Family Whiskey. This rare whiskey is called by many "the drink of the gods." It is produced exclusively to order, which cannot but interest true whiskey lovers. But will they be able to restrain their gag reflex when they learn about the main ingredient in "elite" alcohol? The drink, whose name translates as the Glipinov Family Whiskey, is made from the urine of older people, who also suffer from type 2 diabetes. The shocking designer and researcher James Glypin became the author of such an unusual drink. Critics have repeatedly recommended that he seek psychiatric treatment. To create this whiskey, Glypin takes urine from elderly volunteers, including his own grandmother. Then the collected waste undergoes a simple cleaning procedure - they are simply filtered through a water purification filter.

Tsongsul. Even in Korea itself, this drink is not very popular, which is not surprising, given the composition. This is a local traditional wine made from human feces and medicinal herbs. All this ferments for 3-4 months in alcohol. Sly journalists decided to test an unusual drink on three Chinese women who do not know anything about its composition. The naive girls praised the taste of tsongul. They stated that the drink is delicious, easy to drink and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. The participants in the experiment said that this wine can be a real discovery for those girls who adore sweet alcoholic drinks. But when the participants found out what exactly Tsongsul consists of, they dramatically changed their minds. The Chinese woman said that the drink was made from Korean feces and tasted like shit.

Fijjtu beer. This African swill is considered the most dangerous beer in the world. For the production of Fijjtu, rotten water is used, in which parasites are teeming. In 2003, the brewery, unsurprisingly, was closed. But it lasted for 5 years, until it turned out that the excessive use of its products gives rise to bloody diarrhea, severe headaches and vomiting. And this is not the worst option either. Some beer aficionados described how they saw unusual images while intoxicated. This was the reason to call the intoxicating swill "God's dew".

"Armageddon". The strongest beer in the world is produced under such a terrifying name. It is produced by the Scottish brewery Brewmeister. The name of the drink seems to promise that the beer will arrange a real Armageddon in the stomach. Believe it or not, the foamy drink has an incredible 65% alcohol content. The hellish swill turned out to be stronger than vodka or whiskey. And although the drink has not yet entered the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest beer in the world, it is only a matter of time. After all, the closest competitor, the End of History drink, is inferior to Armageddon in strength as much as 15%. Lewis Shand, one of the founders of Brewmeister, says that the composition of the strong product is nevertheless closer to liquor, and not to beer. But the taste allowed it to be attributed specifically to beer. Shand says Armageddon is a real nuclear warhead. Beer will hit your brain so hard that it will be remembered for the rest of your life. It should be noted that the strong drink is very popular. After all, one bottle of it is enough for a whole company to quickly get drunk. That is why the manufacturer warns that such beer should be consumed very carefully and in small doses. Brewmeister brewer John McKenzie said that in order to obtain beer with such a high alcohol content, a special fermentation method had to be created, called "ice". Because of this, the beer turned out to be much thicker than traditional. This is how this technique works. The beer is created using crystal malt, oat flakes, wheat and pure Scottish spring water. It is frozen during the brewing process to increase the alcohol content. After all, he, unlike water, cannot freeze. As a result, the excess water in the form of ice is removed, and the output is a strong drink with an indicator of 65% alcohol.

Molort. This drink can be safely called the most disgusting in its taste. This is the name of the Scandinavian wormwood schnapps, 35% ABV. They say that one sample of the drink will be enough. The taste of molort is described with exceptional epithets - "terrible abomination", "real poison" and so on. But the impressions will surely remain until the end of life. Even the smell of this drink is specific. There's a whole host of unpleasant scents in there. This is turpentine, and burnt rubber, and ink from pens, and even liquid for embalming. Unsurprisingly, in 2011, molort was officially named "the worst liquor in the world."

Changaa. This alcohol is one of the cheapest in the world. Moonshine is prepared for Kenya, it is quite popular in African slums. It is believed that changaa is very harmful to the body. Those unfortunate people who are addicted to this drink do not live long. The literal translation of the drink means "kill me quickly." This fully reflects the essence of the drink, because each glass of it will take several years of life. And this drink is obtained by distilling grains such as sorghum and corn. While this sounds good, it should be borne in mind that local moonshiners know nothing about sanitation and quality standards. That is why anything can be in the final product - from sand to human feces. Also, the creators of changaa, wanting to profitably present their product, shape its taste and smell with the help of special secret ingredients. It can be jet fuel, embalming fluid, battery acid. To get drunk from such a drink, only 300-400 grams of it are enough. Then the person simply loses consciousness. In the morning he will wake up with a severe hangover, accompanied by severe headache and nausea. It is believed that the use of changaa can discourage a person's memory. It is simply impossible to remember what happened during a drunken stupor, although maybe this is for the best?

A miraculous cough drink. It turns out that heroin was considered an excellent cough remedy in the 19th century. From 1898 to 1910, it was possible to purchase a drink with it, which was sold as a substitute for morphine, and as a children's cough medicine. Today it's scary to imagine, but in those days, children were treated with heroin. Of course, it does not help from coughing, but the harm from it is enormous. It's just that in those days, heroin was considered something like a harmless aspirin that can get rid of an annoying disease.

A cocktail with a rotten toe. Often they write about exotic alcoholic drinks that are infused with various animals - snakes, rats, seagulls. These scary drinks are popular in Asia, but in their creepiness they are inferior to what is served in one Canadian bar. In the northwest of the country, there is the town of Dawson, where the Sourtoe Cocktail Club serves a signature cocktail. Its name is directly related to a rotten finger, and this is not an exaggeration at all - amputated fingers are really used there. The cocktail costs about $ 5, the composition may vary, but one ingredient remains unchanged - a human toe. According to the rules of this club, the drink was initially prepared like this - a finger was dropped into a beer mug, champagne was poured there. You had to drink the contents of the mug and touch your finger with your lips. However, the rules have changed over time, now you can pour anything you want, even soft drinks. However, the finger must be present without fail. Only after passing the rite of passage with the help of such a cocktail can you become a member of a local club and even receive a certificate of this. The club was founded in 1973 by a certain captain Dick Sivens. According to legend, the very tradition of drinking with a finger in a glass appeared by accident - one joker threw a frostbitten finger into a glass to a friend. Since then, some members of the club have brought their fingers with them, while others have taken advantage of the lease of the establishment. As a result, some limbs have been used many times. But how can this embarrass a brave and insane person who, in principle, is ready to drink with a liquid with a particle of a stranger's body floating in it?

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