The most unusual flight attendants

The most unusual flight attendants

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Any air travel would be boring if it weren't for the flight attendants. Nonetheless, there are some rather unusual flight attendants on the planes.

Rapper flight attendant. Flight attendants are usually required to read safety instructions to passengers before each takeoff. But this information is usually only of interest to those who fly for the first time. And for regular air passengers, it's just a monotonous set of words. Unsurprisingly, these words of a steward or flight attendant start to annoy. Now let's imagine how difficult it is for the staff to read the same text so often. One of the stewards found an original way out - he invited the passengers to create a musical rhythm for him by clapping their palms. At that time, he himself was reading out those same banal rules in the form of rap chants. Needless to say, this presentation of bored information was greeted by all passengers with a bang.

Transgender stewardesses. Thai airline PC Air has hired some rather unusual flight attendants for its flights. Transsexuals now serve on the staff. The company received over 100 applications in response to the hiring announcement. But only four women workers of non-traditional sex origin got a job. Now with 19 stewardesses, 7 stewards work together and transsexuals. The company's management believes that the qualifications of these people are not inferior to the capabilities of their colleagues. The professional skills of such flight attendants are very high - each of them has a bachelor's degree, swims excellently, is fluent in English and her native Thai language.

Unusual marriage proposal. It also happens that flight attendants find themselves in the very center of a romantic story. An employee of the airline Vera Silva did not know that her boyfriend would be able to make an unusual marriage proposal. The guy bought a ticket for the flight where his chosen one worked, and made an appointment with the pilots and crew members in advance so that he would be given the opportunity to make a statement in the cockpit through the onboard warning system. In the end, everything happened according to plan. The conceived operation ended happily - the girl answered affirmatively to the young man's confession and agreed to marry him. And she also gave her answer through the notification system. So the romantic story became the focus of the attention of all passengers.

Safety technology to the rhythm of pop stars. The flight attendants of one of the Cebu Pacific Airlines flights decided to diversify the leisure of passengers who are bored in flight. Plus, the safety information was so boring that it just required turning into a show. The female flight attendants took, and performed with remixes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry's songs. The company's marketing director noted that management can always make bold experiments if it attracts the attention of passengers to useful information. Let it all be served in a non-standard form. And the flight attendants were able not only to professionally do their job, but also to show their variety performances. Who knows, maybe this will be the first step on the big stage, because among the passengers there may be some kind of producer looking for talent.

A millionaire stewardess. Gambling people can bet on anything. So, billionaire Richard Branson made a bet with a competitor, which he bet. According to the results of the contract, the businessman had to work out the flight in a flight attendant's suit on board the plane of his rival's company. Branson kept his word, and on May 1, 2011, in a flight attendant suit, he worked a full shift. The plane made a 13-hour flight from London to Kuala Lumpur. The billionaire served not only Fernandez, to whom he lost a dispute, but also another 250 passengers. At the same time, under the terms of the bet, Branson was forced not only to wear lingerie, but also to shave his legs. The fact is that the airline requires perfectly smooth legs from its employees. It's good that the loser was allowed not to shave off his beard. It should be noted that this was not the first experience of Richard Branson's public appearance as a woman. In 1996, he appeared in a bridal outfit at the Virgin Brides opening. Then on the show with the participation of such a brave businessman, about 160 tickets were sold, and the proceeds from this amounted to $ 6,300. This money was donated to charity.

The child is in the closet. One of the Virgin Blue flight attendants was fired for child abuse. It turned out that on one of the flights, he locked the 17-month-old baby in the top compartment of the locker. To make amends, the company guaranteed the injured woman and her family the right to fly free of charge in any direction. The steward himself refuses to admit his guilt. He claims that he was just playing peek-a-boo with the child, closing and opening the door. As a result, the heck was locked.

Hysterical flight attendant. Stories where flight attendants calm down raging passengers are not so rare. But the opposite situation also happens. So, in August 2010, passengers of one of the JetBlue flights were in the very center of the hysteria perpetrated by a dispersed steward. He began to argue violently with one of the carrier's clients, after which he decided that his patience had run out and it was time to quit the hated job. Well at least it was during the landing at Pittsburgh airport. The flight attendant loudly announced his decision through the warning system, opened the emergency exit and jumped out of the plane. A little later, Stephen Slater was arrested and charged with hooliganism and threats to passengers.

Spoon collector. If someone at home constantly does not have enough spoons, then you should pay attention to Dieter Kapsch. He managed to collect 1,760 of these tableware, thanks to 447 airlines. And this unusual hobby began when Dieter began to associate the first spoon with a pleasant rest. He and his sister visited Spain. It was a relative who suggested taking a spoon with her to an unfamiliar country. And at the end of the trip, the device ended up at Dieter's house, reminding him of his vacation. In the future, this pleasant feeling only increased with the development of hobby. The pride of the man's collection is the spoon used by Imperial Airways from 1924 to 1939. Today, Kapsch is an employee of Austrian Airlines, which, too, probably has more than one spoon missing.

An experienced flight attendant. The most respected flight attendant at United Airlines retired in 2007 after completing 60 years with the company. Iris Peterson's career began back in 1946. Then, strict restrictions on gender, age, weight and ethical affiliation were imposed on the flight attendants. Throughout her long career, the woman has been in various leadership positions. In 1953, she became the first official lobbyist for the flight attendant line and the Stewardess Association. Iris is renowned for her commitment to eradicating any discriminatory practices and promoting the rights of women working in airlines. In 1968, it was thanks to Peterson that married women were allowed to be hired as flight attendants.

The second birth of a flight attendant. We can safely say about this woman that she was born in a shirt. Vesna Vulovik, a 22-year-old employee of Yugoslav Airlines, managed to survive after the plane crashed from a 10-kilometer height. When the plane was flying from Stockholm to Belgrade, an explosion occurred in the front baggage compartment. The stewardess herself at that moment was in the tail section, which ultimately saved her life. Of the 28 people who were on the plane at that moment, only one girl survived. True, Vesna had both legs broken, and her lower body was paralyzed. For 27 days she was in a coma. It took the flight attendant 2 years to improve her health. Nevertheless, despite the incident, she did not quit her job, continuing to serve the customers of all that airline for another 20 years. Spring Vulovik holds the record for surviving a fall from a maximum height.

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