The most unusual holidays in the world

The most unusual holidays in the world

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For people accustomed to their culture, the holidays of other nations seem amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people, you just need to try not to limit yourself only to your culture.

However, in a series of holidays and competitions characteristic of certain peoples, there are truly amazing and unusual ones, which will be described below.

It is worth considering that many competitions are so unusual and fun that they resemble more folk festivals, because victories in them are not so important, it is much more interesting for the participants to have a good rest and just talk.

International Pirate Day. This holiday, although originated in the United States, has spread throughout the world thanks to the Internet. Now every year on September 19 you can meet in different parts of the Earth people in bandanas and blindfolds, who speak an unusual pirate language, interspersed with the familiar words "piastra", "a thousand devils".

World Cup on Faces. And again the festival was invented by the British, and it is held in the city of Egremont. Some evidence suggests that the competition originated back in 1297, at a crab fair held here. The holiday has survived to this day, becoming international and annual, taking place in September. The legendary champion is a certain Peter Jackson, who for the sake of possessing the title of "the worst face" pulled out all his teeth - this gave him the opportunity to build new terrifying grimaces.

Monkey banquet. This festival is held in Lopburi province, Thailand. About 600 monkeys take part in it annually and are invited to dinner. The feast in honor of the god Rama consists of a variety of vegetables and fruits. According to legend, it was this god that the monkeys helped to defeat numerous opponents.

Festival of Colors in New Delhi. This Indian folk festival celebrates the arrival of spring, as well as the rebirth of life and the expulsion of evil. It is held on the new moon, and it lasts 2 days, because according to legend, it was on this day that Holika, an evil demon, died. On this day, celebrations are held in every city, bonfires are lit in them, which symbolize the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. The effigy of Holiki is also burned on the fire, the fruits of the seasonal harvest - coconuts, grains, etc. are thrown into the fire. In the morning, the fun begins - people go out and start pouring tinted multi-colored water over each other, as well as throwing bright colored powders at each other.

Feast of the Nudes. It is customary in Japan to celebrate this day since 767. For this purpose, about 3,000 men dressed only in loincloths gather in the Saidaji temple. The purpose of this holiday is to attract good luck to oneself, since the beliefs say that all misfortunes can be given by touching a naked person. That is why naked people, after cleansing in the temple, march through the streets of the city, where anyone can touch them. Usually there are quite a few such people looking for luck. Only now the day is held in February, so it takes a lot of courage to go out naked into the street, it is not surprising that the participants drink a lot of sake.

Olympics among gentlemen. It is held, naturally, in England. Every year, representatives of the Chap and Hendrick’s communities hold an annual outdoor competition for gentlemen in one of London's clubs. The purpose of the festival is to preserve the traditions of English gentlemen.

Summer Redneck Games Festival. Held annually in Georgia, USA. The apotheosis of the holidays is the slumping competition in liquid clay. The fans greet each successive loud plunge of the participant into the liquid with loud cheers, not being afraid of the dirty rain that irrigates them.

March of the Zombie. On this day, the center of Boston (Canada) is given to the "dead" creatures, as if looking for their victims. The variety of images is striking - some choose rubber masks, some wear bloodied wedding suits, many portray the living dead, using the movements from Michael Jackson's video clip "Thriller" 1983.

A festival of worship of their ancestors called Tapati. Celebrated by the inhabitants of the Chilean Easter Island. For this, the islanders dress up in special costumes and dance. Also between men and women running competitions are held with a bunch of bananas. During the celebrations, a queen is also chosen, who, together with beauty, must be hardworking. Applicants tell a strict jury how many fish they caught and woven canvases.

Aphelio Festival in Scotland. In the city of Lerwick, a 9-meter model of a Viking ship with a traditional dragon on the bow is being built for the celebration. The townspeople dress up as Vikings, make a torchlight procession through the city, blowing horns, while carrying the ship to the sea. In the squad, there are usually 40 Vikings, but they are accompanied by about 900 participants, respectively, and picturesquely dressed. The ceremony, by throwing 900 torches into the ship in a designated place, sets fire to a wooden boat, following the ancient rite of burial of fallen soldiers.

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