The most unusual houses

The most unusual houses

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House-basket in the USA. Despite its frivolous appearance, this building performs administrative functions. This is how Longaberger, a wicker and basket manufacturer, presents its headquarters. The house is an exact copy of the real product offered by the company. Construction took place over two years and cost $ 30 million. The area of ​​the house itself was 180 thousand square meters.

Toilet home in South Korea. This two-story building is designed to enable a person to resolve their difficulties. This is the literal translation from the Korean name of the Haewoojae house. Its area is 419 square meters. The architect claims that he was born in a bathroom, and he intends to transfer the funds received to poor countries to improve sanitary conditions.

House-shoe in India. Indian architects, without thinking twice, decided to combine home design with shoes. This is how the unusual house-shoe was born.

House shoe in Pennsylvania. This house owes its appearance to its owner's successful business. Mahlon N. Haynes is the owner of a giant shoe empire, creating such an unusual building, he celebrated his own successes in the manufacture and sale of shoes.

House saxophone in California. In architecture and construction, as already noted, there are also musical directions. So, the house in California is made in the form of a saxophone. When smoke rises from the chimneys of this house, it looks very beautiful.

Mushroom house. Despite the fact that the house rests on a thin leg, you don't have to worry about its stability. After all, the project was created by the professor of architecture and interior design at the University of Cincinnati Terry Brown. Not so long ago, the home was put up for auction, where it was sold for 400 thousand dollars.

House-piano with a violin. Creativity is also inherent in the Chinese architects who came up with such a house. Such a musical structure is located in the city of Hainan. The entrance to the building is located in a huge violin, and the escalator for the entrance to the main building is located in it. The house is made of transparent and black glass. An exhibition complex functions in the building itself, where a plan of the city, its districts and streets is displayed.

Elephant house. It is located in Bangkok (Thailand) and has an unusual elephant shape. This solution was realized thanks to the architect's love for elephants, so that the building would not get lost among other modern buildings, and it was decided to give it such an original shape. The house has towers in the shape of long legs, a window plays the role of an eye, and a balcony is made in the shape of a tusk.

House saxophone in California. When smoke rises from the chimneys of this house, it looks very beautiful.

House-cactus in Holland. Recently, it has become fashionable to use some green technologies in the design of a building and its construction. This manifests the desire to bring a person living in the city as close as possible to the origins, to nature. So in Rotterdam, a 19-storey cactus house appeared, consisting of petal plates arranged on top of each other. Each of them ends with a loggia or a landscaped balcony. Since the petals alternate irregularly, this allows the maximum amount of natural light to enter the house. The house was painted white for a reason - it allows it to heat up less in hot weather. This dwelling houses 98 apartments with superior comfort. This unusual project aimed to maximize the interior space in each apartment and make it the most illuminated. The protruding parts are large terraces on which you can completely do gardening, since these places will be illuminated by the sun from different angles, which is what plants need.

Home of the "free spirits" in British Columbia, Canada. The creators of such a house claim that these wooden spheres can be hung from a tree, a bridge or a cliff. It is suggested to use a spiral staircase or a suspension bridge to access the house. The house is held in a static position by a system of ropes, thereby making the foundation unnecessary. But no one bothers to remove the anchor and rock your house.

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