The most unusual celebrity hobbies

The most unusual celebrity hobbies

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Wondering what celebrities do when they're not in the spotlight? It turns out that many of them collect unique collections or do unusual things. Passion for their meetings sometimes looks like madness, as it happens with ordinary people.

But the stars are the same mortals who have the right to a hobby. Some of the meetings and activities are also quite unusual, and will be discussed below.

Rod Stewart, Train Collection. Collecting railways and collecting trains are adored by many men and boys. But this musician surpassed everyone. His railroad occupies almost the entire third floor of Stewart's house in Peoria. The road is about 7 meters wide and 37 meters long. The scaled diorama reflects an area of ​​1,500 real square feet. It is dedicated to post-war Manhattan and New York's Grand Central Station. The railway terminal is executed in stunning detail. More than a hundred buildings have been created here, up to one and a half meters high. The level of detail is so high that even the smallest shop windows have personality. At the same time, the singer often takes parts of the road with him on tour, recreating it in hotel rooms. Stewart has been this hobby for over twenty years. The obsession with the railroad came to Stewart as a child. He lived near British Rail, whose lines eventually became the singer's first model. Trains even took a prominent place in the musician's work, several songs are dedicated to them. The musician's creation even made it onto the cover of Model Railroader magazine. As Stewart himself said, this delighted him more than appearing on the editorial of Rolling Stone.

Kiefer Sutherland, Gibson guitars. This musician is considered one of the most passionate collectors of luxury guitars. His collection contains as many as 38 elite Gibson instruments. All of them are in a studio created by Sutherland himself, which helps aspiring musicians take their first steps in the cruel world of show business. Kiefer's love of guitars dates back to when he first heard Jimmy Page and Angus Young. This determined his passion. The Canadian actor loves to play the guitar, but considers himself only a music connoisseur, not a professional. This did not stop the famous Gibson manufacturer from creating a whole series of new guitars named after Sutherland. She was named Gibson Kiefer Sutherland KS-336.

Quentin Tarantino, board games. This creator of contemporary pop culture also has related hobbies. In one of his interviews, the actor and director said that he is fond of collecting and selecting board games based on cinematic genres. Among Tarantino's favorite subjects, he himself noted "Dawn of the Dead" and "The Universe". The latter is the closest in spirit to the famous film "A Space Odyssey 2001". Tarantino has a Platoon game that he dreams of playing someday with Oliver Stone. It is known that Quentin's other passion could be retro lunch boxes, but he decided to abandon this gathering, due to the high cost of items.

Reese Witherspoon, vintage embroidery. This beautiful actress grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Perhaps the local environment gave impetus to the emergence of such an unusual hobby. The love for antique linen goes hand in hand with the passion for sophisticated antique embroidery. Such a hobby is so feminine. The actress's other passion is collecting disposable plastic tableware, with attention paid to a specific brand. As Reese herself says, he simply cannot walk past a store offering branded plastic.

Brad Pitt, forged products. The main sex symbol of Hollywood could not resist the passion for collecting. He gave preference to art objects of metal forging. Probably, these are the wrong items. What can be found in our garden. In general, the interests of the actor are quite multifaceted. He loves paintings and even bought one of the works of Neo Tauch for a million dollars.

Nicole Kidman, ancient coins. When the star is not busy filming, she prefers to play Nintendo video games. Her other passion is collecting old coins. There are quite a few of them left, so the Kidman collection has every chance of being replenished. The actress is not scared by the fact that this hobby is considered old-fashioned and unpopular. And the secular press is not very interested in such a strange hobby of Kidman, so there is no detailed information about it.

Tom Hanks. This Oscar-winning actor collects portable typewriters from the early 20th century. This hobby also originated in childhood - after all, Hanks dreamed of becoming a writer. Today, the actor's collection contains more than 200 such cars. The fascination with them is so strong that Tom Hanks even carried a portable "Corona" with him, presenting his new film "Larry Crown". In the collection of the actor there are samples not only with the Latin alphabet, but also with Russian and even Arabic. Tom Hanks loves to disassemble and collect the most favorite samples of his collection in between filming.

Angelina Jolie, knives. Journalists should be more careful with this actress, because she loves to collect sharp and dangerous knives. Her collection is truly amazing. Collecting these items "Mrs. Pitt" began when she was 12 years old, when her mother bought her her first knife. The information about the collection looks especially piquant together with the data on the storage of a vial of blood of Billy Bob Thornton, the ex-husband of the actress. Jolie herself tells how she stabbed herself with knives during sex to make her feelings even more acute. But even more disturbing is the fact that the same hobby has appeared in Maddox, the young son of a star couple.

Claudia Schiffer, spiders. The collection of insects is somehow badly associated with the image of a top model. Meanwhile, it is precisely such a hobby that Claudia Schiffer has. She adores spiders so much that she simply cannot stop in her love for them. Her entire house is adorned with images of these insects. Even a collection of clothes from Schiffer herself, released in 2011, was dedicated to spiders. The model said that they became her inspiration when creating sketches. Love for spiders came from childhood. Claudia loved to look at the morning web with dew drops. Since then, she has often killed time simply by drawing these insects and their webs.

Johnny Depp, collects everything. This Hollywood actor is considered quite odd. And his hobbies match the established image. His most unusual hobby was the skeletons of pigeons. Earlier, Depp collected beetles and bats. And in Paris, the actor has a favorite shop, which constantly supplies new exhibits to the collector's collections. A more traditional hobby involves collecting items related to the writer Jack Kerouac. Depp possesses not only editions and manuscripts of his works, but also the author's raincoat, jacket and suitcase. The actor and art collects - he is attracted by paintings depicting clowns, lamps and art deco furniture.

David Arquette, knitting. This actor and director has a hobby that is rarely seen in men. Arquette knits in his spare time. And this despite the reputation of notorious revelers. How can you imagine such a glamorous character sitting peacefully behind the knitting needles? Indeed, at one time, Arquette's freewheeling libido almost destroyed his family, reputation and career. The actor's fascination even led him to the cover of the 2005 Celebrity Scarves collection for needlewomen. There Arquette poses with one of his creations.

Mike Tyson, pigeon training. Despite his irrepressible temper in the ring, the famous hot-tempered boxer found an outlet for himself in ordinary life. The fact is that he is engaged in training pigeons. Iron Michael developed a passion for these beautiful birds as a child. And he even got into a fight at the age of 10 from pigeons. During an active boxing career, Tyson could not devote enough time to his feathered favorites. And after finishing fights, he is happy to breed and train his beloved pets.

Nikolay Tsiskaridze, embroidery. The famous Russian dancer, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, found a way for himself to calm his nerves. To do this, he chose a not male occupation at all - embroidery. Today Nikolai knows almost all styles of embroidery, he started with the smooth surface, and later mastered the cross. Currently, the dancer is happy to spend time embroidering scarves and paintings, then giving them away to his friends. Tsiskaridze says that this activity not only calms, but also allows you to achieve goals. After all, embroidery becomes a kind of auto-training that clears the brain of negative thoughts. They say that if a person has conceived something, then by embroidering, you wind it on your mind. And this brings the goal closer.

Alena Sviridova, haircut. The Russian singer knows who she would be if not for her love of singing. She could easily open her own beauty salon. After all, even at school, Alena graduated from hairdressing courses, continuing to do this to this day. Her whole family has a haircut from the singer. They even say that some Russian stars consult Sviridova before visiting stylists and hairdressers. As Alena herself admits, she devotes her free time to this hobby, but she did not dare to devote her life to it. The singer has a professional barber kit that allows her to get a good haircut. After all, a haircut is somewhat similar to the creation of a sculpture. This hobby is really interesting, but you shouldn't put it on stream. To have fun, all you need to do is cut someone's hair once a week.

Valdis Pelsh, military helmets. This showman is a classic example of what happens if you don't play enough of soldiers in childhood. The artist's hobby this time is quite courageous - collecting military helmets. The collection was the result of Valdis's passion for military history at school. Today in the Pelsh collection there are not only army helmets, but also other army hats. Among the exhibits there are truly unique things - a German leather helmet of the 19th century, a ceremonial helmet of an officer of the army of Napoleon III. The only difficulty for a collector is that there is simply nowhere to put new samples.

Shura, floristry. And this man has a rather atypical hobby, as for the stronger sex. Although for a creative person, such an occupation seems appropriate. The singer is also a florist artist. Shura was able to learn this skill from a Japanese ikebana specialist while in Riga. Returning to his native Novosibirsk, the singer began to create on his own. He made his own ikebana from dried flowers. In general, Shura has quite a lot of material for creativity - after all, bouquets of flowers presented by fans are suitable for this. He makes his own ikebana out of "brooms" and then gives them away to friends. This hobby does not pursue commercial benefits. Shura's largest work, an ikebana of 180 roses, went to the legendary Alla Pugacheva.

Sergey Lukyanenko, mouse figurines. This Russian science fiction writer has also joined the ranks of collectors. However, unlike other collectors who do not know what to do with voluminous objects of desire, Sergei chose small figurines as his hobby. And they are dedicated to mice. The thing is that it was in the year of the Mouse that this collection was born. The writer gave his wife, also Mice according to the eastern horoscope, a small figurine of this animal. She liked it, over time, friends began to give these very items. Then it was also fashionable. Today the collection contains more than one hundred exhibits. There are stone, porcelain, wooden, and even chocolate mice.

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