The most unusual chocolate

The most unusual chocolate

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Our food would be gray and mundane if sweets didn't exist. One of the most popular foods on the planet is chocolate. In many countries of the world, July 11 is celebrated as World Chocolate Day, such a tradition was laid in 1995.

According to statistics in Russia, this sweetness is regularly consumed by 82% of the population, while in America and Europe this figure is even higher. Until this happens, fans of sweets are experimenting with it, coming up with more and more new fillings.

I must say that unusual chocolate can often be purchased at a completely humane price, which cannot but delight gourmets. The most unusual sweets sometimes surprise with the boldness of experiments with taste, let's talk about them in more detail.

Camel milk chocolate. The exact price of this delicacy is unknown. In the United Arab Emirates, camel milk is a fairly popular product. The country even produces ice cream on its basis. Since the spring of 2012, Al Ain Dairy has offered consumers 6 new flavors of camel milk at once. But the most popular is another product with such a favorite filling - chocolate. This delicacy is produced by Al Nassma. Its representatives report that their chocolate is more beneficial than traditional counterparts, and the low fat content makes the treat accessible even to diabetics. In chocolate, sweets, usual for the East, are used as an additive - nuts, honey and spices. So far, a product based on camel milk can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer, at airports and hotels. However, Al Nassma is also thinking about conquering European markets.

Chocolate with absinthe. Adding alcohol to chocolate is a fairly common practice. You can recall at least "Cherry in Cognac", sold in Soviet stores. Later, our compatriots got acquainted with the Finnish Fazer sweets containing vodka. The Swiss company Villars, which has a century of experience in the production of chocolate, has launched a unique product with the taste of absinthe on the market. Villars Larmes d'Absinthe costs about $ 6 and is able to surprise even sophisticated gourmets. An especially acute unusual taste makes itself felt when the chocolate melts in the mouth, then the bitterness of the famous wormwood tincture becomes noticeable. You will not be able to get drunk with such a portion of absinthe, because its content in sweetness is only 8.5%. It should be noted that this famous chocolate house produces several more varieties of unusual alcoholic chocolate. It meets with pear, plum and quince vodka and with traditional cognac.

Chocolate with black truffle flavor. Black truffles are a rather rare and therefore expensive product in themselves. Chocolate with them is of great value. Moreover, in this case, we are not talking about truffles-sweets, but about those very famous edible tubers, the price of which fluctuates around 2 thousand dollars per kilogram. Brothers Michael and Rick Mast began to produce special chocolate under the brand “Mast Brothers”. This factory in the United States is one of the few where sweet products are created exclusively by hand, including even the initial processing of the cocoa beans themselves and the final packaging of the finished chocolate. The brothers come up with a variety of unusual flavors for their creations. They are especially proud of the treat with the addition of Mast Brothers Chocolate Black Truffle, worth $ 8. The cocoa content in the product is 74%, and in addition to the delicacy, the original taste is achieved by adding a pinch of sea salt. As a result, such elite chocolate received an earthy taste from the truffle, which is fully revealed when the sweetness begins to melt in the mouth.

Chocolate with coconut and curry. No one is surprised by chocolate with the addition of hot pepper. But the sweetness that hides Indian curry inside is a novelty. Such an unusual spicy chocolate worth $ 3.25 was produced by the American company "Theo Chocolate". Its leading expert Becky Deauville sees no limits to experimentation, boldly trying different flavors. As a result, the brand has received many prestigious awards for its unusual flavor combinations. Critics have noted flavors such as Fig, Fennel & Almond or Lime Coriander. Milk chocolate with spicy curry and toasted coconut is worth highlighting. The tile has received an unusual taste that will surely appeal to connoisseurs of Indian cuisine. At the same time, organic chocolate has a short shelf life, which is due to the use of exclusively environmentally friendly and natural ingredients.

Chocolate with flower petals. Each of us knows that adding raisins or nuts to chocolate is already a classic in the world of sweets. But the use of flower petals in this product is not yet so widespread. But the French company Bovetti has been producing chocolate for several years, which includes violet, lavender, jasmine or rose petals. This small factory has been operating since 1994 at the foot of the French Alps. For this production, Walter Bovetti left his native Piedmont to fulfill his dream and give birth to a new chocolate brand. Today his company produces one and a half hundred varieties of chocolate, a special place among which belongs to the bars with the addition of colors. These natural ingredients are found in milk, white and dark chocolate. In Bovetti tiles, which cost 4.5 euros, the leaves can be found candied and dried. Although the taste of the petals is practically not realized, they give the product a pleasant floral aroma.

Salted chocolate. Everyone knows that chocolate should be sweet. But some don't think so. Experiments of pastry chefs gave birth to salty chocolate. At the same time, gourmets believe that such a combination looks quite natural. The fact is that salt just emphasizes the sweetness of the product and enhances the sensations. You can buy dark salty chocolate from Salazon for as little as $ 3.59. To help the customer looking for just such an unusual taste, right on the packaging, and on the tile itself, several workers are depicted mining salt. This organic product is produced in small batches. For him, sea salt is brought from afar, from South America. It should be noted that in addition to the Salazon Salted Chocolate Bars, the manufacturer offers chocolate with the taste of salt and pepper, salt and cane sugar, as well as salt and ground coffee.

Chocolate with bacon. They say that Napoleon also loved pork with chocolate. And in Ukraine there is such a delicacy as lard in chocolate. It can be found on the menus of some restaurants and is a popular dish. Perhaps these facts pushed the company Vosges Haut-Chocolate from Chicago to the idea of ​​combining two of America's favorite foods - chocolate and bacon. This is how the Mo's Bacon Bar tile was born, costing $ 7.5. Milk and dark chocolate, in addition to pieces of smoked pork, also contain grains of salt. The inscription on the package says that it will be possible to fully appreciate the full depth of the taste of such a product only by using all five senses. For an American manufacturer, this is not the first daring experience with chocolate. Vosges offers sweetness with flavors of peanut butter and mushrooms, Japanese wasabi and Mexican ancho. It is possible that the manufacturer owes such a rich palette of taste to its owner Katrina Markov, who loves to travel.

Lavender chocolate. The herb lavender has long been known for its healing and soothing properties. It is no coincidence that American chocolatiers drew attention to her. As a result, a product appeared that, in theory, gives an effect equal to several hours of relaxation in the spa. Dagoba lavender blueberry bitter dark chocolate costs $ 3.5. It is lavender that gives the tiles a pleasant aroma. And for the antioxidant properties of the treat, the blueberry included in it is responsible. The name of this organic product is translated from Sanskrit as "temple of the gods". Lavender-infused chocolate was created by former chef Frederick Schilling in 2001. For the production of such a product, exclusively environmentally friendly cocoa beans were selected, which were manually harvested in Costa Rica, Madagascar and Ecuador. At the same time, not only blueberries and lavender are added to Dagoba, but also raspberries, rosemary, cardamom, lemon zest and clover.

Hay flavored chocolate. In addition to rare spices of flowers and flowers, they have already learned to add meadow herbs to chocolate. The famous English chocolatier Sir Hans Sloan invented a special kind of chocolate especially for the Windsor five-star Coworth Park hotel. It included seemingly incompatible ingredients such as hay and cocoa beans. To obtain exclusive chocolate, the chocolate mass is mixed with specially chopped and dried grass growing in the meadows near the elite hotel. As a result, an unusual smell of hay is born. But in addition to it, Hay milk chocolate also contains notes of rose, jasmine and saffron. The creator of such a product believes that such a combination will make you feel the pastoral silence that reigns in these places. Not everyone was able to appreciate the taste of such chocolate. After all, you cannot find it in regular sales, you can taste the unique sweet only in the Coworth Park Hotel or in a special store inside it.

Slimming chocolate. Everyone knows that it is impossible to lose weight and eat sweets. But the Spanish pastry chefs decided to correct the injustice. They launched an unusual chocolate on sale, which not only prevents you from gaining excess weight, but, on the contrary, helps you lose weight. True, for a double pleasure you will have to pay about 8 euros. Cocoa Bio created such an unusual product in 2009, showing it at the chocolate exhibition in Madrid. The sweetness was named Lola, and it included several ingredients unusual for such a meal. Among them are special amino acids that suppress appetite. In their taste, chocolate sweets for weight loss are no different from their traditional counterparts, except that their color is unusual. This product has an original greenish tint, which is given to it by the algae with vitamins A and B12. The difference between Lola chocolate and traditional products is that it should be eaten not after a meal, but before it. Then the desire to taste the first, second and sweet will significantly decrease.

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