The most unusual churches

The most unusual churches

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The church is a place where a person can pray to God. Let's talk about the most unusual churches in the world.

Church from Lego, Holland. Lovers of modular buildings should visit this temporary structure from the Netherlands. It is known that their Lego bricks can be built anything you want. In this case, the witty Dutch managed to build even a church out of toy colored blocks. In fact, the compound bricks are not at all the toy and plastic ones from the regular Lego set. These blocks are made of concrete in such a way as to remind of the famous designer. Even the roof itself resembles classic Lego plates. And this church was built by Michel de Wit and Philip Jonker at the Grenswerk festival in Enschede.

Organic Church, Italy. This amazing building is located on the outskirts of the city of Bergamo, at the foot of the Monte Arena mountains. The cathedral is organic, as it is essentially made of trees. And the Italian artist Giuliano Mauri came up with such an example of architecture. In 2001, his passion for nature inspired him to create an amazing project that took art to a new level. The people of Bergamo were stunned that the new city church would be built with trees. Unfortunately, the author of the project himself died in 2009 and will not be able to see the results of his grandiose plan. However, out of respect for Maury, the project was started in 2010. The organic cathedral is made up of 42 columns created by fir trunks. Supporting structures were created around the young trees from chestnut and hazelnut branches. Over time, the trees will grow larger and will need less support. As a result, the technogenic structure will eventually turn into completely organic. Now 1,800 spruce trees are supported by 6,000 meters of other plants, fastened with nails. But over time, these belts will be completely dismantled. The whole complex covers an area of ​​650 sq.m.

Church made of bones, Czech Republic. This place practically does not stand out from the street. Meanwhile, many tourists come to see the small chapel in the suburb of Kutná Hora. And do not be deceived by the appearance of an ordinary medieval temple. When you enter the Sedlec crypt, you will quickly understand why this church is one of the most amazing on the planet. The fact is that it is artistically decorated with 40 thousand human bones. This place is better known as the Ossuary. One of the most interesting art objects here is the chandelier hanging right in the center of the temple. The huge structure includes every human bone.

Snow Church, Germany. What could be more natural for northern countries than building a structure out of snow? The Bavarians also decided on a similar step. A church opened near the Czech border on December 28, 2011. To emphasize its "cold" character, the building is also bathed in blue light. Residents hoped to open the church before Christmas, but plans were hampered by the banal lack of snow in those parts. The snowy structure was built to replace the church that had stood here since 1911. And the reason for its construction was the protest of local residents. After all, the nearest church was 90 minutes walk, which was quite far. Residents of the secluded village of Mitterfirmiansreut decided to build their own prayer place from the snow, because there was quite a lot of it that year. Thus, they hoped to draw the attention of the authorities to their own plight. The first service was held there on March 28, 1911. As a result, the snow melted with warming, but the mission was completed. We learned about the snow church even in the USA, from where donations began to come. As a result, in 1923 a stone chapel was built and then expanded. A modern project cost 100 thousand euros. 1400 cubic meters of snow and ice slabs were spent on the construction of the building. The final church was 46 feet long, 22 feet wide, and 13 feet high. In addition to the lack of snow, the skepticism of the Catholic authorities also became a problem - the local bishop refused even to consecrate the new building.

Church on a tank, USA. The unusual church was erected by American artist Chris Cooksey, it evokes mixed feelings. Such a building is associated with the warlike crusades, but today religion has become much more peaceful. The project was shown in Kansas in 2007. The Church embodied the long cooperation between God and War, which was united by man. Sadly, religion has long been a pretext for murder, as the sculptor showed in this controversial grotesque work.

Inflatable Church, Holland. Meet Transparante Kepk - an inflatable church. I must say that such a product is in demand. After all, it can be moved and quickly deployed anywhere. Such a project was carried out by the philosopher Frank Los. Its transparent church is 5 by 8 meters in size and even its own small bell tower. The interior can accommodate about 30 people. The church is currently touring the country, appearing at festivals, corporate and private events. However, it does not hold traditional worship, it is just a format with an emphasis on philosophy, allowing you to get a deeper touch on important life issues. The church even has its own website, which tells about the events taking place there - weddings, funerals, Christmas.

Transparent Church, Belgium. Such an unusual temple was created by architects Pieterzhan Gijs and Arnaut van Warenberg. The rays of the setting sun pass right through the church, making it transparent. And such a project was implemented in the Belgian region of Haspengow. The church became the object of a long-term installation called Z-OUT. Its goal is the unexpected erection of non-standard buildings in various public places of the country over the next 5 years. The church itself consists of one hundred layers, which are composed of 2,000 steel plates. Depending on the position of the observer, this structure can either look completely solid, or even practically disappear altogether.

The smallest church in the world, USA. Not everyone wants to build churches that are gigantic and awe-inspiring and respectful. This church is located right in the middle of the pond, perched on a wooden platform. All the details about the unusual structure are told at a billboard on the side of the road. The church was built in 1989, its area is only 28 squares. Only two people can fit inside. The building does not belong to a certain denomination, just here a person can turn to his God. Several years ago, information appeared that a wedding was even held here - along with the bride and groom, the priest also fit inside. And the rest of the guests settled on boats, not far from the island. The church opens at the request of guests, and you can only get there by water.

Church-carriage, Russia. In Russia, the problem of the lack of churches in some places was solved in a rather unusual way. For this, old railway cars were used. This can be explained by taking into account the area of ​​Russia. And do not consider such a phenomenon to be modern. It turns out that the churches located in the carriages originate in Russia since 1890. They traveled all over the country. In 2000, a mobile church carriage was opened in honor of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God. In 2002, Russian Railways handed over to the Novosibirsk diocese a special church-carriage in the name of St. Nicholas of Mirliki. There are also churches and special carriages for transporting the relics of the saints.

Church on the rock, Georgia. This unique church is located not even on the rock, but on the Katskhi stone pillar in the Chiatura region. Archaeological excavations were carried out at the summit, which showed that there was a place of worship here even before Christian times. Scientists have also found the remains of an old church there. It existed here between the 6th and 8th centuries, having pagan roots. Here they prayed to the gods of fertility. The church was restored, and today one Christian monk resides and serves prayer services there. He has been in the church for over 20 years, and all communication with the outside world takes place thanks to a rusty metal vertical staircase. It is even called a staircase to the sky, because the top is as much as 40 meters.

Sunset Chapel, Mexico This church looks more like a huge sculpture than a chapel. This memorial chapel is located in Acapulco, Mexico. It looks both monumental and open at the same time. After all, there are slots high in the walls, and through the entrance, visitors can admire the sea. You can climb up the stairs to the chapel, because it is located high above the line of trees and boulders.

Concrete church, Italy. This structure is in no way combined with the grace inherent in most religious buildings. The Italian architecture firm Fuksas has created such a parish complex in Foligno. Surprisingly, the project won the national competition to find a form for new churches. The main thing that distinguishes this structure is its high strength. The church should become a symbol of revival in the city after a possible earthquake. And the lighting here is natural, given by the heavens themselves. The sun's rays hit inside the concrete church through bizarre holes.

Leaf chapel, Japan. This small wedding chapel is located in a scenic location in the Risonare resort near the Kobuchizawa Hotel. The church is right on the pond and has two leaves. One of them is made of steel and the other is made of glass. The metal part features acrylic glass and a vine-shaped floral pattern. It is illuminated from the outside during the day, and from the inside at night. This leaf opens at the very same moment of the marriage ceremony, when the groom kisses the bride.

Sliding Chapel, Colombia. The church was created from glass, steel and wood in such a way as to transform from a rigid and motionless, intimate place into a rather large chapel. It combines the beauty of nature and the possibilities of design. This building was created by the architect Daniel Bonilla. The church is "a passage between two worlds, known and unknown, light and darkness." When the door opens, it has an important psychological effect. After all, a person not only sees the landscape, nature as if beckons him to touch it. When the church changes its size, the place for the altar turns into a place for the choir, the main nave becomes a side nave, and the chapel itself becomes part of the landscape, harmoniously integrating into it.

Geometric Chapel, Spain. This structure combines the weight and strength of concrete with ultra-light origami figures. The chapel was created by SM.AO, which chose to create a minimalist interior inside the sharp forms. The church is located on the top of a small hill and has no artificial light sources at all. This structure is visible from a distance of 2 kilometers. There is nothing inside the church at all, only a cross is installed at the point of incidence of the rays, which emphasizes the symbolism of the project itself.

Christian Church in Beijing, China. This church bears little resemblance to traditional Christian buildings of this kind. She is very open, bright and outwardly angular. The building not only lets in a lot of light, but also replaces the traditional church courtyard with its rooftop terrace. This open space is specially designed for parishioners. The building fits perfectly into the urban landscape, but there is a sense of holiness next to it. And the vertical towers of this church are visible for many kilometers.

Forest Chapel, USA. Even notorious atheists will want to stay in this place for a couple of hours. This unusual church is located in the forest near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is very interesting to see how metal corner trusses were able to simulate the growth of living trees. And the glass begins to shine beautifully in the sun. As a result, the transparent façade, together with the farmhouse, gives an idea of ​​a large forest, rather than a carefully constructed chapel. Only inside it, a person begins to see all those unusual smallest details that have formed this architectural creation. Such a church was built back in 1980 by Frank Lloyd Wright. The goal was to show the charms of nature, the correct planning of buildings may not affect the beautiful natural views. All materials for the construction of the chapel were of local origin.

Church of the Holy Angelic Virgin Mary, Holland. This Catholic structure is located in the St. Lawrence Cemetery in Rotterdam. A neo-Gothic chapel was built there in the 19th century, but it could not withstand unfavorable soil conditions. In 1963, the old building was demolished and the basement of the original church became the basis for the new one. The new chapel is in the center of the site, where all the paths of the cemetery lead. The church is distinguished by its golden ceiling, unusual roof and undulating wall. The main inner color is a deep blue, like the robes of the Virgin Mary in many paintings of the Renaissance. The walls are decorated with liturgical texts in various languages, reflecting the cultural diversity of Rotterdam. The interior is quite intimate, with an aura of calm and austerity. The golden ceiling is artificially illuminated from below, glowing gently. A hole has been made in the roof through which the concrete altar is illuminated. The total area of ​​the church is 110 square meters, and its construction was completed in 2001.

Breathing Church, USA. Hope, Rhode Island is home to the United Methodist Church. When her needs exceeded the existing space, it was decided to build a new building. It happened on the basis of an ugly building built in 1970. Prefabricated timber structures and vinyl siding were used for the new church. The building is made "breathable", that is, it has a high transparency and connection between spaces. The main internal elements are also twisted in a spiral. The construction was completed in 2008.

Parish Church of Santa Monica, Spain. To see such a building is generally rare, and yet it is also a church. The project belongs to the architects Ignsacio Vicens and José Ramos. It is safe to say that their creation in Madrid is unique. After all, the building combines everything that the parish needs. There are both offices and the priest's own quarters. Architects describe the building as a "frozen explosion". The church consists, in fact, of two buildings. The first is a chapel with a large portico, and the second is a reinforced concrete dwelling. The total capacity of this church is 77 people.

Caterpillar chapel, Switzerland. This chapel is another example of how the church can have a non-standard appearance. The temporary facility was built specifically for the hospital in De Saint-Loup. The main building here was reconstructed in 2007, so a temporary place for religious services was built. Nevertheless, the chapel, which looks like a caterpillar in its folds, does not look flimsy at all. It was built of wood panels folded like origami and transparent plastic covered with cloth. This structure allows natural light to penetrate into the room. The development of an unusual shape was carried out using a computer program, it was she who cut out panels 6 centimeters thick. The axis of the new church lies from east to west, it is open on each side.

Earthen Chapel of Reconciliation, Germany. This is not only a church, simple and concise. The chapel is also an object that brings together different groups of the population.The building appeared on the site of a former similar church, which arose here back in 1894. However, then it was destroyed in 1961, as there was a wall dividing the two parts of Germany. The new temple was built from scratch, and the material for it was tamped earth, in which clay was also mixed. The authors of the project were architects Rudolf Reiterman and Peter Sassenrach.

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