The most unusual types of business

The most unusual types of business

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The heights in business are achieved by hard work, with the help of luck, or you can embody a non-standard and fresh idea, which will give the desired result. It's not enough to come up with something of your own, you need to find a place and time where to apply the idea. Not all of them are fired, however, both in Europe and in the United States there are many interesting and unusual business projects that, by the way, did not require large start-up capital. To create your own original business, you need to have an open mind that will not interfere with the processing of a risky and unpromising idea for others. But unusual types of entrepreneurship have their advantages - a low threshold for entering a business and a lack of competition in their niche. Let's talk about the ten most original small business ideas that have been introduced abroad and try to assess the prospects for possible application in our country.

Socks by mail. This project was implemented by Mamie Lichty and Marcel Roth, entrepreneurs and managers of various levels became his clients. The businessmen decided that the idea of ​​selling socks by mail order could bring them success. According to unofficial data, from 1999 to 2006, their company sent about 120 thousand pairs of socks to 25 countries. The annual turnover of the enterprise is neither more nor less than $ 1.5 million. It all started in 1994. Then the Swiss Lichti, who had already received a diploma by that time, worked in an advertising agency. Once he had a conversation with his Japanese partners in a teahouse, where it was required by etiquette to take off his shoes. To Sami's shame, it turned out that he had holey socks, and also unpaired socks. He had to sit in an uncomfortable lotus position so that partners and bosses would not see his shame. A month later, the enterprising Swiss drew up an idea, which subsequently gave rise to his business. He decided that the socks could be sold online through a subscription. His friend, Marcel Roth, joined the project and the BlackSocks company was created. Initially, it was not about choosing a color for accessories, you could only buy black knee-highs or socks. Then they subscribed, and customers received socks in gift wrapping by mail. People themselves chose the frequency of delivery - three, four or six times a year. Each set consisted of three pairs and the annual fee was 69 euros. The rather high price was due to the high quality of the products - the socks were produced in the north of Italy, using the highest quality yarn. The described business idea is applicable, in principle, for any product. However, in our conditions, it will be difficult to implement it, since the post office is unlikely to be able to deliver goods to your home, and hardly anyone wants to stand in queues to receive a parcel with several pairs of socks.

Selling optimism. Berto Jacobs and his brother John decided that a positive outlook on life could be sold as well. To do this, they created the Life is good clothing brand. The original logo was printed on 48 test T-shirts in 1984 and the clothing was sold in Boston straight from the van. After 45 minutes, the game was sold out! The brothers realized that instilling optimism in people could be the key to wealth. Today, Life is good products are sold in the United States alone at 4,500 retail outlets and can be found in 27 countries. The number of brand stores reaches hundreds. There are many product groups in the assortment today, ranging from jewelry and hats to bedding for dogs. The company's profit in 2007 alone amounted to an "optimistic" $ 100 million. In our country, it is unlikely that it will be possible to earn serious money for such slogans. Firstly, they are used quite a lot in existing advertising campaigns, and secondly, most of the consumers are under the pressure of everyday and political realities in order to discard them and just enjoy life.

Global housekeeper. The name of the founder of the company remained unknown, and the amount of NewYourKey's income is also unclear. This New York office established its business not so long ago, for a small annual fee, copies of customers' keys are stored in a secure chamber, which can be delivered to them within an hour, regardless of their location and time of day. To provide additional security, customers are required to have a photo, username and password to prevent intruders from gaining access to the keys. Experts assess positively the organization of such a business with us, because the keys are often lost, and opening an apartment by licensed professionals is quite expensive. You just need to secure a license and support from law enforcement agencies.

Women's team. The turnover of Kerry Killing's company reaches one and a half million dollars a year, the business owner herself is preparing to launch her own franchise program. The company "A woman's touch" ("Feminine touch") carries out a whole range of orders. This is not only painting and plastering, but also locksmith, carpentry, electrical work. A feature of the company's work is the fact that the order is carried out exclusively by women, highly qualified, courteous and reliable. Once Kerry Killing worked in an investment bank, it was there that she once realized that the female team working in the male field of activity would stand out noticeably, and was simply doomed to success. The founders reasonably decided that many female clients feel comfortable entrusting repairs to the fairer sex. As proof - rave reviews about the efficient work, cleanliness and punctuality of the female employees. "A woman’s touch" offers services not only for the renovation of buildings, but also for their construction, starting with the preparation of the project and its approval, ending with communications and decorative finishing. Even the delivery of the necessary materials falls on women's shoulders. True, on the company's website there are two men in the information about the team - an accountant and a builder. And the co-owner of the company is also a man. We could hardly have such an idea; it is not surprising that America, where a lot of attention is paid to emancipation, became its homeland. Our women do not need to prove anything, and some types of work still require physical strength.

Filling players. When a friend approached Catherine Kane and asked her to fill the memory of her $ 500 iPod by digitizing a collection of CDs, she realized that this could be her business idea. Soon there were two more applicants, and the start-up capital was drawn up. Soon, Catherine was able to publish her rates of $ 1.75 for each digitized disk and $ 1.5 if the number of those from the customer exceeded 50. Today, the profit of HungryPod has already exceeded $ 100 thousand. With the increase in the number of digital media, this idea may take root in our country. Of course, the cost of the service should be noticeably lower, and it should be clarified whether copying discs will be interpreted as copying licensed products prohibited by law.

Trainer at home. America is full of obese people who are just too lazy to go to the gym, someone is tormented by complexes or does not have enough time for it. Lauren Loper from Georgia launched her unique project "Your Mobile Gym", the goal of which was to enable lazy or busy women to do sports. Clients only need to make one call and a professional trainer, also, by the way, the woman will come directly to the house and conduct the training individually. The buses specially equipped by the company have all the necessary sports equipment, and it is there that it is proposed to conduct classes. The idea of ​​calling an instructor at home is also embodied here, especially since many country houses are already equipped with their own gym and swimming pool. A competent specialist could organize training even without simulators, so the transportation of equipment could have been abandoned.

Mobile feng shui. Paul Darby's business has delighted feng shui fans around the world. He launched the website phoneshui, which brought together 38 million people with mobile phones and ancient Chinese teachings. On the portal, you can learn how to get positive energy with the help of mobile and its feng shui. Darby argues that even the personal settings of the phone can affect the energy of the owner, telling a lot about him. Visitors are encouraged to improve the flow of positive energies by making the appropriate settings in the phone. According to Paul, he is an "ambassador for peace", making the life of phone owners more harmonious. Some mobile sellers have gotten involved in supporting the resource. This is hardly possible in our country, the popularity of feng shui is fading away, and users are looking for an opportunity to save money on communication services, although the services of a "mobile horoscope" are still in demand.

Doctor on the Internet. This service was introduced by Jay Parkinson for those who want to save on their health. Medical services in the States are quite expensive, so a Brooklyn doctor decided to use modern technology to communicate with patients. He does not have an office as such, the doctor consults by e-mail or via videoconferences. A 31-year-old doctor can only visit a patient's home or work when absolutely necessary. Virtual doctor services cost $ 500 a year, the fee includes regular consultations on the Internet and two patient visits. So it turned out that the doctor's arsenal includes not only medical instruments, but also a laptop with an iPhone. However, our doctors say that it is hardly possible to count on qualified remote assistance. The patient runs the risk of not detecting it in time in case of a serious illness, continuing to drink tea with raspberries. We also have lazy or advanced patients, but will there be a doctor who has agreed to take on additional responsibility?

Heavenly messages. The Stinis dynasty works closely with both large corporations (Kodak, Budweiser) and private clients. Net income of Skytypers in 2005 was almost $ 3 million. Business is built on the fact that planes paint whole advertising messages in the sky. In this case, special devices are used that release streams of steam, which form the letters. Each of them is at least 400 meters high. It takes just 4 seconds to display one character, company executives claim the giant inscription will be seen by 2 million people. Stinis Air Service operates only 7 months a year and is based in the eastern United States. The price of the service is not fixed, an inscription of 20-25 characters costs at least 2.5 thousand dollars. It is unlikely that we could earn millions on such advertising, especially since in many places flights over the city are completely prohibited. And the customer is not always ready to use such non-standard techniques to promote his product.

Selling pixels. British student Alex Tew became an unexpected millionaire after he created his site, which quickly became popular, and began selling pixels from it to advertisers. The price per point was only $ 1, in 2006 the young man opened a new resource Pixelotto with the same purpose. However, now the price of a pixel was already doubled. The site has bought most of the space so far, paying 20 thousand dollars for it. The visitors of the resource themselves have the opportunity to earn money by participating in the lottery. To do this, you need to register on the site and click on 10 advertisements daily. The author promises that after the complete sale of all points, a prize of a million dollars will be drawn, which will go to the most active and lucky visitor. This idea is valuable in that it attracted a large number of people with low advertising costs. However, can our advertisers take seriously the opportunity to glorify themselves at a paltry price? In addition, not everyone is still aware of the possibilities of advertising on the Internet, and the network coverage in our country is not yet the same as in Europe and the USA.

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