The most unusual cafes

The most unusual cafes

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Gatherings in cafes have become part of the life of city dwellers. Where else in the bustling metropolis can you find a warm and calm corner to relax?

People constantly figure out how to make their cafes the best. Unusual cafe concepts appear every year, isn't it time to get to know them better?

Cafe des Chats. Cafe des Chats has appeared in the very center of Paris, in the Marais quarter. The main thing here is not a croissant with cappuccino, but cats. Usually these cute animals are found in such establishments, walking between tables. But this is just a nice addition to a cozy cafe, and not its main idea. The creators of this institution combined business with pleasure - 10 cats and cats were taken from the shelter for homeless animals. The animals were treated and settled right in the cafe, highlighting specially built houses. The pets of the establishment walk around it wherever they want - after all, this is their home. The owners of the cafe argue that this is not reflected in the level of sanitation. And visitors are allowed to stroke the furry inhabitants, sitting on a chair or directly on the floor. The mission of the cats in this cafe is purely therapeutic. Managers say the purr creates vibrations that ease rheumatism and arthritis. Cats also help maintain normal heart rate and circulation. The "cat house" even has its own page on social networks. And there you can see that Parisians are booking tables in an unusual cafe for a week in advance. The menu itself does not offer anything unusual - it serves dishes from organic products and brews coffee as standard. The concept of the establishment, together with the purring owners, turned out to be so simple and pleasant that a similar cafe should soon appear in London. And in St. Petersburg since 2011 there is something similar called "The Republic of Cats".

Bau House Dog Cafe. Do not think that Koreans do nothing but eat dogs. In Seoul, there is a cafe called Bau House Dog Cafe, which is home to about 20 breeds of man's most important friends. In particular, there is the Irish Setter, Cocker Spaniel and Siberian Husky. And you are allowed to play with them right in the institution itself, especially since there is a rather large hall here. Visitors are even allowed to feed the dogs, however, only with those products that were bought in the cafe itself. The famous culinary blogger Dustin Cole said that there is no doggy smell in the Bau House, only the high cost of those accessories for dog breeders that are offered along with coffee can scare away.

Metro St. James. In this cafe, you can pay with an unusual currency - a kiss. The site of Metro St. James, located in Sydney, but made in French style, says so directly about the promotion being held here. In June 2013, all those who came here from 9 to 11 am could drink their coffee for free. For this it was only necessary to carry out a kiss. And it doesn't matter who the object was - a satellite or a companion, or another, unfamiliar visitor. But it was forbidden to rush to the staff with "pay". At the same time, in the commercial, the waiter warns that the cafe workers will watch the kisses, not allowing them to fake. A fake can be easily identified, because professionals work here. The action was so successful that the initiative had to be extended. For a couple of months, the cafe has collected about a thousand kisses. And in order to declare their readiness to pay in a cafe with such an unusual currency, special tablets were placed on the counter. On their screen, select the "pay with a kiss" menu item. After that, the device will take a photo of the customer at the moment of making the "payment". It remains only to confirm the payment by clicking on the button. And photos of the best kisses for cafe services are regularly published on social networks.

Cafe without Internet. Today it is difficult to find a decent café that does not have Wi-Fi and Internet access. But in California, a new trend has arisen - the deliberate deprivation of Internet establishments. In 2010, not far from Silicon Valley, the technology capital, the first place without the Internet, Four Barrel Coffee, appeared. The local car is 53 years old, and the walls of the cafe are created with the use of recyclable materials. The designers turned out to be so ironic that they even painted quite realistic rosettes on the walls. As a result, uninitiated visitors tried to charge their gadgets from walls and paint. And in the new San Francisco establishment, The Mill, guests with laptops will clearly not like it. This cafe was opened by one of the founders of Four Barrel Coffee, Jody Jirin. He believes that if customers are not immersed in the world of the Internet and their devices, it will create a more friendly atmosphere in the institution itself. So the cafe lacks both Wi-Fi and sockets for recharging mobile gadgets.

Velokafi. In Switzerland, a program to educate the population to ride bicycles is gaining momentum. As part of the experiment, a cafe Velokafi was even built in Zurich, in which visitors are invited to sit not on an ordinary chair, but on the seat of their own bicycle. This institution is located in the open air, on the banks of the Limmat River. The terrace adjoins directly to the popular Rathaus Cafe. Visitors have the option of locking the front wheel of their vehicle between two wooden panels. They bend, forming a table as their continuation. Thanks to the Gipfelsturmer coffee brand, customers receive bonuses here. Every Foursquare check-in will earn you a free espresso. The institution has become popular among cyclists - over 500 people visited it in a week.

Pink dwelling in the style of Barbie. This doll has more than enough fans, so why not open a cafe especially for them? Such an establishment called Barbie Cafe appeared in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. The entire interior is made in pink tones, and the backs of the chairs are made in the form of a lace-up corset with an airy skirt. The main part of the menu is cakes, cakes and other sweets. True, feminists consider such a cafe rather sickening, because Barbie for them is far from the standard of a real woman. But the creators of the institution are not afraid of such an opinion. They believe that numerous Barbie fans from neighboring Hong Kong, China and Japan will certainly come here. The cafe received a license for its opening from the doll manufacturer, the American company Mattel. The manager explained the appearance of such a cafe simply - themed establishments are especially popular in Taiwan. Interestingly, the Barbie cafe has appeared in the most popular shopping area. There is a certain symbolism in the location of the establishment. After all, it was in Taiwan that the Barbies were originally produced, until in 1984 the production moved to China. There, by the way, they also tried to open a similar cafe in 2009, but it closed after a couple of years.

Red Lantem Bicycles. A typical bike shop in Brooklyn has suddenly turned into Red Lantem Bicycles. Now you can sit here and have a hearty chat over a glass of beer or a mug of coffee. And the main purpose of the institution continues to carry out - four mechanics still repair about 200 bicycles every week. But the main thing that attracts customers here is the bar and cafe open right next to the workshop. And after obtaining a license for alcohol, the institution began to sell beer as well. What could be better than a glass of frothy drink while waiting for the repair of your transport. Isn't it worth $ 3?

Bench Cafe. This cafe will surely appeal to those who constantly complain about high prices. In the English county of Kent, in the city of Greifsend, a Bench Cafe appeared. Here visitors are invited to determine for themselves how much they should pay for drinks and food. The owners of the cafes themselves say that food is purchased here for a penny - dishes are prepared here from what turns out to be unnecessary for supermarkets. But we are not talking about expired products at all. For example, Bench Cafe is happy to buy back products with torn packaging. To work in the institution, 16 unemployed people were hired, ready to work in the catering sector. It remains only to teach them how to cook. The project itself was originally not commercial, but charitable. Even the European Social Fund, an NGO, took part in the start-up capital. So the British decided to draw attention to the fact that there are many usable products that are simply disposed of. The owners of the cafe say that their visitors liked it. The institution opened only at the end of August 2013, so it is too early to assess the economic performance of such an unusual enterprise.

Cafe on the tree. This establishment has a very simple name, given its location - Tree Cafe. And they decided to place a cafe here in the Swedish design bureau Byggstudio. Tables and chairs are improvised here - their role is played by boards of different sizes. They are attached here to ropes, creating a kind of swing. And such a woody cafe appears in different parts of Stockholm. The establishment exists in a mobile pop-up format. I must say that the wood theme is also displayed in the menu. For example, visitors are offered maple syrup, cookies with the addition of wood fibers, sandwiches with chestnut cream. The designers say that the structure of the establishment is so simple that it can be assembled anywhere in just a few minutes.

Matchmaker Cafe. A pop-up Matchmaker Cafe has opened in New York next to Amdaz Wall Street. It allows people to make new acquaintances. The visitor receives his order, he is immediately asked if he is alone? If a person really does not have a couple, then with the help of the iPad the guest is shown the Matchmaker dating site with the profiles of other singles looking for a life partner. The client is offered to take a picture and create his own account. For three calls, the characters you like will have to pay $ 5, and for twice the amount you can make 10 calls. This unusual way of website promotion was invented by resourceful Nancy Slotnik, who has been working in the dating market for several years. She launched the site in November 2012, and in less than a year, more than 5,000 profiles appeared on it. And in the first two weeks of the café, 30 more customers were added to promote the resource. But Nancy's first venture was far from that technological. In 1996, she created a similar project, Drip Cafe. It contained photographs of clients and their short story about themselves in a thick book. Visitors could choose who they liked. The hostess herself helped to realize dates in her own cafe.

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