The most unusual beaches

The most unusual beaches

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Who doesn't want to relax at sea? This desire is especially strong in winter. You close your eyes and you can almost hear the waves rustling and the warm sea breeze touches your skin. But after all, beaches are strips of land on the very border with water. Unsurprisingly, they inherit the best traits from their elemental parents.

And the real beaches are not the ones in Turkey. Even if there is no way to visit these beaches, you can listen to them and look at them.

Kayhalulu red beach. On the Hawaiian island of Maui, south of Hana Bay, this amazing beach is located. By itself, it is rather narrow. This, together with its privacy, served as a good bait for nudists. But they are not the main thing on the beach. Its uniqueness is given by red sand of volcanic origin. It contains a large amount of iron oxide, that is, rust. The Pacific Ocean gives the unusual sand a thick brick hue, which looks especially impressive at dawn and dusk.

Shell Beach on St. Bartholomew Island. Here in the Caribbean, nearby is the town of Gustavia. But it will be quite difficult to swim here. But for children - a real expanse. And tourists will certainly be able to take away the memory of the beach. After all, it is all dotted with tropical shells, on which it is better not to walk barefoot. The sea here lives a stormy life, and frequent hurricanes and strong currents have supplied the beach with tons of such souvenirs for centuries. Sailboats often stop near the beach, and the famous Rockefellers live nearby.

Hyams Beach. This place south of Sydney, Australia, even made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the world's whitest sand. From a distance, the beach resembles big whipped cream. However, when heading here, you should not forget about sunglasses and sunblock. The snow-white sand will make great photos. In addition, at dusk, the sand gives its own illumination. The richest people buy real estate here, although it is quite expensive in these places. And Sydney is only 3 hours away from here.

Papakolea beach. Hawaii has a lot to see and where to swim. But this one stands out among all the local beaches. There is green sand in this protected area. Getting here is not so easy - first you have to pay and get a permit, and then walk for a couple of hours on foot through the hills. It's not that easy, because there is nowhere to hide from the heat. But the picture he saw is worth it. Green sand beach - what could be more surprising? This place owes such a cheerful color to the semiprecious stone olivine.

Jurassic beach. It is located near the village of Lyme Regis, in the English county of West Dorset. The fact is that the coastal rocks are literally created from tons of fossilized ammonites. These ancient carnivorous molluscs stand out for their highly rounded shell. In some places on the planet, ammonites are considered a decoration, but on this beach they are just garbage. He's been removed from the beach all the time. But this role is successfully fulfilled by tourists who carry bags of fossilized shellfish from Dorset.

Punaluu beach. And this place is also the pride of the Hawaiian Islands. The sand here is very warm, and its unusual black color contributes to this. After all, it is based on volcanic basalt. Lava during volcanic eruptions flowed into the Pacific Ocean. Contacting the waves, it exploded into future grains of sand. Black sand attracts green turtles. But it is forbidden to touch them, as well as to take out even a handful of unique sand from the beach. Locals say that anyone who breaks the ban will be cursed by the volcanic goddess Pele.

Pink sand beach. There is a pink beach on the Bahamas Harbor Island. Its pastel colors look gentle and inviting. This is what tourists who have been here think, and the locals love their beach. Meanwhile, the secret to attraction is pretty simple. The beach turned out to be this way due to the combination of the pure pink color of the coast with the turquoise of the Caribbean shallow waters. From the outside, this place looks like a real paradise. Nature has worked hard on the delicate shade of sand. We can thank the corals crushed by the surf, and the smallest red plankton that settled on the grains of white quartz, and the red shell. Photographers from all over the world come to take colorful photos. After all, the color of the sand blends so well with the blue sea. The length of the entire beach is 5 kilometers, and the width of the sand strip is from 15 to 30 meters.

San Blas beach. On the Maltese bay of Ramla il Hamra, there is the most red beach not only in Europe but all over the world. The unique color of the local sand was born from the combination of the colors of ancient volcanic ash and golden limestone, which make up the rocks and hills of the island. Although the bay is full of tourists, there are not many of them on this beach. San Blas is also known for its orange limestone lasting for centuries, while other colored beaches can change color over time.

Pfeiffer Beach. This beach in California is called the rainbow beach. It is located in Big Sur, famous for its sunsets. The hills surrounding the beach are filled with minerals of different colors. Spessartine predominates among them. This type of garnet contains manganese and aluminum. The mineral itself varies in color from orange to blood-red. Rain and waves wash away particles, and they rush with water to the ocean. Millions of crystals play in the sun, and the sand on the beach has all shades of purple. There is also lavender, pink, purple, ruby ​​red. The patterns on the beach are absolutely fantastic. An uninitiated guest may think that gasoline has been spilled here or that the brain is just starting a bizarre game. However, it will be quite difficult to find the beach - it is hidden among rocks and hills. Solitude is diluted only by the twittering of birds and the sounds of the surf.

Glass beach. This natural wonder is also found in California. For almost 70 years, this place was nothing more than an ordinary spontaneous dump. Broken bottles, plastics and even car remains were thrown ashore every year. In 1967, the Greens finally secured the closure of the landfill, and the ocean continued to grind the glass and plastics that it had inherited. After a couple of decades, people discovered that nothing was left of the landfill, and the glass turned into multi-colored and translucent stones. This multicolored monpansier is perfect for making necklaces and souvenirs. It is impossible to officially take glass sand from here, but the authorities turn a blind eye to it. Tourists also get the opportunity to purchase beautiful souvenirs processed by the ocean. Fort Bragg Beach is where history is made. After all, glass and sand are essentially the same in their composition. As a result, what was once a bottle of champagne will someday turn into sand. He will get tangled in his hair, the child will create his own castle from him. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that the beach is not noticeable from a distance, revealing all its colors only close.

Heated beach. In fact, this beach is not artificially heated by anyone. On the coast of New Zealand there is a place that is located in a zone of tectonic activity. In some places, the water here warms up to 64 degrees, so you have to be careful not to burn yourself. The reason for this is underwater reservoirs filled with water. She is warmed by the warmth of the volcano. When she goes outside, the beach itself heats up. People can bask right in the sand. To do this, you need to dig yourself a hole and sit in it.

Chilled beach. And here the water is cooled just artificially. Such a beach is located in the wealthy Dubai. This is the first beach of its kind in the world. The hotel Palazzo Versace Dubai offers to relax on it. Visitors will be able to relax on the beach, under the sand of which refrigerant pipes are laid. And the air itself is cooled by huge fans that replace the sea breeze. Although the temperature around the beach exceeds 40 degrees, it is not scorching heat that is felt on it, but a cozy warmth.

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