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Meaning of the name

Juno translated from Italian means "forever young". Juno (Latin Juno) is an ancient Italian goddess, wife of Jupiter, goddess of marriage and birth, patroness of women.


Juno loves to be in the spotlight since childhood. Juno is a creative and talented person. She can always create an atmosphere of fun and celebration around herself. Juno spends a good half of her life on holidays and noisy feasts.

Juno has great intuition. She is kind, sympathetic, too trusting. Juno doesn't understand people well, or rather, she doesn't have time to understand them. Therefore, she is often surrounded by insincere people.

Juno has a refined artistic taste, loves to collect beautiful, expensive things. Juno's outfits must certainly be haute couture, she loves to make a splash with her appearance at any event - be it a reception or a party.

Juno is not meant for homework and cooking. Juno is a good worker, responsible, but considers it her duty to conduct a constant struggle for justice. Often Juno is not on the same side of the barricade with her superiors, which significantly harms her career.


Juno is often not satisfied with her intimate life, which in no way affects her temperament. Juno attracts with her energy and fiery nature rather not bright men in sex, although Juno herself prefers passionate men, skillful, experienced.

In Juno's sexual behavior, much depends on the partner, his ability to light her up. Juno's need for tenderness is unusually great, she willingly accepts male affection. Although long caresses, which is interesting, can extinguish the fire of Juno's passion, and send it in a different direction - the channel of verbal communication.

Juno lights up very quickly and goes out very quickly. Juno's sex with a suitable partner is speed, passion, extreme. Juno loves sex in public places, loves exotic things.

Juno rarely becomes attached to one man for a long time, she is very fickle. Juno is not attracted to a stable, calm family life. Juno is a holiday woman, a volcano woman.


Dark blue.

A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Juno gives the impression of something slow, bright, smooth.

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