The most unusual billionaires

The most unusual billionaires

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After the Forbes magazine publishes its next list of billionaires, the calculations immediately begin - how many rich people are in a particular country or city, how many of them are single and married, how many men or women, and where did the fortune come from.

It turned out that in the last list of most billionaires, 139 people with a capital of 526 billion are employed in the investment business, followed by a group of 129 people with a capital of 628 billion of those who made money from trade and fashion, and the third place is 91 people and 398 billion is borrowed by those who control the energy.

The list of billionaires includes many realtors, financiers, miners and metallurgists. Below are ten such billionaires.

Sweets and cement. The richest inhabitant of Africa is Aliko Dangote. His capital is estimated at 13.8 billion, in the Forbes list he ranks 51st. Dangote is called the Nigerian sugar king. It is believed that he is the businessman with the fastest growing capital. Over the past year, it has increased almost 5 times! This growth was made possible by the listing of the Dangote cement company. But its capitalization amounted to a quarter of the country's entire stock market. And it all started in 1977 with the creation of a small trading company. Over time, it transformed into a huge conglomerate. The Dangote Company first became the main sugar producer for local producers of drinks, sweets and beer, and then took over the cement business not only in Nigeria, but also in neighboring Benin and Ghana. Today, new factories are springing up in Tanzania, Congo, Ethiopia and Zambia, with unloading terminals in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The success of an entrepreneur would have been unthinkable without the support of politicians. In 2003, he supported the ruling People's Democratic Party and its representative, President Olusegun Obasanjo, in repeated elections. This measure cost Dangote $ 200 million. And with the next President of the country, Umaru Musa Yar-Adua, the businessman is on good terms. Currently, the companies of the Dangote Group occupy a dominant position in the Nigerian salt, rice, textile markets, developing along the way the oil and gas and transport industries. The billionaire himself made a present for his 54-year-old birthday - a brand new Bombardier aircraft, worth $ 45 million. There were also rumors that the African was planning to acquire a stake in London football club Arsenal, but this was not confirmed.

A friend of trees. Malaysian billionaire Li Shin Cheng's IOI Group started out with palm oil. This product is used in the food, cosmetic and even metallurgical industries. The company eventually became the largest manufacturer in the world, and its owner in the Forbes rating with 5 billion settled in 208th place. The IOI Group is also a renowned developer in Europe, USA, Indonesia and Malaysia. Li was born into the family of a small Chinese shopkeeper, the future businessman spent his childhood on a rubber plantation. The boy was forced to leave school at the age of 11 to start helping his family. He eventually completed his secondary education, but lost the competition for a palm plantation manager at Dunlop Estate. The young man was explained that for this he speaks English too poorly. Only 20 years later, Li Shin Cheng acquired the company that had once rejected him. It was the happiest day of his life. The billionaire calls the palm trees that gave him wealth his "girlfriends." Journalists and competitors noted the businessman's constant campaigns along his plantations, awarding him with the nickname "tree charmer".

The mistress of fragrances. When Chu Lan Yu, the owner of the Hong Kong company Huabao International, appeared in the 2008 Forbes rating, albeit at the 408th place, many were interested in her. Then the 38-year-old business woman ranked 760 with a capital of 1.3 billion. Now she, with her 2.8 billion, is already 409th and is one of the youngest representatives of the honorary list. The woman did not receive a rich inheritance, having managed to build her own business. It took her only ten years to do this, and she began with the seasoning trade and perfume business. Over time, Chu built up an entire investment empire. The woman, as before, remains a non-public person, but she skillfully attracts investors with assets focused on the growing domestic demand in China. Numerous successful deals have proven that a woman is an excellent business strategist. Numerous subsidiaries of her holding produce perfumes, tobacco and food flavors, as well as fragrances for cleaning products.

The road to wealth by elevator. Finnish billionaire Anti Herlin earned his capital in the simplest way - he inherited it. Now he, with his 1.9 billion in 651st place in the Forbes rating. Anti's father received his capital from his father, and he from his, Harold Herlin. In 1924, he bought the elevator company KONE. Today it is Hanti who owns 20% of its economic interest and 60% of the voting shares. Herlin could have had more, but decided to share his father's capital with his brothers and sisters. The billionaire's father became famous for having written a book about him. In his "Prince KONE" journalist John Simon said that the owner of the company, Pekki, was a real workaholic, tirelessly developing the family business. But this was combined with his extreme despotism, aggravated by mental disorders. The Finn's favorite movie was The Godfather, and the ideal relationship was those that were present in the mafia. Blind devotion to the family was held in high esteem. The head of KONE at the end of his life rewrote his will, leaving everything to Anti's eldest son. He probably seemed the most devoted to the family business. But Anti did not become greedy, sharing the inheritance with his brothers and sisters, making them multimillionaires and preventing a family quarrel.

Walking in the rain The last year has been quite successful for the Chinese landscape architect He Chiaonu. It was able to double its capital and now occupies the 782nd place on the prestigious list with 1.6 billion. He Chiaonu is the President and Owner of Beijing Orient Landscape Company. Since 2009, her holding has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the business woman's share in it is 72%. The reason for the success is simple - a new class of rich people has appeared in China, who in every possible way strive to make their vacation modern, but leave local specifics in it. To do this, the company employs 400 designers who skillfully integrate golf courses into landscapes, as if descended from medieval drawings. The billionaire herself loves simple and natural things - she loves walking in the rain.

Shadow billionaire. The Dutchman Ralph Sonnenberg was able to make billions with the help of the shadow. Its capital is now 1.6 billion, which made it possible to establish itself on the 782nd place of Forbes. The company that became the foundation of the capital was founded back in 1919 by Henry Sonnenberg, the father of the billionaire. At first, she was engaged in the production of mechanical tools, but soon the owner managed to create a new technology for the production of aluminum plates for Venetian blinds. Without thinking twice, Henry repurposed his company. Today, the Hunter Douglas group includes 164 manufacturing, assembly and marketing firms in more than 100 countries around the world. The corporation recently took an unusual move - it announced that from June 1, 2010, it would cease any online sales. The firm is confident that no virtual service can compete with real offices and their high service. It was Hunter Douglas who installed the blinds and ceiling systems during the construction of the world's tallest Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Expert in the criminal code. As you know, the criminal code must be respected. And the American lawyer Joe Jamale also knows the laws well. This allowed him to take 833 place in the Forbes rating with one and a half billion. It is no coincidence that Joe is called the "King of the Civil Code." The demand for a lawyer is so high that he can afford to reject hundreds of the most high-profile cases offered to him, without even reading them deeply. More recently, Jamail has been offered numerous lawsuits against BP, which spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico. But the lawyer refused, citing his busyness. Joe's fame came from the 1985 case, when he took part in the trial between the oil giants Pennzoil and Texaco. This lawsuit went down in history as the most expensive. As a result, Texaco forked out $ 11 billion, and the lucky lawyer's share was a whopping $ 335 million! It was thanks to Jamail that unsafe products such as the Remington 600 rifle, the Honda three-wheeled SUV, and the Parlodel medicine left the market. The lawyer has more than 200 successful cases of personal injury, the amount of compensation for each amounted to more than $ 1 million. Joe was nosy since childhood, even his own mother described him as a boy with whom she, if a stranger, would not advise her children to play. Joe Jamale wrote a book about himself called "The Lawyer. My judgments and victories ”. In the foreword to it, the publishers wrote: "His friends called him" savior "," philanthropist "," good guy "and" son of a bitch ", but no one ever thought he was boring."

A fairy tale both in the book and in reality. Who hasn't read or heard the Harry Potter stories today? Everyone knows the name of the author of this series, J.K. Rowling. With its capital of 1 billion, it ranked 1140th in the rating. Once a single mother lived in dire need with a small daughter, today her fees for books about the wizard boy will be enough for the rest of her life. But there are also films, souvenirs and even a whole amusement park in Orlando dedicated to Harry. Books about life at the Hogwarts School of Magic have been published with a total circulation of 400 million copies. This story has been translated into 60 languages, including Latin and Ancient Greek. After the release of the first book of the series in 1998, the shares of the American publisher have already grown by 50%. The fairy tale entered the life of the writer not only in the form of a book. She finally found happiness in her personal life, remarrying in 2001 and having two more children.

Precious eggs. In 2007, Oleg Bakhmatyuk, the former deputy chairman of Naftogaz Ukraine, unexpectedly sold his stakes in profitable gas distribution companies. He decided to leave the business, which is so heavily dependent on politics. Instead, Oleg decided to focus on the egg production he bought 4 years earlier, which was located in his native Ivano-Frankivsk. Today Bakhmatyuk's capital is exactly 1 billion, in the Forbes list he is in 1140th place. Oleg was able to create a whole egg empire, which included 19 poultry farms, 6 factories producing feed for them, 3 divisions for breeding breeding birds, as well as 3 egg storage facilities and 9 farms throughout Ukraine. In 2009, the businessman held an IPO of his Avangard agricultural holding on the London Stock Exchange. This gave him the opportunity to sell 20% of his shares for $ 210 million. Thus, the cost of the entire business amounted to that very billion. Most of the eggs on the Ukrainian market are produced by small-scale farmers, but Bakhmatyuk estimates that his enterprise produces a quarter of the total volume, and also occupies half of the egg products market. The former gas worker was so carried away by his new direction that the country's market is not enough for him - 17% of production is exported. The billionaire says he is targeting Asian and Middle Eastern markets because they need protein.

Scary shorty. On the Forbes list, there are mostly respectable people who do not have thieves' nicknames. True, this does not apply to the Mexican Joaquin Guzman Loer. This drug lord has a billion dollars and occupies the same 1140 place. Loera is a member of the Sinaloa cartel, and for his appearance he was nicknamed El Chapo, or "shorty." The group is believed to supply about a quarter of all drugs to the United States. The appearance of "Shorty" on such a respectable list of businessman, managers and rentiers caused a real scandal. One of the participants demanded to exclude his name from the rating, and the Mexican government called such a mention of the drug lord an insult. But Time magazine reasonably suggested that the ranking takes into account only the size of wealth, not its origin. Thus, the principle by which Guzman got into the list of billionaires is logical. And Guzman was not the first among his “colleagues” in the Forbes rating. Until 1993, the name of the Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar was listed there, until he died in a shootout with the police. The Guzmán cartel has become the most influential since the boss was taken out of prison in 2001 in a car with dirty laundry. Sinaloa is now the main supplier of drugs from Central America to North America. Experts believe that more than $ 20 billion in wholesale turnover has been laundered over the years. But not everyone considers Guzmán a monster. So, in his native province of Sinaloa, he is perceived rather as Robin Hood, who, with the money he earned, "puts in order the cities and ... cemeteries" (quoted by the Chicago Tribune). True, the local population is as intimidated as possible - the cartel destroys the bodies of enemies in an acid bath.

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