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Meaning of the name

Trofim translated from Greek means "breadwinner".


Trofim in childhood does not cause much trouble to parents. Dumb lazy, a little capricious. At school he studies averagely, has many friends.

Trofim, born in winter, is conflicted, but does not like scandals, hides resentment in himself. Trofim does not accept criticism, for which he likes to criticize.

Trofim is a bit stingy. Nevertheless, Trofim has many friends. He himself is always ready to come to their rescue, and at any time he can count on their help and support.

Trofim, born in the summer, always knows exactly what he wants from life. He is not always sincere in his work. Trofim marries a neat, economic, clean woman. There is always perfect order in his house. Trofim is very housewife.

Trofim is selfish, he has practically no friends, he lives with his parents. Marries after forty. It happens, however, that Trofim marries in his youth, but such a marriage falls apart very quickly.


Sex, for Trofim, is the quenching of carnal desires, a means of relieving tension. Trofim does not have a special temperament, he never seeks variety in sex.

For him, the main thing is that the partner smells of fresh soap, that the bed is fresh, and that there are no screams and groans. He himself usually restrains his emotions during intercourse.

Sometimes Trofim gets bored with monotonous sex with an obedient, neat wife, and he looks for opportunities to relax on the side, usually using paid services.

However, clean Trofim does not like such sex, he returns to his wife, and, in a fit of remorse, gives her something dear. Trofim's wife usually "calculates" treason, precisely by the presence of her new coat, or a ringlet, but she is quite happy with everything.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Trofim gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, kind, courageous, bright, joyful.

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