The most unusual artists

The most unusual artists

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A person is constantly drawn to creativity. Today we have the opportunity to admire the paintings of the most talented artists that civilization has spawned.

Some of them skillfully convey the play of light or water, someone pays attention to details, and someone's paintings just give a mood. There are many amazing artists in the world who use unusual techniques in their work.

The man who writes with his penis. Australian Tim Patch has his brush always at hand. Indeed, in this capacity his penis acts. The artist jokingly calls himself Pricasso. There is no doubt that a great artist would have approved such a pseudonym, because Picasso also adored shocking experiments. Prikasso uses his butt to decorate the background of the painting. After all, drawing with the main tool would take quite a long time. Penis paintings are constantly appearing at various sex exhibitions. At the same time, the artist himself clearly shows visitors how he creates his paintings. The funny thing is that the canvases come out really good, given the unusual tool for their creation.

Artist using vomit. Artist Millie Brown creates what some people boldly call art. The woman drinks the colored milk and then spews the liquid back onto a white canvas or even her dress. She mastered the art of regurgitation, thanks to which she learned to push out the contents of her stomach with the help of muscles. This talent allows Brown to create examples of contemporary art. It would seem, what's so difficult? Drink and spew liquid on the canvas. Meanwhile, Brown's abstract canvases cost thousands of dollars. The most famous painting, "Nexis Vomitus", was created with acoustic accompaniment by two opera singers. This painting costs $ 2,400 and it's not hard to find a video of the painting on the Internet. Only now, watching this painting technique can in itself cause unpleasant urges.

Drawing with a basketball. Chinese woman Hong Yu decided to create a portrait of her idol, basketball player Yao Ming. He recently completed his stellar career with the Houston Rockets. But what is the best way to draw a basketball player? Of course, the ball! The girl loves drawing, but she chooses unusual objects to embody her talent. This time, her brush was a basketball. She dipped it in paint and left marks on the canvas. Gradually, the image of the famous player appeared on paper. A video about such an unusual technique received more than 400 thousand views on YouTube. The artist herself was born and raised in Borneo, lived in Australia and Holland, and now lives in Shanghai.

Human blood as paint. Vinicius Quesada lives in Brazil. He calls himself a personal artist. Quesada loves to shock with his paintings. He created an unusual series called Blues Written in Blood. Unusually, these paintings are painted with human blood and urine. In the apocalyptic paintings of the Brazilian, you can see domineering geishas, ​​cigarette-smoking monkeys and other unusual images. For his paintings, Quesada uses three colors - red, yellow and blue. Most of all in the paintings is red, but the artist's own blood is used for it. True, he can only allocate about 450 milliliters for this every 2 months. Quesada does not use someone else's blood in principle, not wanting to harm anyone.

Underwater arts. A whole group of Ukrainian artists create their canvases under water. To do this, they dive with scuba diving in the waters of the Black Sea. There they have about 40 minutes for creative work. During this time, they manage to put paints on canvases in very difficult conditions. As a result, the paintings are almost the same as those painted in natural conditions. True, before starting to paint, creative divers cover their canvases with waterproof glue. The artists work at depths from 2 to 20 meters. They say that light in the water scatters and falls on rocks and corals. As a result, the underwater world looks so beautiful that it inspires creativity. The human eye is better able to capture this beauty than the camera. But artists need to take into account that colors are lost with depth. So the brown color applied to the canvas under water can turn red on the surface.

Drawing with a breast. American artist Kira Ain Varzeji paints her paintings with breast size 38DD. The technique in this case is not as original as the instrument itself. Kira is just dipping her breasts in the oil paint and then presses them against the canvas. In the process of drawing, this is repeated over and over again, just different color combinations are used. Drawing continues until the artist likes her work. Kira claims that the secret of the popularity of her paintings lies in the special mixing of colors. True, we should still thank the nature that gave such a gorgeous breast. The artist says that the purpose of her work is the emotions of her viewers, as well as bringing the living quarters into a beautiful look. And such pictures invariably make people smile. To achieve such goals, Kira has learned to use a variety of tools - from a variety of brushes to toys, vegetables and various body parts. Those who find these pictures funny should be told that Kira is a recognized artist. Most of her work is sold on eBay, where each work is valued at hundreds of dollars. Kira claims that her paintings have spread all over the world. In every American state, you can find such unusually created works.

Artist painting with tongue. It is said that artists must suffer for their art. As a result, they are forced to dress in dirty linen, and it is not clear what to eat at all. But Ani Kay surpassed all the martyred artists. The fact is that he paints his pictures in his own language. This results in concomitant persistent headaches, cramps and nausea. When Ani decided to paint pictures in an unusual way, he first chose the nose as a tool. But it turned out that this method had already been tested by other artists. The first attempts to use the tongue resulted in severe pain in the head and body due to the sharp fumes from the paint. This art teacher was able to create 20 watercolor paintings already. His pride was a canvas 2.5 meters wide, copying the "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting took 5 months to complete. The artist is building a gallery in his home located in Kerala, India. The body has already become accustomed to the unusual technique, now the work on the picture takes about 4 days.

Drawing with dead ants. For "Portrait with a Pistol", artist Chris Truman used an unusual medium. The author created his work using dead ants. He needed 200 thousand of these hardworking insects at once. The result was a painting in brown tones, which depicted Truman's little brother with a rifle in his hands. Oddly enough, the artist stated that his work is the fruit of love. It was precisely this contradictory feeling that he experienced when killing the ants necessary for the painting. For the sake of art, Truman had to do what he hated. As a result, the painting became not only an object of painting, but also the embodiment of the ant genocide. Its owner will undoubtedly stand out in modern society. And the estimated cost of the painting is 35 thousand dollars.

An artist using his own eyes. This strange method was mastered by Xiang Chen from the Chinese province of Hunan. This artist and artist of calligraphy has learned to hold long, meter-long brushes under his eyelid. This is where he inserts the metal end of the drawing tool. As a result, he writes and draws with the eye. Chen revealed his unusual abilities when he was 16 years old. One day he came home from a construction site and found that both his eyes were clogged with sand. But he himself did not feel any pain or discomfort from this. Chen tried poking his eye, but all he felt was a slight itch. The Chinese man uses his eyes not only for drawing, but also for playing the piano. Interestingly, the doctors state that his organs of vision are no different from ordinary ones.

An artist who paints with human ash. Many artists use the help of friends or family members to create their paintings. But only a few use close people as material for their paintings. Ethical canons were literally blown up by Val Thompson. She mixes the ashes from the cremation of people with paints. This way her unusual ingredient adds texture to the canvas. These unique paintings have allowed the artist to make a good career. And her brother invited her to do such creativity. Val's first painting was created for Anna Keery, who recently lost her husband, John. His ashes went to create a canvas with a picturesque beach. The customer liked the result so much that Val created three more similar paintings, and then even opened her own unique Ashes for Art business.

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