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Meaning of the name

Cecelia translated from Latin means "blind".


Little Cecilia is somewhat withdrawn, but she does not fence herself off from real life. She is a typical introvert, does not lend itself much to the influence of others. Parents should surround her with attention and care, as Cecilia just needs to feel safe, otherwise she may even get sick.

At school, she studies well, is attentive and assiduous, sociable, but not too brave. True, she tries to overcome her fear, which earns the respect of her classmates.

The adult Cecilia is very careful and prudent, it is hard to experience setbacks, but she does not refuse to attempt to conquer the coveted peak and after a while she again begins to move towards the chosen goal.

He thinks through all his actions in advance, trying to take into account all the nuances, to provide for several options for the development of events. With external vulnerability, Cecilia has enormous internal forces, a strong will, intuition on the verge of foresight. But she does not always use her abilities to her advantage.

As a rule, Cecilia carefully chooses her profession, stubbornly and persistently moves up the career ladder. She is critical of herself and others, does not accept lies and deception.

Cecilia is prone to infectious diseases, she should be wary of accidents that can lead to bone fractures. The weak link in the body is the liver.


Cecilia is emotional, receptive and sensual, although she hides this under the guise of external equanimity and restraint. She never gives in to passionate attraction, therefore she always has the opportunity to soberly assess the qualities of a man trying to conquer her.

Cecilia is capable of achieving complete satisfaction in sex only with a person whom she fully trusts. Most often, he agrees to intimacy only with a well-known man, who is unspeakably surprised by the passion of this woman, who shows inexhaustible imagination and ingenuity in bed.

Cecilia hides her personal life from those around her; she does not even let a loved one into her inner world. Having married, she will never leave social and professional activities, most likely, she will combine the role of a business woman and a housewife, which she easily manages.

Cecilia manifests herself as a devoted and faithful wife, a caring and affectionate mother. Skillfully leads the household, strictly adheres to generally accepted moral standards. She is very afraid of her husband's betrayal, but even having learned about her husband's infidelity, he is unlikely to file for divorce, preferring to keep the family, no matter what.



A rock

Chalcedony, hyacinth, chrysolite.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Cecilius gives the impression of something cowardly, small, base, bad, sad, quiet, rough, cold, weak, fast, short, angular, frail.

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