The most famous UFO religions

The most famous UFO religions

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Religions appeared long ago, when people tried to explain phenomena they did not understand by the existence of supernatural beings. And technical progress unexpectedly gave rise to a new object of worship - aliens.

There were many people who believe that UFOs and aliens from other worlds control our lives. However, some associations in their attempts to worship aliens are teetering on the brink of madness.

Chen Tao. The name of this religion literally translates as "The Right Way". The cult formed in Taiwan in 1993 and has already ceased to exist. Very strange doctrines became the basis of faith. They were presented in due time by the founder, a former teacher of sociology, Hong Min Chen. A mixture of the postulates of Buddhism, Christianity and the ideas of cosmic guests was put into the head of the believers. Chen suggested that nuclear war created our solar system, destroying four time periods before. At one time, God was able to save the few surviving people by taking them into a flying saucer. Chen believed that they themselves, their tainted souls, were responsible for all the troubles of people. In addition, some "Royal Devils" were considered guilty. A group of people not only believed in a set of crazy ideas, but also became famous for predicting the end of the world. It was supposed to come in the last week of March 1988. Chen predicted that God would appear on television on that day, and then massive natural disasters and nuclear war would begin. And in 1996, Chen, along with his fans, changed their place of residence, moving to the city of Garland in Texas. Believers believed that here, on "God's land," they would be protected from the impending apocalypse. Only God, it seems, turned out to be shy and did not appear in front of the television cameras. So the world continued to live after the predicted date of its death. After that, even a few of its adherents lost faith in the group, and since 2001 nothing has been heard about this religion at all.

Fiat Lux Order. Translated from Latin, the name of the order means "Let there be light." The organization emerged in 1973 when Swiss secretary Erica Bertschinger fell and hit her head during a horse ride. This became the starting point for the development of a new religion. The woman suddenly realized that she was the Virgin Mary and could communicate with Jesus Christ himself. Erica changed her name to Uriella and in 1980 united her fans into a group. A little later, the headquarters of the new sect appeared in the German Black Forest. Together with her fans, Uriella believed that in mid-1988 the world would be destroyed by fascist flying saucers and natural disasters. The members of the order believed that friendly aliens would come to our world who would save a select few. Then the lucky ones will populate a new paradise on Earth. But at the appointed time, nothing happened, then Uriella informed her believers that God had simply temporarily postponed the activities. The reason was that people did not pray well. The group gradually disintegrated, never waiting for the announcement of a new end of the world by the preacher.

Unarius Academy of Sciences. This religion was formed in 1954 by the married couple Ernst and Ruth Norman. They claimed to be the reincarnations of famous historical figures. The Unarius Academy of Sciences was based on strange beliefs. People were taught that in order to grow "psychic prowess" one must meditate in front of a crystal skull named "Max." It was believed that the age of this artifact is as much as 10 thousand years. The members of Yunarius themselves claimed that they were not a religion at all, but a scientific group. They are trained in interdimensional physics, which will allow them to find answers to all questions about the Universe and about the existence of man on it. The Unarians believed that soon the Earth would return to the coalition of planets that disintegrated hundreds of thousands of years ago. Thanks to this event, an era of general prosperity will begin. "Academics" planned the implementation of the event in 2001, when several alien ships were to fly to the planet. And when it didn’t happen, an explanation was quickly found. The Yunarians stated that the events of September 9 showed to the aliens that the earthlings were not yet ready to enter the universal peaceful family. The reunion was postponed for another time.

"External Spatial Forces". In 1993, there was the bloody Siege of Waco of the Branch of David religious sect. Those events shocked the world, but no one remembered that eight years earlier, similar events happened to another group of believers. Then the authorities carried out a search of the lumber yard owned by Orville Gordon. Back in the 1960s, this man founded the Outer Spatial Forces sect. The man came to the conclusion that a powerful extraterrestrial civilization, looking at the behavior of people on their home planet, could start Armageddon. These extraterrestrial forces were called Outer Space. Gordon himself took a new name, Nodrog, reading his own on the contrary. From his property, he made a base for the landing of a UFO. This site he called "Base-Ark of Time of Armageddon." The Prophet believed that before the beginning of the end of the world, he, along with other believers, would be taken to a safe place by aliens. Glory came to the sect not because of a loud prophecy, but after one of the members put an improvised explosive device in the car of the former mayor. In 1980, this businessman decided to acquire a timber warehouse and create a shopping center on this site. They say that in the 1990s the prophet died, he was buried on the territory of the "base". And the group continues to exist, there is even its website.

Family community "United World". Some religions manage to combine completely different principles. In this case, the foundation of faith is based on the principles of hippies, communism and the belief in UFOs. Also known as the Industrial Church of the New World Comforter, the religion was born in 1973 in California. It was founded by the artist Allen Noonan, who, according to him, managed to survive a series of encounters with alien beings. They then made the man responsible for the formation of the "Comforter of the New World and the channel of prophecy of the Eternal Gospel." Noonan decided to call himself Allen Michael and began to shape his core doctrine of "uni-communism." Members of the community believe that peace on the planet will come after general disarmament, when people create a single commune like hippies. Believers believe that there is a group of aliens "Elohim of the Galaxy", which created our planet and life on it. These creatures will come back someday to create a new type of society here. Energy in it will be free, and injustice will disappear. Isn't it communism?

"I am activity." We can say that it was this religion that became the progenitor for all the others associated with the belief in UFOs. “I am Activity” arose back in 1930. Then its founder, Guy Ballard, announced a meeting with the legendary mystic Saint Germain in Shasta, California. This ascended master commissioned Ballard to teach everyone about a method that will enable people to unlock their spiritual potential. This will enable them to become enlightened, becoming the same Ascended Masters like Saint Germain himself. After that fateful meeting in 1932, Ballard finally formed his movement. He began writing books, claiming that his disembodied friend Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters, including Jesus himself, had been telepathically recited to him. It is said that during its heyday, about a million people took part in the movement. In 1939 Ballard died, but his wife Edna continued his business. Now she became responsible for the channel for receiving divine messages. And she did this until her death in 1971. After that, the development of the movement was taken up by the Board of Directors, based in Illinois. Today believers themselves claim that there are about 300 partner groups around the world. However, after the death of the spouses, no new knowledge was received from the Ascended Masters. It is believed that they simply have not yet chosen new vehicles for their ideas.

Templehofgesellschaft. Nazis always extol their race. But some distinguish it so much that they even attribute it to extraterrestrial origin. In the 1990s, the neo-Nazi group “Temple Society” (Templehofgesellschaft) appeared in Vienna. It merged ideas of racial superiority and interest in UFOs. These purebred Aryans believe that their race was formed thanks to the ancient Sumerians from the planet Aldebaran. Millions of years ago, they came to Earth and populated Atlantis. The Temple Society believed that there was widespread segregation in the lives of these creatures, while they themselves were at the very top. Neo-Nazis believe that the Sumerians, who then became Aryans, are celestials by nature. And this is what gives them the right to rule the world and rule other races and peoples, especially Jews. The Templars believe that reinforcements from Aldebaran are about to arrive. Allegedly, the Nazis contacted aliens in 1967 and they promised them a final victory in the Second World War.

Seekers. It is important for any social group to maintain a harmonious balance within itself - this will help maintain ties and prevent them from falling apart. In 1954, Leon Festinger, a pioneering social science researcher, managed to infiltrate the UFO cult called The Seekers and tell about it. This sect was based in Chicago. The adepts, through the automatic letter of their founder, Dorothy Martin, believed that they were receiving messages from some "Guardians", the inhabitants of the planet Clarion. These creatures were able to inform their earthly admirers in advance that the world would end on December 21, 1954. People were asked to be ready to be saved that day. But the appointed date passed, nothing happened. Soon Martin received another automatic letter. It reported that the world was saved thanks to the outstanding faith of the members of the sect. The group was attacked by the media, and its members were intimidated by forced hospitalization. This led to the collapse of the community. Dorothy Martin herself went to Peru, where she spent several years. And in 1965 she returned to America, founding the Sananda Association in Arizona. The woman continued to receive messages for her new believers until her death in 1992. And the organization itself still exists.

The Urantia Organization. The group is the caretaker and evangelist for The Urantia Book. Members of the community believe they are descended from the unearthly aliens of the Orvonton Commission. Aliens, through a sleeping contactee-medium, were able to dictate the Book to Dr. Sadler in 1930. This scientist formed a group of followers to check his written work and analyze it for errors. Over time, these people formed the "Urantia Organization," which now works with chapters in twenty countries. And the "Bible" itself of unearthly origin was released in half a million copies. In fact, this is an alternative history of the universe and our planet, as well as a view of Christianity. In particular, The Urantia Book states that Jesus was actually called Michael. The universe is represented by seven concentric rings, in the center of which is God's dwelling place. The organization believes that their sacred book successfully competes with the Bible as the ultimate truth. According to believers, local groups should be formed to study this work, and everyone should read it.

The Cosmic Ring of the Commonwealth. A group of believers formed in the 1950s in Chicago. It was created by postman William Ferguson, who had previously been convicted of fraud. This person stated that he came into contact with alien beings. During one of the deep relaxation sessions in 1938, an earthling was unexpectedly transferred to the Seventh Dimension, where he received enlightenment. A week later, Ferguson was able to leave his body again and land in the Sixth Dimension, where our world was created. Also, the earthman met an alien named Kauga, who transported him to Mars. And in 1947 and 1954, Ferguson was in contact with the leaders of the Venusians. The group even developed a doctrine according to which Kaugi was to be revered as a divine being. The founder himself claims that with the help of deep relaxation techniques it will be possible to achieve a high level of spatial consciousness and learn to travel outside the earthly body. Ferguson died in 1967, but his work was continued by followers from Chicago. The "Ring of Commonwealth" is still in operation.

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