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1. Toddlers don't want to share their toys.

2. In fact, toddlers are not going to share anything that belongs to them.

3. Kids are eager to share something that belongs to another child.

An exception

The only thing that babies share willingly and easily is microbes.

Sharing charter

A toy that your little one hasn't paid attention to for many months will suddenly become his favorite a minute after another child reaches out to it.

Cleaning tricks

1. It is much easier for your child to have toys taken away from him than when he has to put them away himself.

2. By messing with toys, your child becomes "too tired" to put them away

3. A child who is "too tired" to put away toys is ready to chase an ice cream truck around the block for as long as necessary in five minutes.

Small trick with a big toy

The more expensive the toy is, the more likely your child will only play with the box in which it was packed.

The Law of Lost Toys

Any toys your child brings into his friend's house will stay there forever.

The disappearing game phenomenon

The next day, after you've turned the house over in search of your kid's missing toy, it will be found ... in a toy box.

Farce "thank you very much"

By the time your children are going to write a postcard to their friends with words of gratitude for the donated toy, they will have time to break it long ago.

Breakage guarantee

1. If it's fragile, your kids will probably break it.

2. If it is "unbreakable" your kids will surely break it.

3. When they break it, they expect you to fix it.

The truth about toys

The more expensive the toy, the more likely it will be broken or lost any interest in it exactly five minutes after taking it out of the box.


Your children's favorite toys belong to their friends.

"Everything is sweeter there" syndrome

1. Their friends' toys are always better than their own toys.

2. Their friends always have a TV better than their own TV.

3. Their friends' home is always better than their own home.

4. Their friends are always better parents than their own parents.

6. Unfortunately, the parents of their friends are not at all eager to put another freeloader around their neck.

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