Murphy's laws on road traffic

Murphy's laws on road traffic

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Oliver's Law of Whereabouts

No matter where you go, you are there.

First travel law

Getting there always takes longer than getting back.

The law of the road of life

If everything goes towards you, you are on the wrong road.

The first rule of the road

Most well-trodden paths lead to nowhere.

Aten's rule of courtesy on the road

If you missed the car ahead, then:

a) either this car will be the last at the railway crossing, and you will be stuck waiting for a slow moving train to pass;

b) either you will both find yourself in the same position, but the other car will take the last free space in the parking lot.

Lemar's parking postulate

If you have to park six blocks away, you will always find two free parking spaces at the very entrance to the building.

Gray's law for buses

A bus that did not stop to pick you up will stop where you walked, and since this is practically the place you had to get to, there is no longer any point in getting on the bus.

MacKiah's Law

When you are not in a hurry, the green light will turn on immediately after you stop at an intersection.

Quigley's Law

A car and a truck going towards each other on a deserted road will meet at the narrowest point on the bridge.

Rhys's second law

The speed of an approaching vehicle is directly proportional to the length of the pedestrian crossing.

Drew Road Biology Act

The first beetle hitting the windshield will be right in front of your eyes.

Campbell's Car Repair Laws

1. If you can get to a damaged part, you do not have a tool to remove it.

2. If you were able to remove this part, the repair shop will fix it last.

3. But if there are ready-made spare parts in the shop, then you can even wait with their installation on the machine.

Bromberg's laws on car repair

1. If necessary, any tool at hand becomes a hammer.

2. No matter how trifling the repairs are, all the same at the end you will be smeared with grease and machine oil.

3. If necessary, inch and metric tools are interchangeable.

Femo's Law on Engine Repair

If something falls while repairing your motor, it will never touch the ground.

Walter's Law

If you have time, there will be no money. If there is money, there will be no time.

Parson's Passport Law

No one is as ugly as in their passport photo.

Oliver's Law of Whereabouts

Wherever you go, you are here now!

Kelly's Cartographic Law

In any card, the most important information is on the fold.

Eclipse principle

The farther you go to watch an eclipse, the more chances of overcast.

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