The art of being a politician

The art of being a politician

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Lieberman's law

Everyone is lying, but it doesn't matter, because no one is listening.

Sausage principle

Those who love sausage and respect the law should not see how they do both.

Todd's two political principles

1. It doesn't matter what they tell you - you are not being told the whole truth.

2. It doesn't matter what they say - it is always about money.

Watergate principle

Government corruption is always reported in the past tense.

Alinsky's principle for radicals

The most highly moral are usually those who are farthest from solving problems.

Miles's law

The angle of view depends on the space occupied.

Russell's Patriot Act

Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for the most insignificant reasons.

Ermi's axiom

It is impossible to come to the new without getting even with the old.

Evans law

If you keep your head on your shoulders when everyone around you is losing theirs, then you just do not understand the situation.

Misrepresentation rule

Moving up the chain of command, information is distorted.

Rusk's law of delegation

If you pay attention to delegation of authority, responsibility will accumulate below, like sediment.

Price's laws

1. Until everyone wants, nobody gets.

2. A person from the masses must be served by massive means.

3. Everything is contagious.

O'Brien's law

For reasonable reasons, nothing is done.

Glime's formula for success

The secret of success is sincerity. As soon as you can portray her, consider that the trick is in the bag.

Weiler's law

For a person, nothing is impossible if he does not need to do it himself.

Parker's Political Statement Act

The truth of an assumption has nothing to do with its plausibility, and vice versa.

Axiom of Indja

It is useless for sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while the wolves hold the opposite opinion.

The principle of a sprawling oil slick

People will respond positively to any bad news as long as the scope of the disaster is gradually revealed to them.

Galbraith's Law of the Consequences of Publicity

Getting on the cover of Time magazine guarantees that you will have opponents in the near future.

Levy's third law

The layer of society that you, as a liberal, sympathize with, inevitably turns out to be one of the most narrow-minded and limited.

Issavi's law of conservation of evil

The total amount of evil in the system is constant. Consequently, any decrease in one of the parameters - for example, a successful fight against unemployment or poverty - is accompanied by an increase in another - say, crime or atmospheric pollution.

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