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Meaning of the name

Timothy translated from Greek means "worshiping God".


Timofey has been very sensitive since childhood. He cries and gets upset for any reason. Timofey is very curious, interested in many things, but perceives everything in a completely incomprehensible, special way. Timofey is always very afraid to upset his parents.

In adulthood, sensitivity and suspiciousness prevent Timothy from making bold decisions. Timofey prefers theory to practice, he is quite painful when he perceives situations when he needs to be responsible for something.

Timofey usually avoids cases when he has to make an important decision. Timofey is friends with the person who respects him. Timofey does not tolerate criticism. His vanity prevents him from forming an objective picture of his actions.

Timofey is a creative and vulnerable person. Timofey is great at designing, programming, drawing up horoscopes.


Timofey is capable of passionate, ardent relationships, but is notable for inconstancy. Timofey has a delicate, aristocratic appearance. His imposingness and slight nervousness in his movements defeat women on the spot.

In sex, he is selfish. His partner is not satisfied, nor does he think about it.

Timofey does not like to fight for women. He responds to the feelings of the one who will be persistent, also smart and beautiful. Women cannot stand for long with a capricious, selfish, hysterical lover, so they leave. Timofey is experiencing beautifully, as if he is playing a play.

He will be happy in marriage with a wise woman, older than him. The wife will support her husband in all his endeavors, forgive betrayal and comfort in failure.


Navy blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Timofey gives the impression of something gentle, weak, quiet.

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