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Meaning of the name

Teresa in translation from ancient Greek means "strong", protector ".


Little Teresa is secretive and outwardly restrained, you never know what she thinks, whether she liked your gift, what impression a visit to a circus or a zoo made on her. But at the same time, she is honest and kind, loves her parents very much and tries to help them in everything.

In addition, Teresa is quick-tempered and vulnerable, therefore excessive restraint is just one way of self-defense. In her school years, she manifests herself as a diligent student, in the class she is respected and loved.

Adult Teresa changes little, she knows how to control herself, hides her state of mind under external restraint. She has a quick reaction and a tenacity worthy of respect.

She is not devoid of ambition, strives for recognition and most often chooses professions in the field of services, medicine, pedagogy, public catering, jurisprudence, preschool education of children.

Having married, Teresa prefers the role of housewife, if the opportunity presents itself. But in any case, she will give the family much more attention, time and energy than work. In marriage, she manifests herself as a faithful and loving wife, a caring and affectionate mother.


Teresa is extremely seductive, erotic, smart, beautiful, flirtatious. All her actions are subordinated to one goal - to obtain sexual pleasure. She enjoys great success with men, during intimacy there are no conventions for her, she completely surrenders to the game of love and her madness in bed conquers her partner.

Sex for Teresa is a way to experience the fullness of life, and she wants to get the best out of it. In life, she is cheerful, cheerful, full of fantasy. These qualities are inherent in her in the intimate sphere. She chooses an equally passionate partner and, only having satisfied all her desires, is truly happy.

In the sexual sphere, she is a professional, knows a wide range of different techniques of sexual technique, which allows her to satisfy the most sophisticated man in love games. But she expects the same from a partner. If the partner is too impatient, Teresa will not get the full satisfaction of intimacy.

Sexual foreplay for her is an integral part of love play, and the most important one. With such a partner, Teresa ends all relations abruptly, immediately, leaving him bewildered. Teresa loves variety, is active in bed, self-confident, demands respect and understanding from her partner, which sometimes creates problems.

Teresa, born in November, is the most temperamental and domineering in sex. She is impatient and intolerant, can make fun of an insufficiently active partner and part with him without regret.

But with a man of equal temperament, she is friendly, open, cheerful and cheerful. Born in the spring, Teresa is softer, more affectionate, good-natured, she is more tolerant of partner failures in the sexual sphere, sentimental and sensitive.

Teresa knows her own worth and, having married, she simply does not want to know anything about her husband's infidelities, but she herself can have a lover, without experiencing any special remorse.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Teresa gives the impression of something small.

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