Male Thai names

Male Thai names

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A-Vut - weapon
Athit - the sun

Wanchai - Victory Day
Wongrath - a family of gems
Vinay - discipline
Viriya - persistence
Virot - strength, power

Kyantisak - glory, honor
Kulap - rose
Kiet - honor
Klakhan - the brave

Mongkut - crown

Narong is the winner
Niran - eternal

Praset - excellence
Phakphum - pride
Piabutr - father's son
Puentai - pistol

Rakpon Mueang - taking care of citizens

Sakda - strength, energy
Somchair - Courageous
Sunan is a kind word
Crush - masculinity
Sombun - perfection
Sonthi - able to combine and combine.

Thaksin is a source of happiness
Thanet is a rich man
Thirasak - authority, power
Tassna - observation
Tinnacorn - the sun
Tuantong - golden spear

Fanumas - the sun
Fassacorn - the sun

Hemhaeng - strong
Hongsavan - Heavenly Swan
Chanarong is an experienced warrior

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