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Meaning of the name

Tatiana translated from ancient Greek means "organizer", "founder".


It seems that little Tanechka is modest and restrained. But the first impression is deceiving. Upon closer acquaintance, it turns out that she is a typical choleric person, she simply has an innate ability to hide her feelings and impulses.

She is sociable, determined, artistic, obligatory, diligent, extremely receptive and sometimes gullible. She will never allow herself to be offended, she will not be afraid to hit the offender, even if he is older and stronger than her.

If there is no possibility of physical impact on the offender, he will try to annoy him. She never regrets her mistakes and mistakes. At school he studies averagely, shows innate organizational skills, is respected by classmates.

Adult Tatiana is principled and pragmatic, intellectually developed, firmly on the ground. She highly values ​​material wealth, therefore, most often she chooses high-paying jobs in politics, business, advertising, journalism, at all levels of leadership, in the service sector, in administrative work or in the acting field.

As a life partner, Tatyana chooses a strong, courageous person who can provide material well-being to the family. Above all, a woman with this name values ​​a stable and stable family life. She is somewhat despotic, she brings up children in severity and they are a little afraid of her.

She tries to lead her husband, which often leads to conflicts, and sometimes to divorce. However, he will never devote others to his personal life or arrange scenes for her husband in front of strangers. Jealous, but skillfully hides it. With age, it becomes more tolerant of others.


Tatiana is extremely emotional, domineering, knows perfectly well what she needs, and knows how to achieve her goal. She is charming and flirtatious, she prefers to conquer men herself, conquering them with care, surrounding with warmth and tenderness.

This woman is able to become not only an excellent partner, but also a close person for those who are interested not only in sex. She loves to dominate in love games, therefore she prefers strong, courageous men, since she enjoys winning over them in sex.

In bed, Tatyana is quite aggressive, sometimes she can hurt her partner. She is easily aroused, takes initiative, seeks to get pleasure from intimacy, thinking little about the satisfaction of her partner. In the caresses of a man, he expects obedience, subservient admiration.

This woman cannot be called supersexual, she needs success with men for self-affirmation, thus she satisfies her sick self-esteem. Tatyana is very jealous and envious, if she notices the superiority of her close friends in anything, she will instantly break off relations with them.

Tatiana must be unsurpassed, the smartest, most beautiful and sexy. For this, she is ready for anything, sometimes she makes mistakes and stupid things, but she never regrets it. Likes to have sexual intercourse in a state of light alcoholic intoxication.

She can herself suggest a man to spend the evening together, even after several hours of dating. Tatiana is envious and insidious with her rivals, capable of even meanness for the sake of winning the desired man.

Tatyana's family life is not easy, especially if a woman with this name was born in November. She does not show warmth and care in relation to her husband and children, without receiving increased attention from men in her youth, she is trying to catch up in adulthood.

Since she most often chooses a weak-tempered man as a spouse, he does not mind her search for pleasure "on the side", but his life is broken. Striving for self-affirmation in sex, this woman can start drinking, completely loses her moral principles and sinks lower and lower.



A rock

Tiger's Eye.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Tatiana gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, kind, majestic, bright, joyful.

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