Male Swedish names

Male Swedish names

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Ake is the father of the world
Adolphus - the noble wolf
Albrikt - pronounced nobility
Alrik - omnipotent, omnipotent
Ander - the eagle of Thor
Anund - the victory of the ancestors
Arvidh - eagle tree
Asbjorn - Divine Bear
Asmund - divine protection
Aswald - divine power, divine ruler

Bengt - blessed
Benckt - blessed
Birghir - savior, guardian
Bjorn - bear
Bjorn - bear
Bo is the master of the house
Bore - savior, keeper
Boss is the master of the house

Valentine - strong, healthy
Wendel the wanderer
Wilfried - Striving for Peace
Welund - battle, war territory

Gjord - the peace of God
Goran - farmer, farmer
Gosta is a thinking person
Gottfried - the peace of God
Greger - watchful
Goodbrand - the sword of God
Goodhlef - Divine Heir
Gustaf is a thinking man
Girdh - God's Peace
Girdher - God's Peace

Daguerre - day
Jonathan - Given by God

Ingram - Inga Raven
Isak - laughing
Ivor - archer
Irian - farmer, farmer
Iryan - farmer, farmer

Yerck is the all-ruler
Yerker - all-ruler
Göran - farmer, farmer, peasant
Jorgen - farmer, farmer, peasant

Clemens - merciful, kind
Christer is a follower of Christ
Canutus - knot
Christer is a follower of Christ

Lagman - a law-keeper
Lamont - the law-keeper
Lares - from Lawrence
Laris - from Lawrence
Lawrence - from Lawrence
Loures - from Lawrence
Lauris - laurel
Love is a famous, famous warrior
Ludde - famous, famous warrior

Martin - like Mars
Mats is a gift from God
Mikael - like God

Nels is the winner of nations
Nils - the winner of the nations
Nisse - conqueror of nations
Noack - rest, rest

Odder - the spearhead of the weapon
Oddmund - the edge of the weapon, protection
Auden - poetry, song or aspiring, furious, raging
Ola is the heir of the ancestors
Olle is the heir of the ancestors
Olof is the heir to the ancestors
Olov - the heir of the ancestors
Orzhan - farmer, farmer, peasant

Pal - small
Per - stone, rock
Pelle - stone, rock
Petter - stone, rock

Roger is a famous spearman
Roffe - the famous wolf

Staffan - crown
Stephen - crown
Wall - stone
Sture - stubborn
Sven is a boy

Thor - thunder
Thorgisl - arrow of Thor
Thrash - Thor's blow
Thorir - Thor's warrior
Torketil - cauldron of Thor
Torvald - ruler of Thor
Tyr - God
Thorburn - the bear Thor
Torbjorn - the bear Thor
Thorgeir - Thor's spear
Torgils - Thor's arrow
Thorsten - the stone of Thor
Truls - Thor's arrow
Triggve - reliable
Toure - thunder
Tiko - hitting the target

Frederick is a peaceful ruler
Frey - master, master

Hakan - the tall son
Halsten - rock
Halvar - protector of the rock, cliff
Humpus - a bright house
Hasse - the mercy of God
Hendrik - steward
Henrik - housekeeper
Hilde - battle, battle
Holmger - the island of spears

Elof is the heir to everything
Elov is the heir to everything
Esben - Divine Bear
Espen - Divine Bear

Janne - the mercy of God
Yannick - the mercy of God

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